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GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Certification EEFT MP

Live Training - 12 Units

Created by Silvia Hartmann

Since classic EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques was first introduced, much has been learned about the cause-and-effect relationships between energy, emotions and how people think, feel and do. Indeed, it was the practice of classic EFT itself which led the way to many new discoveries about the basic principles of "how people work."

Bringing together these discoveries with the practical experience of Energy EFT in the field, the new GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner course is the first major update on the theory and practice of classic EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques since 1999.

Based on the GoE Energy EFT Certification Trainings Programs and containing additional exercises for the Distance Learning Student, this course contains the most up to date and comprehensive methods, techniques and structures for mastery in Energy EFT.


Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course

Consisting of 12 Units

Levels 1, 2 & 3

covering 45 core skills

of the modern master practitioner of Energy EFT.


Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course Manual

Level 1: Discovering Energy EFT

1 - Discovering Energy EFT

2 - Reversing Energy Body Stress

3 - The Energy EFT Story

4 - The Professional Energy EFT Practitioner

Level 2: Intermediate Energy EFT

5 - Extremely Focused Treatments

6 - Working With Aspects

7 - Emotions & Energy

8 - Events

Level 3: Advanced Energy EFT

9 - Mind Changes

10 - Energetic Relationships

11 - Autogenic Reality

12 - The Energy EFT Master Practitioner

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Course Requirements

  1. Gain Qualification In Course: GoE Modern Energy Tapping Foundation or GoE Energy EFT Foundation
  2. Distance learning students must be able to read and write English to a reasonable standard. Live trainings are currently available in English, Turkish, German, Spanish and Portugues languages.
  3. Students must have a sincere interest in becoming a professional Energy EFT Master Practitioner


"The course was structured very well, with each Unit building upon previous material, and the assignments building upon each other. The material was always interesting.  My previous experience with demonstration of distance learning of this type has been to take multiple choice quizzes. The combined approach of written theory, experiential exercises, and tutorial feedback far exceeded not only any other distance learning I've done, but also any of the residency and workshop courses I've taken."

Ryan DeMares Ph.D., CHt.Hypnotherapist and EFT Master Practitioner

Cortez, Colorado, USA

"The Energy EFT Master Practitioner course opens up the limitless uses of EFT. From proxy tapping to tapping on a future event which is causing an emotional disturbance. It is truly fascinating work and a huge addition to my healing practice.

This is a wonderfully put together course and excellently tutored by Silvia Hartman. There is plenty of opportunity to both self heal and facilitate another’s healing whilst completing the course.

Best course I have ever done .. truly life changing."

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Master Practitioner of Energy EFT, Ireland

The GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course Is Recommended For:

  • Existing classicly trained EFT practitioners wishing to update to the latest developments, techniques and methods in the field;
  • Individuals who wish to become Professional Energy EFT Master Practitioners;
  • Professional healers and therapists wishing to add modern Energy EFT to their tool box of techniques;
  • Those who love energy tapping, are excited about its practice and potential and wish to take it to the next level.

Featuring many paradigm shifting approaches, techniques and brand new methodology, the NEW GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner is information rich, exciting and engaging, bringing the promise and spirit of energy tapping to life in whole new way.

This course also includes many opportunities for the student to work with their own energy reversals using new techniques, new protocols and new exercises. Energy EFT Master Practitioners walk their talk!

Created by Silvia Hartmann, Author of Modern Energy Tapping, Energy EFT, Positive EFT, Adventures in EFT, Easy EFT, Advanced Patterns of EFT, the original GoE Meridian & Energy Therapies Practitioner Certification Trainings, EMO and Events Psychology for live trainings and distance learning students.

Meet The Energy EFT Master Practitioners...

Current student comments:

- "I love the Energy EFT Heart and Soul Protocol! I definitely feel much lighter afterwards. Also I find that my sinus clears each time I do it!!" "Thank you for your wonderful responses. Other home study courses I have done have not been so instructive in the comments." - "I think the SUE scale is great and a huge improvement on the SUD scale."- "Looking at the indicators listed, I can see that neither GL nor K have ever actually been outside the -5 to +6 range during sessions, now that I see the entire spectrum from this new perspective."
-  "I found the whole of this unit extremely inspiring. It has filled in blanks for me and the whole Energy EFT experience flows so much better for me now. Thank you!!" - "The more I tap the more I learn to appreciate the benefits for both me and for me to pass onto clients to enhance their sessions." - "After we tapped for the EFTeam, she said that she no longer felt alone in her healing path, that she truly felt that she had now someone she knew was on her side. I feel grateful."
- "I actually used the first exercise on four people, and because of my new awareness, I was able to detected quiet subtle changes in them, that perhaps I wouldn't have in the past." - "I like the Heart Healing position and the breathing, for me it feels like an integration of Quantum-Touch and classic EFT. In my opinion, the breathing certainly has a positive effect." - "I found the Heart Healing Position to be especially powerful. When I would start a round in this position many times the original issue that I had created a set up for did not seem to be as big an issue after the three breaths. I have experienced a similar response in the past were the traditional setup phrase created a similar effect, but the HHP was far more consistent."
- "I tapped on “I know this material already, been doing it for 10 years.” Right away, I realized that I didn’t know the material. I realized that there really was a lot of material in this chapter that was new to me. I was even able to laugh at myself for thinking I knew it all." - "I went up a ladder yesterday into the attic (where there are spiders) no problem to get Halloween decorations down. I have never been up to my attic in my life! My 7 year old was so proud of me. My fear of heights and my fear of spiders have both been dealt with in the last few weeks. Thanks for the assignments to allow me release my blockages!" - "This course continues to amaze me at the results we can get from not tapping on just an opening statement but rather that we can tune in to an emotional charge in our energy body by feelings, sensations and they bring us to a genesis point we may have missed."
Thank you so much again, this course a wonderful journey to be on and I am so glad I am on it! "The whole healing process using Energy EFT has suddenly become much simpler and perfectly obvious!" I am convinced now I do not need the Psychological Reversal anymore.
- "We then tapped as the EFTeam, and were laughing together about that---I included language saying that he wasn’t alone in this, that we were the EFTeam together handling this, letting energy flow and grow bigger and brighter. He felt a nice sense of freedom and energy." - "Aspects model is so much more common sense that parts and much easier to understand especially when you introduce the time line as you say it becomes blatantly clear where the interventions are needed." - "It was sobering to read the energy body stress table, and I surely can see it helping me in my practice as I become more familiar with it, and can be of maximum help to my clients as my awareness continues to grow. Most definitely it will be of great help to myself, a good barometer to keep on taking better care of my body, mind, and spirit."
- "The Healing Event was like a light bulb switching on for me."
- "The SUE scale is definitely one that I will be using as I think it encompasses everything I have been doing so far in my practice ie starting with the problem on the negative side of the scale and then increasing the energy flow by focussing on what the client does want to take them out of that Zero space of nothing."

- "Every time that I have used the Heart & Soul Protocol, something extremely “Deep” and Beautiful has happened within me, I even feel tingling sensations, especially around my “Third Eye” and just a great deal of “Peace” and an ocean of calmness takes over my being after a take those last 3 deep breaths, I am honestly in awe. Very grateful indeed."
- "EFT time tapping is amazing useful. It brings a lot of understanding and makes the complicated problems more easy to understand and solve."
- "I like the SUE scale very much, it seems very logical to me. I see here a parallel with NLP (the replacement of limiting beliefs by empowering beliefs). I got the impression that the positive part of the SUE scale gives a more profound positive feeling." - "I have found that where ever I am, who ever I am listening to, whether on TV or radio, or even people who contact me on the internet, I am now looking for clues to emotional contexts, areas of the body where energy may be stuck, rather than just listening to words. The whole healing process using Energy EFT has suddenly become much simpler and perfectly obvious! "
- "As I'm progressing through the material, I keep rereading Units, and every time I read it again, I understand it all on a deeper level." - "I know I say Wow every time I send back an assignment but I am not going to apologise for saying Wow this time, I just loved this one. It had everything I believe in, but forced me to look deeper ... " - "I finally got it that your program takes energy tapping to a totally new level.  It was wonderful working with clients these past few weeks and asking the question that offered possibility--their shift  from neutral to positive energy.  And shifting myself, of course."
- "I feel really confident about practicing Energy EFT as a practitioner." - "This course has made me rekindle my original excitement and enthusiasm about energy tapping - actually it's better now than it has ever been. Thank you so much!" - "I feel sharper, clearer, much more confident than I ever was before. And my clients are beaming, literally, they are like fountains of light at the end of the session. Awesome!"
- "I particularly enjoyed the “my healing hands” exercise. I am a Reiki master, so I always “switch on” my hands before sessions with my clients, and I loved the way this does the same thing. I enjoy the simplicity and elegance of this experience, and the fact that it can be done by anyone. (well, anyone who does Energy EFT!). " - "I'm really enjoying the course. I thought it would be easy to just breeze through, but its more challenging then I expected. You are making us experience EFT on a very deep level and I'm really appreciative about that. I feel that you are giving us a very thorough grounding on the entire topic." "What has been helpful is to have the variety of techniques to address the problem from different angles and take whatever information is available from the client and address it with a "best fit" technique. Body Protocol Technique is great and very easy for clients to learn!"
- "I am enjoying Energy EFT far more than I ever expected and finding it is getting more fascinating all the time!" - "These units flow so well when you read them and each one contains just about the right amount of information so the info is getting assimilated quickly and will probably stay there as well." The experience with Mindful EFT was wonderful; it is the first time for me to feel this way and some practice shall improve my feelings during tapping.
- "Working with Energy EFT in this new way has sharpened my awareness, lessened my stress levels and made me feel more balanced and grounded." - "What a beautiful journey was that, full of learning." - "I feel an increase in a child-like sense of delight/happiness. It feels light and joyful."


EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course


Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course EEFT MP

Live Training -  12 Units

Leading To Certification As An GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner

& Professional Membership of The GoE


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Energy EFT Master Practitioner ‘The EEFT workshop with Isaac is one of the most beautiful experiences I had! I learn so much about the concept of energy and how I can help others and myself to live a happier, more aware life. Isaac is truly an amazing teacher and human.’ – Ellina Lender USA

‘Thank you Isaac for this wonderful, fulfilling course. You are one awesome teacher who guides and make sure we understand well, kudos!’ – Junie Khoo

‘Master EEFT workshop is an eye opener for me. There are a lot of tolls to use in our daily life. As a parent I sincerely think EEFT will really helping bringing up the children, as well as helping parents to feel more calm. Isaac has been a wonderful trainer. There are so much things to learn from him.’ – Christine

‘I am very happy and pleased with Isaac Lim for his teaching. So much skills and information were taught to us. He also explain in a way we can understand well. Thank you. ” - Angaleesvary

Course Attendees, Trainer Isaac Lim, Malaysia.
December 2018

Evon Thornton, Distance Learning Graduate How do I begin this course changed my life! By taking this course I found I had never allowed myself to experience true joy. I don’t even know how to explain this except I have never been happier in my life. I had come a long way before this program but this was the missing piece!

Through this course I answered these questions and so much more:

- How do I get on the higher end of that scale every day when I’m feeling sad,
- How do I let go of anxiety in less than 2 minutes,
- How do I appreciate all the things in my life including things that are difficult and have them evolve into a total appreciation for having experienced them?
- How do I get back my creative imaginative side that I had let go of years ago and was strange to me? When it came back I was afraid of it! Now I get to have fun with being creative and allowing my imagination to soar in a playful way!
- How do I change beliefs that have been holding me back? I did not even realise I had those beliefs until this program.
- How do I let go of shame and honour who I am? By loving all my aspects and letting them know how amazing they are and thanking them for protecting me as a child. Now with this playful program, I can bring them up to the adult in me & no longer react to every single moment it is all a choice!

I didn’t even mention how impactful this program has been for all my practice clients and my paying clients.

I cannot thank Silvia Hartman enough for this amazing program or the help that Lorna Firth has provided as my amazing instructor. I especially want to thank Glen Turner for introducing me to GoE and our many conversations.

Evon Thornton, Distance Learning Graduate
June 2018

I was blessed with Ber Collins as my trainer. As a group we were allowed to laugh, cry, and give an opinion in safety. Ber explained everything thoroughly, if you didn't get it the first time, it was re-explained until you did. While doing the practicals, Ber was always there just when you needed the guidance.

The course and EFT Manual was easy to follow, understand and is filled with a wealth of information. The course was organised over the required days, that my energy body needed to adapt to my own beliefs and thoughts being empowered and moved up on the Sue Scale during training.

January 2018

Patricia Latham, Energy EFT Master Practitioner. My training with Maria LiPuma was a fantastic experience. Maria brings experience, enthusiasm, compassion and intuition to her practice and her trainings. She facilitates connections between those in her trainings to create an immediate support network. She was a tremendous help to me in explaining, expanding on, and demonstrating course material concepts.

What I find so amazing about Energy EFT compared to other therapies, is the "Stress Free Path Into the Problem" and the way clients can feel emormous relief with minimal discomfort. At a much deeper level than ever before, I believe that "better energy flow through the energy body will take care of the words and the problems automatically."

I did the training, primarily, to deepen my own understanding of energy EFT and support my personal work, but now feel determined to use it to help others. I do not feel I can "fix" anyone, but can, indeed, be a guide and support to someone on their own path. I like the ethical position stressed throughout the materials, the fact that the client and practitioner form a "team working together to solve a problem in the energy system", and that "love is the ultimate healing."

Thank you!

Patricia Latham, Energy EFT Master Practitioner.
July 2017

Fanny Parow Knill, Distance Learning Graduate I had a training in natural therapies and kinesiology at the outset, and was familiar with the energy body and working on an energetic level, and client work in this field, before I started this course. Even so, it feels like a whole new world has opened itself up for me, doing the GoE Master Practitioner course. I have a much clearer and deeper sense for the reality of the energetic field now.

My absolute favourite of the units is the 11th one, about autogenic realities. The model of understanding how energy mind translates information for the conscious mind, through the metaphors of the autogenic reality / sanctuary – was not only an eye opener, but a soul and -mind opener.

When I grasped the reality of this unit, I first thought: Wow! This is what it’s all about! Why didn’t I hear about this to start with? But the very next thought was an answer to this question: I wouldn’t have been able to integrate this properly in my mind, without the units that went before.

So, it’s a great example of how well this course is built up. – How the units build on each other, and takes you through a process. I also find that the assignments have been so very valuable and interesting. They are largely made up of little research projects, researching your own energetic reality – and other people’s – and your interaction with other people. There is no way you can just read up on something and “reel it off” for your tutor. You have to be involved on many levels.

I was a bit skeptical at the outset to do this as an online course. How can you possibly reach those life changing moments, that seem to me to be necessary for such subject matter, through contact via the net only? – Well, here’s how: With these beautifully designed lectures, exercises, and an excellent tutor to follow you up.

I am very indebted to my tutor, Kelly Burch, for her patience and insight and care, and to Silvia Hartmann for having made this wonderful course available. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to you both!

Fanny Parow Knill, Distance Learning Graduate
March 2017

Richard Tierney, Distance Learning Graduate I have been involved in a number of healing course in the past 3 years, having already taken an EFT course, but felt it had been wanting. I searched the internet and came across Silvia somewhat by accident and believed this to be a sign from God and so signed up for this course.
i have been involved in a number of healing course in the past 3 years, having already taken an EFT course, but felt it had been wanting, i searched the net and came across Sylvia somewhat by accident and believed this is a sign from God and so signed up for this course.
In hindsight, t probably would have been easier and better had I not done the previous course at all, as other course I took isn't a patch on this course.

This course has introduced me to so many different and exciting ways of doing EFT, I can't wait to get started. What I have learned about aspects, habitats and working with groups have been by far my favourite part of this course. Now it makes so much sense that what I and the client might have experienced in the past can't have happened to us right now, much easier to accept and work with the concept that this trauma happened to an aspect from my past. The habitat has been wonderful for me, I work with clients with terrible mental and emotional problems and seeing those troubled people being able to create and go to a safe place, a sanctuary is truly a beautiful ability to share. Since i moved into working with groups, especially the multi faith groups and sharing the de-stressing with them, it has been a welcome addition to my arsenal.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course to everyone and anyone with an interest in health and well being.

Richard Tierney, Distance Learning Graduate
January 2017

Energy EFT Master Practitioner The EFT Masters Distance Learning Certification Course was an absolutely wonderful experience for me. I came to the course with some experience as an EFT client. My experience as a client was a great one and was filled with wonderful breakthroughs. I had hoped to take the course with the Coach/Instructor that I had worked with as a client but my life is so demanding at this time and I wasn't able to get away and take the course with her. I searched for a Distance Learning Course and found a couple but was wholly unimpressed with what I encountered. When I found what was previously the GoE Energy EFT Masters Distance Learning Certification Course designed by Dr. Sylvia Hartman I felt that I had found a truly worthy course worth my time and effort. And I can say with certainty that I was not mistaken in my assessment.

On a practical level I was grateful to be able to take the course while staying home because I am the main and full time caretaker of my elderly mother, I have my own health challenges, and I had a very sick dog at the time. I also have a thriving private practice as a psychotherapist and Sedona Method Coach and these things combined made it virtually impossible for me to get away for the in-person course. Because of the demands of my life I found it a bit challenging to read and study the Units and complete the assignments as efficiently or expeditiously as I would have liked. But there were advantages for me in this. I found that I would read and re-read, view and re-view the material a couple of times so that I was thoroughly familiar and comfortable with the concepts and interventions before sending in my completed Units. I have mentioned more than once to Kelly Burch, my mentor, that I could not imagine how folks can get through the course in a few days with any confidence when taking it in-person because the course is so rich with information and processes.

