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Project SuperStar with Silvia Hartmann

Online | 1 Aug 2022 - 22 Aug 2022

Project SuperStar was a pure Star Matrix based research project that had been on my mind and in my dreams for a long time - and it was amazing!

I loved the variety of participants from all over the world and would like to take this opportunity to say a huge THANK YOU! for taking this leap of faith and doing something literally nobody in all times spent has ever done before, to find out what would happen if we did :-)

What was particularly heartening to me was that in spite of the tremendous range of previous experiences, everyone made their Star Maps, Star Constellations and succeeded in having their own WOW moments.

We discovered that a WOW! moment is a very specific energy experience in its own right, when Star Memories connect. It is the Star Matrix/SuperStar version of the healing event, the threshold shift, the energized end state - this is very advanced energy work, but instead of taking out energy blockages, Project SuperStar builds ENERGY BRIDGES that may have been missing for a long time.

We discovered that Star Maps show us in black and white (or in multi-colour!) where there are clearly places where a Star should be - but it is missing. Finding those Missing Stars and adding them to the Star Maps was another source of serious WOW moments.

We also worked with creating Star Maps for specific problems, or life long questions, or for topics that seemed "too vast" to approach in consciousness. This was particularly helpful for me because I do have such areas in my life and in my work, where, when I try to think towards them, they simply become overwhelming and I have to back away, shut down.

For me, having now a direct method that I can employ for such things was a huge, huge gift. I have said many times that Star Matrix itself is overwhelming to me, with all its potential and potential applications; that is the perfect example of these overwhelming topics. Knowing that I can now make a Star Map with Star Matrix as the Star Seed, and in the creation of the Star Constellation will experience (must experience!) new connections, insights and WOW moments makes me happy and gives me new hope!

We don't have to solve it, only evolve it!

And that led us to the final topic - "Who or what are you?"

Now that's a question, right?

I am not going to say that we found out - but there was movement, there was evolution, a noticeable uplifting and most importantly, a way FORWARD in the right direction to find better answers than our current reality reduced, and often downright wrongly constructed, self concepts.

We learned so much from the time we spent together and compared our experiences and I have no doubt that in 20 years from now, Project SuperStar will be right up there with those moments when a new level unlocked and we found important clues on our journeys of discovery.

Really a fantastic experience for me; the participants said they enjoyed it too, brave adventurers one and all - so I am very, VERY happy with Project SuperStar and grateful for all the amazing insights and connections it created.

With lots of love and one more huge THANK YOU to my amazing groups!

Silvia Hartmann,
August 24, 2022

Project SuperStar


Take part in a once-in-a-lifetime research project with Silvia Hartmann - Project SuperStar.ย 

This is a four unit online course to unlock the secrets of your own soul's journey by exploring your own SuperStars - transformational events of healing and enlightenment at the highest energy levels.ย 

Discover ...

  • what your soul has been trying to tell you all life long
  • the meanings and messages of your own highest SuperStar memories
  • the real truth about yourself - who you really are in this life time
  • your own personal STAR MAP to connect the dots
  • what your next step is going to be on your life's journey!

Our SuperStar memories are the key to true soul healing at the most fundamental levels of our existence as multidimensional beings in the Oceans of Energy.ย 

When we start to pay attention to our soul's true messages, we are rewarded with the kind of healing that cannot be found in any other way.ย 

Join Silvia Hartmann for this seminal research project that will unlock the next level of your personal evolution.ย 


Once upon a time, SuperMind was Project Sanctuary.ย 

What we now know as Star Matrix was originally Project 11.ย 

Here is your opportunity to be there before anyone else with Project SuperStar.ย 


There is a total of 16 places available on two parallel courses both starting on Monday, August, 1st, 2022, running for four weeks in total and concluding on August 22, 2022.ย 

  • SuperStar 1 happens at 11am - 12am UKย 
  • SuperStar 2 happens at 8pm - 9pm UKย 

This a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to work closely with Silvia Hartman at the absolute cutting edge of Modern Energy research and development.ย 

Super Star with Silvia

From Silvia Hartmann:ย 

Hello, my dear Modern Energists and fellow shining beings!

My dear Energy Mind has sent me the concept of Project SuperStar for months now - and with the first ever Star Matrix Professional course successfully completed, NOW is the time to actually do this!

In the Community Energist program, I came up with the question, "What is the most important part of you that receives the least amount of attention?"

The answer is of course, our own living energy bodies!ย 

But there are levels and layers to these energy bodies that are at a much higher level, and our personal connection to this is our lived experiences in what I call "Sanctuary," which is another word for the non-material realms that are literally above and beyond the physical.ย 

There are some among us who have had extraordinary experience in those other worlds all their lives, and these extraordinary experiences have not just shaped their extraordinary lives, they have literally CREATED them.ย 

I have been called to investigate these Super Star events with ever more urgency, to give attention to these, because they tell a story that is likewise, so extraordinary, it cannot be understood in any other way.ย 

If you feel likewise called in this way, I not only invite you but urge you to join me in this exploration of the most precious of memories that have never received the attention they deserved.ย 

Our human world is constructed in such a way that there is no space given to our own Star Events, and never mind those Super Stars that happen at the other levels, where love, logic and beauty rule absolutely and for all times.ย 

I am creating this space here and now and I literally cannot wait what we will discover, what threshold shifts and miracle expansions await.ย 

I cannot wait to see who my fellow travellers, my Super Star tribe will be on this journey!

In excitement, love and forever yours,

Silvia :-)

Silvia Hartmann

Creator, Modern Energy

President, The Guild of Energists


PS: The four course units start on Monday, August the 1st and finish on Monday, August 22 - and my birthday is on the 23rd :-)

That too will never happen again! Time space unfoldment - absolutelyย  LOVE them.ย 

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