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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 90 countries.

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Modern Energy Tapping Professional | In-Person with Karen Aquinas

McMinnville, Oregon USA | 20 Apr 2023 - 22 Apr 2023


Karen Teaching

Enjoy Modern Energy Tapping Professional with trainer Karen Aquinas, M.Ed.


Get all the details here: https://www.karenaquinas.com/met_professional_course


Early Bird Rates through March 18th


​About the Instructor

Karen Aquinas, M. Ed is an Internationally Certified EFT/Tapping Master Practitioner and Trainer based in McMinnville, Oregon USA.

​In addition to training, she consistently works with private clients and groups in the areas of anxiety, low self-esteem, limiting beliefs, stress, and trauma.

​As a result of working with Karen, clients leave their troubles, wounds, and fears behind & step into a more empowered way of living.

​Karen has hosted hundreds of worldwide Tapping events, helping people in thirty countries experience more ease in life & success in business.


"...the most transformative weekend of my life."

“The class was informative and well organized. Karen has a true gift for teaching and her EFT skills are incredible. This was probably the most transformative weekend of my life. I feel so blessed to have been a part of it. I have been deeply empowered by this experience!”  John


"... ample opportunity for experiential learning."

"Karen is an excellent teacher. She is dedicated to covering the course material, is knowledgeable, provides ample opportunity for experiential learning, and offers valuable feedback in response to student questions. I enjoyed Karen's willingness to share her personal experience with these techniques and found her examples illuminating and helpful. It is apparent that Karen genuinely cares that her students understand the material and its application. It was a delight to meet Karen in person and a real treat to take her training. In addition to this experience enhancing the quality of the work I do in my private coaching practice, I experienced some breakthroughs in my own energy body! Thank you, Karen!"  Maria L.


"... a wonderful talent for imparting information."

“I highly recommend participation in Karen's Tapping certification courses. She has a wonderful talent for imparting information in a concise and coherent form and never fails to "help, urge, and nudge" in the right direction as you learn and then practice the techniques. I am so delighted that I was able to study under her expert guidance. Thanks, Karen. You rock!!!”   D.G. 


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Karen Aquinas
  •  Biofield Health Services, LLC
  •  McMinnville, Oregon, United States
E Please note that organisers may have only provided an approximate location (McMinnville, Oregon USA) so please contact them to confirm before making your booking or travelling to the venue.
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