As an "already" energy practitioner I found the course to be so incredibly on point. I had never really heard of or seen anyone talk about this modality with regard to the energetic aspects as thoroughly as Sylvia does. Yes, people talk about the tapping points and discuss the very rudimentary function of tapping and how it addresses energy blockage and balance and displacement but Sylvia's deep understanding of energy and the way she teaches us how to work with it was clear and illuminating and very meaningful for me. I feel that I can work with people in a way that completely bypasses any of the typical challenges that come up when trying to address what might be either difficult to access or understand, overwhelming for the client, or even what might have appeared impossible to evolve in some truly meaningful way previously. In my work as a client with the person I mentioned above I was not offered many of the different ways to tap that I have learned about in this course. I am so glad that I took this course. I never once thought that the course was a waste of my time.

In fact I found the course to not only be helpful in teaching me things that I can explore with my clients but it also helped me to have really important breakthroughs personally. I have always had to push through my day to get things done that needed doing both personally and professionally. Now I not only feel like that is not the case so much anymore but if there is a bit of any feeling of internal or external impediment I am able to tap and dissolve internal energy disruption very efficiently. My mother has had a few really hard health hurdles to get through since I began the course and tapping has helped me to be available to her more calmly and "coherently". I have had to help her to navigate through some very difficult and complicated medical decisions and surgeries, changes and additions in medications and diet, and assistance in daily activities. It's been easier for me to handle the new changes and help her to handle them with more ease as well. My ability to communicate with her in a way that is easier for both of us regarding clarity and understanding on both our sides has emerged as a result of my tapping for myself and for her. There are other benefits that I have experienced through tapping that involve my relationship with my husband and friends. I don't feel like I have to push myself or others so much in those relationships.

My work with my clients has improved greatly. I feel much more relaxed there as well. I had the opportunity to work with a 14 year old during the time I have been taking this course. I have worked with young people before but she was the youngest. I am 63 now but when I first worked with this young girl I was 62 and I remember feeling "too old" to have anything to offer such a young girl. I remember thinking the thought, "What do I have to offer her?" I tapped before my first session with her on that thought and others and on young energy, teenage energy, fun energy, healing energy, supportive energy, creative energy, loving energy, cosmic energy, and continued to tap before each session with her. The entire time I worked with this young girl was very enjoyable for me and she reported that it was very helpful for her. She confirmed this by telling me about the changes in her experiences of herself and others. I continue to tap before my sessions with clients and this helps me to come to the work energised and fully present.

I am so grateful for Silvia and the things she is teaching and sharing about energy work. I am also very grateful for my mentor Kelly Burch who was very supportive, patient. efficient, and very helpful. Kelly shared instructional videos on tapping on an Aspect and then on Tapping on Entities and both were very illuminating. The videos were the first I got to see Kelly as "an embodied whole real person" and I found her to be very knowledgeable, delightful, skilled, a great communicator.

All in all if I were to place the EFT Masters Distant Learning Certification Course on the SUES I easily would place it at a +15 and on the Love Scale at a +15 as well.

Delilah Praete, Energy EFT MP Graduate
January 2017

Morris Leon Berg, Distance Learning Graduate Taking this course was an adventure, and like any adventure, it contained surprises, times when I was not sure where I was going and times when I got back on track. Like travel does, it broadened the mind and also provided an opportunity to enter a different space in which I could let go of some long-standing issues.

I soon discovered that Energy EFT tapping was different from previous tapping experience. I felt more deeply and was aware of more. The more "streamlined" tapping round is not only easier but works better once you can recognise suitable setups. The understanding about emotions as energy was enlightening. The SUE scale and the importance of healing events gave my sessions a direction and a guide that was missing from previous therapies (though sometimes a high-energy state happened anyway and I didn't know what to call it).

As well as giving me an extra healing & coaching modality, the course made an incredible difference in my own energy state. I am aware that, thanks to immersion in Energy EFT, I am calmer, I worry, ruminate and overthink much less, and I generally feel much more positive and self-content. I sleep better too. This is remarkable considering that I was just emerging from several difficult years with life-changing events. I have a new enthusiasm for working with people using Energy EFT.

When I did the exercises on myself I made unexpected shifts and resolved some old and some recent and ongoing issues. Also, I experienced more positive energy surges than I had felt in a long time.

The course connected with a number of particular interests I already had as a therapist, especially working with metaphor and going into the client's inner world (working with habitats). I found these easy to work with and at various times was prompted by my intuition to find a key setup or question that would move the client forward. The need to always use the client's own words was also something I had learned elsewhere. So in a way this course was like "coming home". Energy EFT is unique in itself, but it made sense to me.

My exploration of metaphoric habitats in the Energy EFT exercise revealed a talent for developing scenarios that I could possibly adapt for writing children's stories, something that I had never before thought that I could do.

The main purpose of taking this course was to learn a better way to help others faster. I was fortunate to have some very aware people to practice with. Even so, the ease with which Energy EFT helped to heal some of the most traumatic incidents of their lives, leading to single-session "healing events," was astonishing, and I continue to receive messages of wholesome outcomes. I feel that these sessions are my "masterpieces" - but like any masterpiece, they needed the right tools (Energy EFT) and suitable materials (willing clients). I also did a lengthy session combining Energy EFT with another skill, Clean Language, which I did not write up for my homework as it was not a set exercise. This session led to a healing event and I proved to myself that the integration of the two methods worked well. In this way I anticipated being a qualified Master Practitioner and adopting my own style of working.

This course can truly be described as life-changing, in the most positive way. The end of the journey has come and this is just the beginning of a new journey to explore the further reaches of tapping and what it can do for clients and for my own development.

Finally, I must thank my distance learning tutor, Kelly Burch, for keeping me on track and for her helpful feedback, and Silvia Hartmann, for making this distance learning course available and for creating Energy EFT.

Morris Leon Berg, Distance Learning Graduate
December 2016

Christine McGhee, Distance Learning Graduate My personal experience of doing this course ranges from pleasure and a strong sense of achievement to feeling daunted by the demands of written assignments.

On many levels I have gained so much from doing this course. On a personal level, I have benefited exponentially. Highlights are: feeling more energised and connected to myself and more in charge of my own life and destiny. I have also gained more inner strength and courage to face the challenges of life. In short I can allow life to flow through me more freely and meet it with curiosity, love and joy. I have also cleared issues that I had with my sister and some friends and can now connect with them freely and lovingly. Further more I have learned much more about EFT and can enjoy using it for myself and others far more effectively than when I started.

On a more sombre note, I have found the writing up of assignments onerous. I am fairly new to IT and this plus all the personal challenges of my life recently, I questioned at times if I should continue. Due to my own personal resilience, and applying the powers derived from practice, tapping on these issues, the support of my husband, EFT practitioners and practice partners, and not least, my tutor, I have achieved what I set out to do I can look forward to developing my EFT skills and experience further in supporting myself and others in living a richer and more fulfilling life.

Christine McGhee, Distance Learning Graduate
October 2016

Pedro Pinto, Distance Learning Graduate This was more than a course; it was a journey to self-discovery, discover the energy that I have inside and how can I be of help to others. I feel that now I'm able to be in the flow [energetically] with myself and the clients [as a team]. I've discovered how important is to team up with the client, be totally present, mindful, aware, in a non-stressful position. First I could see only some rays of light, now I can see the sun in all its beauty; the same applies to the clients - each one is a new world to discover and to learn from.

Pedro Pinto, Distance Learning Graduate
October 2016

Adriana Fontan, Distance Learning Student It has been quite a journey. I decided to make this course because six months before signing up, I had met classic EFT and wonderful Judith Rivera Rosso, and tapping had helped me incredibly since the very first time I practised it. But one thing is applying EFT to myself and other thing is to start thinking about myself as an energist, as an energist who could, some day, work part or full time helping people with their problems or with their goals through EFT. From Unit 1 to 12, I had to pass from being an EFT big enthusiast to being an EFT Master Practitioner.

At the beginning, I had to tap various times for my reversals of being an energist. There were times where stress and scepticism towards my ability to bring myself to the white zone of the SUE Scale or become a good practitioner "attacked" me. I had to do a lot of tapping for that. Only a few times I doubted the ability of EFT to heal. But those times were tough, since that special doubt produced me a lot of anguish (of -8, -9).

Nonetheless, EFT always came to my rescue. There was always an exercise or a reading that would clearly show me the marvellous benefits of tapping and would completely restore my faith and confidence in this technique.

The rest of the story is of learning, amazement, growth and joy, just to name a few of the most extraordinary emotions towards this course. In the cases when I started to practice on a partner or myself, and I didn't know well how to proceed, energy always gave me a gentle hand to guide me in the journey. I found that incredibly beautiful and astonishing.

The course is a continuous source of charming surprises. I can say I enjoyed every unit of it. There was hidden jewellery all over, sparkling sentences that challenged comprehension, wakened curiosity and kept my capacity of amazement on the white side of the SUE scale.

The course is not over for me. I may become an EFT Master Practitioner in a few days, but I will definitely return to it for further study and inner growth. The course has been, of course, a means to learning various techniques that have trained me to help others in a graceful, light and joyful way. But it has been, above all, a means to make me become a better and happier person.

I have no words to thank Silvia Hartmann for her research and her work; her generosity, clarity and precision to transmit her knowledge and wisdom; and her power and courage to open this path for all of us to walk on. Thanks to her, the course was for me like a big box of presents that I savoured one by one from the very first sentence to the last.

And I have no words either to thank my tutor Kelly Burch. Her warm and loving nature always made me feel welcome to ask whatever I needed to clarify or solve. Her answers and feedback were always motivating, precise, kind, helpful and bright. I feel very fortunate to have had her as my tutor.

Adriana Fontan, Distance Learning Student
August 2016

Hema Sonnathi, India Doing this course and applying the concepts and ideas was a source of immense personal growth for me. The energy model of understanding emotions and internal states and methods to shift them in various situations has helped me resolve issues and move forward in many areas of my life - including relationships with clients, within family, with learning new things and day to day stress management.

I see a marked difference in the way I deal with my clients - around charging for my services, dealing with difficult clients, recommending what needs to be done, emphasize their role in healing etc. I am more confident now that the inner reactions are gone. I have also made a lot of progress with my fluency problems.

More importantly I am more sensitive to energetic occurrences within me and take action before they escalate into troublesome situations. This saves a lot of energy and avoids a lot of unnecessary pain.

I have also introduced EFT to some of my clients as a tool for basic stress management and it has made my practice easier. I expect that EFT will become an integral part of my practice over time.

Hema Sonnathi, India
August 2016

Lucia Maria De Lima Mota, E EFT MP It was three very intense days, with so much information and a very interesting new knowledge.

My trainer, Alexandra Paulino, is a very passionate, cheerful and captivating person. She lives and breathes EFT! During the exercises, as she guided us through the process, her voice became very soothing, and so very appropriate to the required exercises. She is without any doubt an added value to EFT!

Regarding the units of this course, I enjoyed them all, because it is a different approach to the classic EFT. However, I would say the unit 7, "Energy and Emotions" was perhaps my favourite unit, as emotions create our lives and it is very interesting to learn how EFT deals with emotions from an energy point of view. I also enjoyed very much unit 9, "Changes in Mind", namely our negative and limiting beliefs about our body/health.

Lucia Maria De Lima Mota, E EFT MP
August 2016

Karen Aquinas, Energy EFT Trainer, USA Fun Fact...One of my Energy EFT Master Practitioners employed what he'd learned right away and landed a new job within three days! In an email he wrote:

"All I did to prepare for the interview was the future aspect protocol a few days prior, and then 20 minutes before the interview I just did Positive EFT until I got up in the +8, +9 zone. I simply put myself in the same vibration as that aspect. I was buzzing, and I completely destroyed the interview! I can't believe how easy it was."

Karen Aquinas, Energy EFT Trainer, USA
June 2016

Gisèle Bourgoin, Québec, Canada I would describe my experience in the Energy EFT Master Practitioner’s course as three days of pure happiness. Sandra is an amazing teacher. Her teaching is luminous and so inspiring. Thank you Sandra!!!

I learned a lot, made good evolution for myself and will be happy now to help my clients with my new fantastic Energy EFT skill, a great complement to my work with EMO.

Thank you GoE team!

Gisèle Bourgoin, Québec, Canada
May 2016

Chashmum Khan, Energy EFT Master Practitioner It was a magical training. So deep and wonderful.

Chashmum Khan, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
March 2016

Energy EFT Master Practitioner My experience throughout this course has been one of empowerment through universal discovery, and by which I mean the discovery that we are all similar in our uniqueness and complexity as we each have so many aspects that present in any moment. This has given me the awareness that we can all connect with each other in any situation with compassion and an openness by recognizing this and to share an experience with that person that is unlike any you will have had before. In approaching life this way I believe we can fully receive the gifts of our interactions with others which are the opportunity to grow by recognizing what aspects are present and needing to be healed and working with them instead of acting out in moments of frustration or anger.

This is our world peace, taking responsibility for our own energy body and showing up with high energy flow in all of life so we have clarity and compassion always present. I am so happy that the information I have learned throughout this entire course has equipped me with the tools to help others achieve this. I feel so empowered moving forward from this course to share this with others and help them achieve the life they didn't believe possible as well as how it will allow them to free up their energy to contribute in the way they are designed to. This course has been packed with information and tools to build confidence with the information we learned and to fully integrate it into our work and also our lives.

This course has definitely added another dimension of understanding of the work I do and I am so excited to experience how this will evolve. I have used EFT alot throughout this course as I became aware of the energy body disturbances and this supported me in moving through the course work with clarity as I have had the blessing of experiencing the effects of the work we do first hand which has also given me a practical understanding of it. I have gained an even better understanding of how our energy body influences our lives and how to work with it. This course connected alot of dots about what I was experiencing and noticing in my own life and in working with others. It put the energy data into a logical language for me to explain it to others. It has been my autogenic reality:-)

I am so incredibly grateful for this course and all those involved in its delivery especially my beautiful tutor, Kelly:-) you have made this course so valuable to me in the understanding you gave me and the support you offer. Thankyou so much.

Patti Higgins, Distance Learning Student
February 2016

Annabelle Hartley, Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Student Psychotherapist, UK As a Psychotherapist in training For me personally I have worked at a deeper level on myself training in Energy EFT than I have done in 18 hours of personal talking therapy.

I shall be using this with my future clients and I would love to see it's awareness raised for the benefit of working alongside traditional talk therapy as I feel it gets to the root problem.

Annabelle Hartley, Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Student Psychotherapist, UK
February 2016

Glenn Turner, Distance Learning Student This course has in a word been amazing. Where I am today, as a direct result of the course, is a very different place to where I started. No question.

Glenn Turner, Distance Learning Student
November 2015

Jusith Rivera Rosso, Distance Learning Student I came to this course with many years of dedicated work as a certified practitioner of classic EFT, teacher and author of books about EFT in both English and Italian. When I began the GoE Master Practitioner Course, I had already experienced personal healings that would have seemed miraculous to me before EFT. During the years, most of my clients and students have also enjoyed the amazing benefits of EFT for themselves, their families and friends, clients, pets and farm animals.

Obviously, before discovering this course and through the correct use of EFT, I was a happy and highly satisfied Tapper in many ways. Then, one fine day, while reading an article by Silvia Hartmann about the contents of the Master Practitioner Course of GoE, I was deeply moved by her work with EFT and about actually working with increasing the flow of energy in the energy body. I realized that learning the information in this course would be a next step for me in advancing my EFT knowledge and skills as well as knowing more about life itself. I have received those benefits and even more.

In becoming a Master EFT Practitioner, I of course love the title but the course has given me far more than the right to call myself "master". I feel as though I am living and working on a new level. I see things differently. My levels of perception are different. I have increased clarity about what to ask my clients. I have greater certainly on how to help people.

I would like to thank and to personally express my gratitude to Dr. Hartmann for her wisdom in creating this course and to my personal course tutor Kelly Burch who, all the way from her home in Australia, was always available to clarify course material and, in doing so, to help me understand even the most subtle expressions of our magnificent energy bodies.

I know that there are people working behind the scenes to make this course possible; my heartfelt appreciation to each and every one of you.

Jusith Rivera Rosso, Distance Learning Student
November 2015

Arthur Bablis
GoE Trainer, NLP Trainer My first Energy EFT Master Practitioner class was absolutely fantastic with all fifteen students experiencing some wonderful positive changes. We all had a great EFT class and a great addition to our NLP training too.

Arthur Bablis GoE Trainer, NLP Trainer
November 2015

Joyce Bunton - Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Modern Stress Management Professional I thoroughly enjoyed my Energy EFT Master Practitioner training with Sandra Hillawi. There was never a moment when she was not in control in a supportive, kind and loving way to ensure that every person got as much as possible from the material. Can’t say I enjoyed any particular element more than another – all bases were well covered. A very enjoyable three days with delightful fellow practitioners. Thank you once again.

Joyce Bunton - Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Modern Stress Management Professional
October 2015

Dominick L. Flarey, Certified Positive EFT & Energy EFT Master Practitioner It was a real pleasure and an honour to have been instructed and mentored by Maria Chappell in the GoE training programs for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner and the EFT Positive Practitioner Programs! I connected right away with Maria's teaching style. She has a real ability to make concepts and theory come alive for the student and become easy to understand and applicable to what is being learned and practised. Her knowledge and skills are of the highest level not only related to EFT but in many other related areas such as psychology, human behaviour and relationships and much more. She is extremely gifted in sensing energies and in teaching her students how to sense and work effectively with energy. She is truly a Master Energist who willingly shares and imparts her knowledge in the most effective ways. After working with Maria one comes away with a solid understanding of the learning materials as well as a real foundation of the skills needed to begin their journey into the world and work of Energy EFT ! She also imparts in the students a real respect for energy work and for the ethics of the GoE. I am blessed to have found her and to have had the opportunities to learn Energy EFT from her! I highly, and without reservation, recommend her to anyone who is considering or feels called to modern day energy work and Energy EFT ! " Maria Chappell is a + 10 Instructor/Trainer !! "

Dominick L. Flarey, Certified Positive EFT & Energy EFT Master Practitioner
October 2015

Jennifer Paterson
Energy EFT Master Practitioner There it is then... I am now a qualified Energist... EFT master practitioner!!! I am so proud of myself. I have worked so hard to get here and my life has changed so much.

Today was mind blowing in every sense of the words. One tiny little thing tied everything together for me.

Silva Hartmann is an incredible awe inspiring woman. I can not thank her enough for her time and effort she has spent creating Energy EFT. She is in my eyes a pure genius.

Jennifer Paterson Energy EFT Master Practitioner
October 2015

Maria LiPuma, Distance Learning Student As I have expressed many times throughout the duration of this training, I have deep respect for the material and the presentation of it. It has enriched me and the work I do in so many profound ways; it is hard to put into words. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to complete this course and acknowledge that it was an excellent investment in my time and money. The material and the assignments encouraged and facilitated much personal change. The support from my tutor (Kelly) was extremely beneficial.

Though I came to this training with prior EFT and Matrix training, the value of this course is significant. It has enhanced, enriched, shed new light and added cutting edge information to the previous training that I have taken. The Energy EFT Master Practitioner course has not only given me substantial skills and tools to help my clients, it has given me the confidence to elegantly apply what I have learned. I am proud to be a member of this esteemed association and intend to continue to enrich my life and my practice by embarking on other training offered through the GoE.

Maria LiPuma, Distance Learning Student
September 2015

Nanouschka de Wilde I feel ready to work with different clients and support them using EFT. I feel in a much stronger position now compared to when I started the course even though I had done multiple courses on classical EFT, certifying as a practitioner and attending advanced practitioner courses. I feel having written about the different exercises has helped me review them more effectively and allowed me to see what I could do differently next time. Doing the course via distance learning has supported me in giving me more time to assimilate some of the different methodologies when working with a client. When doing day courses I was working on myself as well as trying to learn the methodology which meant that I was trying to wear 2 hats. This time I was able to practice for longer, with more people on the units I felt I wanted a deeper understanding or I felt I had missed something.

I loved the positive feedback and even when I was asked to repeat an exercise it was done with care and with suggestions for improvement. I feel that I really have a much deeper understanding of the human energy body and psychologies that affect it, and therefore enable me to support clients to evolve to high SUE Scale levels. Every single person I have worked with using EFT (who like tapping) have loved it and come back for more. Thank you for the evolution and for travelling on this wonderful journey with me.

Nanouschka de Wilde
September 2015

Lissa Wolsak I have been deeply impressed by this simple yet rigorous Master
Practitioner Course. It is devilishly brilliant with direction
towards the cutting edge of Energy work, which is what I wanted but didn't
realize how dazzling Silvia's materials were until I was immersed,
naturally. The psychic attentiveness is remarkable and is highly
spiritually developed.

Lissa Wolsak
September 2015

Lisa McCallum I've just completed Energy EFT Master Practitioner with Wendy Birse and prior to that I'd been using traditional EFT. I found starting and ending at the heart position made an immediate difference, not only did it centre me it also felt nurturing and more personal. It suddenly felt more 'all about me' and when Wendy did it with me, even her tapping felt about me too and mine about her.

Lisa McCallum
September 2015

Karin Pellar Then there are some very valuable instruments for me like the EFTeam for example. The methods that I have learned from that course are fabulous and I have reached exciting results. I love the SUE-Scale because I often thought in those other courses that it is great to come from -10 to 0 but in fact - who wants to live at a zero point?

During this course I have received a much deeper understanding for some of my "live-issues" and I was able to come to terms with some of them in an amazing way. I feel much more capable with EFT than I have ever felt before and I feel that now I can use it in a many-faceted, skilled way which gives me a high level of safety and serenity (which is naturally felt by the clients,too). I´m very grateful for all those experiences.

Karin Pellar
September 2015

Phil Gowler I just feel like posting some thoughts on my recent EFT Master Prac training.

The training went well, and I loved it.

But as time went by, it got better and better.

First, the power of the concept of Aspects, As an NLP Timeline therapist, Aspects seem to define the Timeline process very well- better than NLP to be honest.

Then the PTSD treatment plan, Wow. No wonder it is used for PTSD, I can see it being both powerful and successful.

The Sanctuary blew my mind. It gives us (gives? or opens the door?) infinite imagination and strength, but it occurred to me that if we are all linked by energy, then so are our potentially infinite sanctuaries...and that is really huge.

Phil Gowler
August 2015

Rev. Robin Jordan, O.M.C. My favourite experiences with this course overall were all the times I was able to share another way to use Energy EFT with someone and see them receive benefit. Some of the people I have done homework with have gone on to continue using EFT regularly on their own. One of the people continues to reduce her experience of pain by learning to work with her own energy though EFT. A family is now tapping together almost daily and continues to use the ‘mantra’ they created during our homework together … all of which they have reported is bringing them closer together.
I have enjoyed learning and practising all the creative ways to use Energy EFT and having the experience of completely replacing my old understanding of what EFT is and how to work with it. (Classic EFT). Silvia’s Energy EFT is so much more effective and enjoyable!
Many places along the course have resonated with my own path and the meeting place of love, energy, light … the Creative Order/”God”, etc.
I also have a great appreciation for all the work that goes into guiding all the student’s though this work in a way that meets the distance learning high bar.
I absolutely feel completely aligned with calling myself an Energy EFT Master Practitioner as I have put a very high level of energy and attention into this work … as have all those who have supported me to complete the homework. Watching those Energy EFT Master Practitioner 2012 DVDs and realizing that doing this in person over 3 days brings the same level of certification … really drives home the massive amount of work required to do this as distance work as compared to onsite. I know that all the extra work has given me a much deeper grasp of all these concepts and an increased level of confidence than attending a 3 day “drinking from a firehose” experience would have. Though doing this work in person with Silvia and connecting with other energists in this way would bring another level of benefit of course.
In addition, I feel very well equipped to now work with energy with my future clients and happily side step a vast amount of talking/conversation that had become outdated for myself and the clients.
I am grateful to be this close to being truly complete with my GoE energy homework. It is time.

Rev. Robin Jordan, O.M.C.
July 2015

Barry Cooper I just used Energy EFT with a friend suffering from fibromyalgia. She's an experienced hypnotherapist who had previously only tried classical EFT and was very suspicious of it. She really felt the energy flow and the pain went entirely after a few rounds. She's gone off to have a look at!

Barry Cooper
June 2015

Katerina Kalchenko GoE program is really special! I like all the Units! Every Unit is so deep, so direct, so client oriented.

Also I do observe that the course helps me to develop the Skills, that I even did not expect to get. Autogenic reality, Aspects, time order – I had no idea before that EFT can work so deep.

Thank you, Kelly, for your kind support! I follow your articles, publications, and you have inspired me a lot! You are the best tutor!

Katerina Kalchenko
May 2015

Larry Androes, Distance Learning Student This course has exceeded all expectations I could have for a distance learning class.

Indeed, I believe that this course takes the possibility of what can be transmitted in such a learning modality - distance learning- to an entirely new level.

Each unit skillfully and precisely explains and demonstrates a key skill that makes energy work understandable by direct experience, with a clear understanding of the theoretical model behind it.

Each unit of the lesson plan builds upon the others, creating a foundation for an integrated approach to energy work, well grounded in principles and opening into infinite possibilities for personal, family, and social transformation.

Throughout the course, the aspiring practitioner not only learns cutting edge skills and concepts, but is also is gently led to make the personal energetic changes that bring those skills alive in every aspect of experience. I have valued each of the lessons and the instructor feedback – clear, individual, and caring responses to my learning process. This course has consistently helped me integrate EFT into my personal and professional life.

I would not hesitate to recommend the GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course to any of my colleagues and friends, and I look forward to using these skills throughout my life!

Larry Androes, Distance Learning Student
April 2015

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I have loved every minute of the EFT Master Practictioner course. Kelly is a fantastic teacher and I loved the relaxed and supportive atmosphere she creates when teaching.

I had previously learnt a different style of tapping that was very wordy and difficult to focus through so I was really thrilled when learning the GoE techniques which creates a very focused and simple approach to tapping. I am excited to begin sharing this technique with clients.

Paula Kloots, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
March 2015

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I am so grateful for the experience of completing the GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course with Maria Chappell, a genuine lovely lady!
The EFT manual is packed with information and Maria's heartfelt enthusiasm as she explained each unit has made the course so enjoyable for me.
I am so excited about EFT and helping people to remove energy blockages and to improve their energy flow to help them feel truly happy.
Thank you so very much

Julie Warrington
March 2015

Energy EFT Master Practitioner The course was handled nice and well. Sandra explained all units thoroughly and deeply, so before asking questions from her you already had your answer.
Many thanks to Sandra.
I rate the course +10.

Ahmad Zabihi
March 2015

Karen Corbett
Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer
Australia I just want to say how truly awesome it has been teaching my first Energy EFT Master Practitioner course! I am honoured to be the midwife ushering in two amazing EFT Master practitioners. These two women have soooo much to offer and have just needed a framework and now they have it. And my own learning and appreciation for this stunning course has gone through the roof.

Thank you Silvia Hartmann!!

Karen Corbett Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer Australia
February 2015

Linda Ellerker I just received my certification as an Energy EFT Master Practitioner! I am so grateful to Sandra Hillawi for her superb teaching and training. Silvia Hartmann, the course is brilliant and pure genius ( of course it is :) ) !!!

Linda Ellerker
February 2015

Jamie Street, DL Student I am not sure how to write a “short” review of my personal experiences with this course, but I will do my best. This course has been absolutely life changing for me. I thought that having training in other forms of EFT I wouldn’t really learn a whole lot new, maybe a few things … boy was I wrong! I was blown out of the water with Silvia’s Energy EFT. There are things in this course that are simply pure genius. Yet something so life changing , is taught in such a simple way, you can’t help but laugh at how much we have learned to complicate things. I highly recommend this course to everyone, no matter what your trainings include.

On a more personal level, this past year has been very trying at times. I even though I would take this class and be done in 6 months max, and 13 months later I am just now submitting my final assignment . If not for this course and the depth of the knowledge in it and the amount of practice you get (word for those looking for an easy to get certificate …this class is NOT for you, you will have to earn it by getting real and getting raw with yourself.)

I know for a fact that I could have really easily fallen in to past patterns that would leave me stuck. I was able to really allow myself the time I needed to heal and take everything in, in a way I would have never done so before. I am far less judgmental of people, I admit I am human and still have moments, but even when I catch myself in a moment, I find the trigger and can simply tap on it for myself. I am not the same person I was before starting this class and I will never be the same again, and that is an amazing feeling, for once I am getting back in touch with my real and authentic self. I am a much happier person and a much less stressed person, which adds up to a much more healthier person.

I am so thankful for this class and all I have received from it. Far better than therapy and now I have a new skill set to help others. I will end this here, but could go on for days. Thank you so much Kelly for being such an amazing guide, mentor and teacher, and thank you Silvia for the gift of Energy EFT!!!!

Jamie Street, DL Student
January 2015

Esther Alexander, Distance Learning Student The Energy EFT Master Practitioner course that I did of Silvia Hartmann’s was amazing and my tutor/mentor Kelly Burch was absolutely wonderful! She was incredibly supportive, thorough, provided unlimited amounts of guidance and support and explained everything so well that I couldn’t wait for each of our training sessions! I have had a background in Psychology and doing my Masters in Counselling and whilst I feel those tools are valuable and have provided great knowledge, I know now that doing EFT work and study is what makes all of the difference. Energy work, addresses the heart of the matter, the core - the essence, and can help clients achieve a lot more in an effective an efficient matter, than (in my personal opinion) years of psychotherapy and psychology work can do. Yes there are places for all modalities but to really progress, heal and make changes - I now know that energy work is the way to go! I am very proud to say I am an Energist!

Esther Alexander, Distance Learning Student
January 2015

Pauline Anderson, Distance Learning Student I have found it deceptively comprehensive - deceptive because Silvia has a way of writing that is so open and expansive that it feels very light and easy. However, there is a tremendous amount in it and working through it takes time, thought and commitment. I've been delighted with that. I was quite sceptical of doing a distance learning course and felt concerned about the quality, but I needn't have worried.

Despite having used EFT and other energy approaches for 8 years, I have learned a huge amount from this course, both professionally and personally. It has taken my personal development to another level, helping me to evolve things that had been stuck for some time despite already tapping on them. Aspects, entities, autogenic realities.... I'm so in love with them. I feel that I've been part of an accelerated development program.

I have felt really supported by you Kelly. I always looked forward to reading her comments and responses. She has a way of just casually throwing out a couple of sound bytes that turn out to be really insightful and thought provoking. I enjoyed that very much.

This course is a beautifully choreographed dance of transformation. It gently flows into all the tender places, leaving behind the softness of possibility. I loved it. Thank you.

Pauline Anderson, Distance Learning Student
January 2015

Fabiana Mieres, Distance Learning Student I had an amazing and deep journey, not just because all of the techniques I've learned but about my inner transformation and my sessions had shifted too. I've healed profound wounds,food cravings and I don’t need to use glasses any more.

Most of all the project sanctuary is helping my clients to overcome their deepest grief, some of them are issues that they were afraid to talk about. They felt very well resolving things inside a safe place, one of them told me that he is feeling more in tune with his higher self.

I decided to go deep inside this technique and learn more from the books, because of it has an infinite healing potential.

I am very thankful to Silvia and Kelly for guiding me brilliantly during this course.

Fabiana Mieres, Distance Learning Student
December 2014

Energy EFT Master Practitioner It has been a priceless journey in self-discovery and personal development, and has completely changed the way I view myself, my past and future, my relationships, turning points, and all the significant events of my life. As a result of the many practical exercises involved, I have been able to evolve a great deal of my own ‘stuck’ energy and this, in turn, has led to many new insights and more empowering thoughts and behaviours.

I have been challenged to think about, and feel into at a soul level, what it really means to be human – and as a result, I now understand thought, emotion and energy in new, expanded and exciting ways!

Finally, I have to say that the presentation of this course, and the way it is ‘evaluated’, is the most refreshingly heartfelt and honest methodology of any course I’ve ever come across, and that in itself, has taught me so much about keeping it real, being authentically human, and not being afraid to bring energy and emotional healing into the mainstream.

Thank you so much to Silvia and Kelly. 2014 has been a very important year for me, in terms of my personal evolution, and doing this course has played a significant role. I am so grateful to the two of you for your truly transformational and inspiring work!

Kerrie Womersley, Distance Learning Student
December 2014

Patrizia Blaha, Distance Learning Student Energy EFT as an advanced form of EFT covers a very wide range of applications and is in my view, more flexible, highly effective and playful than many other modern coaching methods, that I have met so far. The on-line course for Energy EFT Master Practitioner with the GoE is extensive and sophisticated. But the effort is worth it! For me, this training was a quantum leap for my personal development and my coaching work alike.

Patrizia Blaha, Distance Learning Student
November 2014

Ber Collins, Distance Learning Student Kelly's feedback was gentle and focused and much appreciated. I found it easy to follow with each module building appropriately on the previous one. I much preferred this course to the previous EFT courses I had taken. I felt the content was much easier to understand and it made much more sense. I found my clients were a lot more comfortable using it too than the protocol I used to use. I’m really looking forward to learning even more and practising all I have learned.

Ber Collins, Distance Learning Student
November 2014

Bridget Demchak McGee, United States The Energy EFT Master Practitioner was an amazing training!

Stephen Carter is a fabulous instructor, and all of the attendees were incredible. This is beautiful work and I'm honored to be a part of it! Thank you Silvia Hartmann!

Bridget Demchak McGee, United States
November 2014

Liz Cairns
Energy EFT Master Practitioner I trained in Classic EFT seven years ago but have just become an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, so I am looking forward to learning from those further along this exciting energy road. Both times were with GoE trainer Sandra Hillawi. I'm learning every day and know I have great back up when needed too.

I found the Energy EFT Master Practitioner strangely more intense but simpler if that makes sense. It has opened up so many more possibilities and I'm really looking forward to learning more and sharing it with my clients.

Liz Cairns Energy EFT Master Practitioner
October 2014

Heike Kalisch - Distance Learning Student The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course by Silvia Hartmann in 12 lessons was varied and instructive for me. I was always looking forward to the next lesson on the new exercises and also to the comments of my "tutor" to the previous tasks. I felt well supported. The course was labour intensive, but I learned a lot and I now wear with pride the title Energy EFT Master Practitioner.

Heike Kalisch - Distance Learning Student
October 2014

Kate Winch The Energy EFT Master Practitioner training was both informative and enjoyable. I'd used EFT before, but this training took my knowledge to a new level. Not only did I learn more about how EFT works, but I also learnt specific approaches that I feel will be highly beneficial for myself and for my clients.

Working one on one with Kelly was the perfect study option for me. Her passionate, knowledgeable and open approach means I feel confident incorporating Energy EFT into my work.

I can't wait to share this modality with my clients, and to continue expanding my knowledge and experience with EFT

Kate Winch
September 2014

Emanuele Soranzo, Distance Learning Student I had a bit of reservation at the very beginning with some of the notions and the concept explored. This stemmed by the fact that I was trained by a different version of EFT and was to put everything I had learned to the side and concentrate on getting new information in, that overlapped and added more to what I knew.

Specifically I was intrigued by the energy movement and the evolution concepts. Everything is energy and blockages can cause a lot of issue and problems in the physical realm. Working with energy is easy, safer and more logical.

Also I liked the absence of the classic set-up phrase used in classic EFT as indeed can cause a lot of confusion to the client in term of identity.

The importance of de-stressing is also something I haven’t learn before and it’s so logical but often overlooked. When the client is calm and in peace problems can be explore in a logical, more sequential way and be treated accordingly.

There are many details and tips I picked from the course and would be to lengthy to explore and describe every single one of them in few paragraphs. I liked them all. Every module added to the previous to give all you need to be thorough and experienced in treating clients in different way and to get to evolution/resolution of any problem.

I also liked the concept of the EFTeam as when working with energy is both client and therapist that help shift energy through common intention and bring healing forward. It has been a real help in treating people during exercises.

I think the course is excellent value and a resource I will always refer to in my future career with EFT or any energy work.

It has been fun working with partners for exercises but also has been invaluable for myself in self discovery and healing what needed to be healed or changed.

Well, what more to say. I now have the right tools and I am ready to help others and learn more from each and every client.

Emanuele Soranzo, Distance Learning Student
July 2014

Nicky Mason, Distance Learning Student Throughout the course I have learnt a whole variety of ways in which to use EFT. Some I found easy to grasp and others I wrestled with – I thank you for your patience with those! – I am amazed by both the simplicity and versatility of EFT and how something so simple in essence can create such massive shifts. It is a reminder that life is not as complicated as we make it out to be on so many occasions and also that things left to fester can create so much damage when that need not be the case.

I have been aware throughout the course of what an organic process this is. I had previously trained in Classic EFT before reading Silvia’s Advanced Patterns book so can see how it has evolved into the variation that has been developed here. What is good I think is that there is a willingness to add to and embrace new ideas, so that if it needs to, it can grow. This reminds me of the instruction to ‘try EFT on everything.’ I think with that in mind I have become more confident over the time I have been studying to do that, give it a go and build new experiences and explore different ways of working.

I have wondered sometimes if I would have liked to do the course face-to-face rather than through Distance Learning. I can see benefits and drawbacks in both. It would maybe have made a difference working through it with someone nearby but that said, it has been incredibly in-depth and maybe, choosing to do it in this way has thrown me back in to study in greater detail the bits that did not resonate with me quite as much as others.

Nicky Mason, Distance Learning Student
July 2014

Lisa Jennings, Student of Sandra Hillawi Choosing to do the Master Practitioner EFT course with you was a really good move on my part. Great decision!

I was very impressed by the depth of your understanding of EFT and how to use it to best benefit for all involved. You taught clearly and with compassion and handed difficult things extremely well.

It was a great experience and I learned a lot.

In my 55 or so years in practice I can't begin to say how many teacher I have had and good ones, too.

You are way up there on the top of the list for great teachers!

You are wonderful!! I hope you appreciate your skill.

So I guess you got that. I loved the course and hope to put it to good use now.

Lisa Jennings, Student of Sandra Hillawi
July 2014

Nigel Colmer, GoE Trainer Looking back on the 3 day online training to become an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, I can honestly say that making contact with my trainer, Sandra Hillawi was one of the best decisions I have made in a long time. From the outset, Sandra was gentle and encouraging, yet focussed and professional, and the 3 days learnings just flowed so easily.

Initially, I was unsure how I was going to participate in the group of 3 other trainee Energists, along with Sandra, using Skype, but the technology stood up well and I was able to break off and do the exercises with my swap partner, then come back to the group and discuss what was experienced, and it worked a treat.

I loved the way the course unfolded, with each new learning and exercise building in content, and then putting it all into action, with a very hands on practical approach. I have experience in other Energy modalities, but I never expected to get so much from this course. For the first time since learning about EFT, I now have a great grasp on the Energy body, and how to quickly turn a negative energy into a positive one, regarding any issues I have. At the time of writing this review, I am in the middle of going through the manual once again, as I want to put into personal practice the energy changing protocols, as much for my benefit, as for future clients.

That is what I took away from this course, the most. Tools and techniques that 'I' can and want to use daily, to raise my own energy and vibration, and I am so grateful for Silvia Hartmann for generating and evolving the manual, for Sandra in delivering top class training, and to the other Energists who helped make the online learning experience such as positive one. I would highly recommend this course to anyone keen to help themselves and others.

Nigel Colmer, GoE Trainer
July 2014

Rachel Stapleton, Distance Learning Student The whole course has been an exciting, wonderful experience and a huge learning curve about myself, as well as others. I feel I have been on an evolving journey, and have discovered so many new ways to help us through the ups and owns of life.

The coursework content and the excellent tutor help from Kelly, has been the ideal way to learn, and I now look forward with excitement to practising my newly acquired skills, and helping others, particularly in the hospice environment where I feel it will be so beneficial. Thank you so much.

Rachel Stapleton, Distance Learning Student
July 2014

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I have taken level 1 of Classic EFT and although, I loved learning and enjoyed the day, I wasn't as enamoured with it as Energy EFT and the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training.

For this reason I have chosen not to study EFT at Level 2 and go back to the drawing board.

Student of GoE Trainer Lorna Firth
June 2014

Distant Learning Student of Silvia Hartmann I can honestly say that this has been the most inspiring course I have taken! I have loved having Silvia Hartmann as my on-line tutor and her straightforwardness and humour has helped me to complete each assignment with a will to want to do it well!

The way Silvia Hartmann has brought together her own research to combine different methods to create this course has been amazing and it has helped me to dovetail all my own learnings in a cohesive way.

Nothing short of brilliance!

Distant Learning Student of Silvia Hartmann's
June 2014

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Unit 6 of 12 "Working with Aspects" has been a very strong positive change in my life for me personally. I am super grateful ❤ ❤ ❤ I think that incredibly often an obstacle in the healing process represents the identification with our ego and the "sense". If we succeed, (the client, as well as ourselves) to slip into the "Observer" our dramas and disassemble the theme in aspects of the resolution of many issues is easier.

Especially the unravelling of a knot with endless aspects is beautifully clear, clear time line shape is a super effective form of the procedure. I'm going to use this knowledge for my own, as well as on client issues from now on.

May 2014

Sonia Le Hecho - Distant Learning Student Before this course, I had some basic knowledge about EFT through webinars and readings, but very simple.

With this course, I have discovered and experienced so many ways of working with EFT. It has been very interesting to learn all the different approaches and to practice them.

Through doing all the practices there has been fun, deep feelings and all kinds of emotions, and nice evolutions.

It has developed my feeling and understanding of the link between our emotions and everything that happens around us, and that we can really work on it and evolve.

I feel I am more aware now of energy shifts in myself and others.
I know that I have taken longer to complete this course but I am very happy I did now.

Sonia Le Hecho - Distant Learning Student
May 2014

Deanna Hewett,
Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer I have spent some time today researching other patterns and modalities. And what I keep coming back to each and every time, is that it is ALL in the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training!

Different names maybe, but I found someone promoting their creation of a model identical to the Aspects Model, another one, seemingly different, 'working through the layers".

Very interesting and affirming. Time well spent.

Deanna Hewett, Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer
April 2014

Maryke Blom, South Africa At times the experiences were completely earth shattering which left me totally winded, which wasn't a bad thing because I got to grow from it and evolve my own pain. Then there were the magical parts of the course that opened up a different world to me, almost like going down the Rabbit hole in Alice and Wonderland.

The power of this work still amazes me, I'm always still surprised when someone tells me this has saved their life or made such a huge difference to them, I'm always surprised to see people change so quickly in front of my eyes. I have learned that no person is alike, we are so different in every way I was taught that when stress occurs it will cause a lot of problems and is the cause for so many distorted experiences. The Energy Body is so powerful, maybe because we are actually vibrational beings. EFT has empowered me to make really tough choices, and it has given me to the tools to make the choices as well as the tools to support myself after I've made those choices. It keeps me calm through my troubles and helps me find clarity, it helps to make what I enjoy in life so much more powerful. When I pray I use EFT, it makes the prayers so powerful, it makes attracting things to me that I want so incredibly powerful. I think there is nothing impossible with EFT, only POSSIBLE. I am grateful to have learned this process and I hope to guide many people through the help of EFT to find their own Wonderlands, or their own heaven.

The course wasn't easy, because there was so much work that I had to do on myself but it was worth it. I come away a more aware person, a more powerful person a being with more capabilities and so much more to share. This is empowering on all Levels. I have managed to evolve my spiritual life, my relationships with everything and everyone around me.

Maryke Blom, South Africa
March 2014

Semra Yoldaş Aydıncı EFT and EMO Energy-in-Motion: Effective and transformative courses. EFT is very powerful and effective. Also EMO Energy-in-Motion is a powerful and fast transformative beautiful experience. It has never been that easy to remove blockages. Radia's atmosphere, Sandra's (Hillawi)training and the energy of the attendees has been a very useful experience for me for 5 days.

Semra Yoldaş Aydıncı
March 2014

Gulcan Arpacioglu Energy EFT Master Practitioner: I had fallen in love with EFT when I watched Gary Craig’s videos in 2001. Since then, I’ve been learning, researching, practising, teaching and living EFT. When I saw the Seda’s course announcement on Facebook, I did not really expect something special or new, but wanted to meet Sandra (Hillawi), a name that I could relate to, and wanted to become internationally certified. So I signed up.

As the course began, I was surprised to find out that the content was brand new! Every day we learnt new techniques, new approaches, and realised that EFT was greatly enhanced! Practising the new methods, I had wonderful experiences and felt deep healing taking place inside me. Sandra is a very professional instructor, has enormous experience about EFT and EMO Energy-in-Motion; and most importantly, is a very warm-hearted person. The “heart energy” of Sandra was buzzing in the room all day. I could not hug her enough! She was clear, precise and honest about everything she taught.

Many thanks to Silvia Hartmann, the content was very creative and easily applicable and the manual was perfect.

The group of Energy EFT Master Practitioners were exceptionally friendly, surely we will be keeping in touch. Big hugs come to you all!

And thank you very much Seda, you made this event possible. My last hugs come to you and your mother!

As for EFT, I’ve fallen in love, once again!

Gulcan Arpacioglu

Gulcan Arpacioglu
March 2014

Energy EFT Master Practitioner This training brought me a lot more than I expected. It was a really great experience. The material and the technique was great to show me how EFT works and how to apply it effectively even though this was my first ever EFT Training.

Very dear Sandra (Hillawi), with her smiling face, her energy and experience, enabled me to make this important step for me with EFT. I thank Sandra so much and the Radia team from all my heart for organising this training and I would like to state that I would love to join other trainings at Radia in the future.

Ekin Ardanuç, Turkey
March 2014

Energy EFT Master Practitioner This EFT Training, the energy of the group and the trainer Sandra, all helped me feel very good. The training from Sandra was excellent, very successful in all ways. Thanks very much to GoE.

Fatma Kahramanoğlu
March 2014

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I joined the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training to know what could be new as I have already been working with EFT for 10 years. During this training we learned first about the energy body and this was a different perspective and right from day 1 of the training I was learning new information.

I have left the old EFT behind now and embraced the new Energy EFT. It was a marvellous training. Sandra as a trainer cares about everyone. She uses words and examples to explain the concepts perfectly. I was very happy to be here in this training and to learn so many new concepts for using EFT.

Nevin Samsunlu
March 2014

Darlene Stanton
Energy EFT Master Practitioner It was a fantastic course and would recommend Adrienne McAllister for anyone out there who wants to become an Energy EFT Master Practitioner xxx Loved every minute of it. x

Darlene Stanton Energy EFT Master Practitioner
March 2014

Helena Buche, Germany What I absolutely loved about this course was the advise to tap first on "Stress" and then on "Energy" before starting work on a client. The results that I had with clients were monumental. They were definitely clearer when finding the crux of their problems. It saved both the client as well as me a lot of time when choosing an appropriate set up. It was indeed a very enriching and uplifting experience for me to see and feel the improvement in the flow of energy in my clients, often reflected in their features softening and a more relaxed posture. This never ever failed to astound me, no matter how often I saw it, and I often thought, 'it's so simple, so straightforward and yet so effective'. Unnecessary stress talk was reduced and I, as the EFT Practitioner, had enough time to end the session on a good and positive note.

What I especially value in this course is the incredible kindness and humanness with which it is presented. Clients are not reduced to the level of an object with a diagnosis stuck over their heads, but seen as human beings who have been through some kind of an event which affect their energy system through a blockage or injury to the normal flow of their energy. Hope is also given when we learn that this blockage or injury can be treated when we find out where it is located. This attitude not only takes away the sting and often the stigma of having a problem that "the others" can not identify with, but also offers the often necessary and needed hope that something can be done about it. This has often motivated my clients to be open about their problems and to work through them. Especially helpful was also their realization that EFT presents a method where a problem can be cleared without the client having to re-live the trauma or turmoil first.

I found being specific about the problem as well as the spot on interventions enabled the healing event to be reached in a relatively shorter period of time. And all this because EFT teaches us that "stress" destabilizes the energy body which can lead to high energy body stress.
Secret Therapy is a God-send as I sometimes do have clients who find it too painful to tell me what their problem is. Many were very thankful that we could work on their problem and evolve it without them going through a roller-coaster with their emotions. Many of my clients also learnt how to think about their problems in terms of their energy system being blocked and that something could be done about it when we tapped on improving the flow of their energy. With time, many of my clients had learnt how to be very specific in their set ups which encouraged them to use EFT on their own when needed. This was a great source of empowerment for them, but also for me as the EFT Practitioner. Noticing the changes in their cognition as time went on enabled many to accept that we all do have an energy body. This, of course, opened up an incredible avenue for them.

I loved the work with Aspects as this offers clients as well as practitioners the opportunity to love and accept ourselves in spite of having "an aspect" that we're having problems with. It was sheer delight for me to learn to think in terms of "aspects" rather than a person being a particular trait. Understanding this and explaining this to my clients took away their fear of being judged and gave them the freedom to see their past actions in a more accepting and kinder light. This not only opened up a means for them to be more accepting of themselves, it also gave them the possibility of accepting the mistakes that past aspects made without feeling ashamed and humiliated. Although it took me some time to learn and integrate this into my work, it was well worth the time, effort and energy I put into it. Basically, I think it has made me a bit easier to live with!
One of the most profound experiences that I've had with this course was when I was able to help a client reach the Healing Event after we worked on her panic of travelling by air. What started off an an extreme fear of "being blown to pieces" in the air, ended with a very warm note to me last week, when she flew to visit a dying relative which, in itself, was a monumental step tor her to take. She wrote that the weather was very bad and the plane was going through quite an upheaval. The people around her were throwing up and crying and screaming and she felt fabulous throughout the trip. She then thanked me for the time, effort and energy that I had put into our EFT work. All I can say is that it is necessary to take every event to the Healing Event. It might take a bit more time, but it is definitely worth it.

Although it took me some time to get used to working in the Autogenic World, the time, effort and energy put into understanding this Unit was a great pay off in the end! I especially welcomed the idea of not making any distinctions between false memories and real memories and Silvia's summing it up by saying: "If it hurts, it's real!" This leads to clients feeling that they are being taken seriously and that their pain is being honoured and given the proper attention it deserves. Apart from this, it does make the life of an EFT Practitioner much easier and EFT work quite adventurous in many ways.

What I especially loved in Unit 11 was to see the interaction between the aspect and the environment in the successive changes in the often very rich material which was produced. I found this Unit extremely helpful and needless to say, working with the Autogenic EFT Intervention has become my favourite.

I found this a great course with each Unit building on the previous one, adding to one's insight, one's knowledge, thus offering the Energy EFT Master Practitioner more security and skills.

What warmed my heart and still does, is the kindness and compassion with which this course is presented. The old clichés of mad, crazy and incurable are effectively replaced by a great explanation of the connection between one's emotions and the state of one's energy system, the possibility of regulating one's energy so that it flows optimally and the potential of maintaining a healthy flow in one's energy system by regularly tapping EFT.

I wish to take this opportunity to thank Silvia Hartman for offering the world this wonderful Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course which has proven to me, that we are indeed on the healing high rise and that this is only the beginning!

This course is simply AWESOME!

Helena Buche, Germany
February 2014

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Silvia Hartmann's direct cutting edge use of the traditional EFT takes one on a journey of self exploration and enabling energy practitioners to take their work to another level.

Carol from South Africa
December 2013

Rene, Copenhagen - Denmark Thank you, thank you, thank you for a truly awesome course!!! Silvia, you are AWESOME! as Gary used to say! I rank taking this course among my top three best decisions in a 42-year long life - it is that good. I'm sure your live training is awesome too, and you have training partners right at hand, but doing this as a distance course has been absolutely great for me. I've had to out and ask people to be my clients, fight the entropy of daily life, and get the assignments done, even when stressed and tired (I tapped of course). I always thought of myself as a guy who didn't finish things, and now I have successfully passed. How great is that! I really feel it has changed me in many wonderful ways.

And the content of the course is amazing! I can’t think of a single problem I’d be afraid to tackle with a client now. It has been a real revelation how simple and structural EFT really is. All we really do is to remove or reduce energy body stress (and add positives!). This can be done in a simple way (for instance story or body protocol) or in a very sophisticated and esoteric way (energetic entities or Sanctuary), but both amazingly effective.

I have known EFT for about 10 years, but only ever grossly underused it to take the edge of negative emotions. Despite trying all kinds of other healing modalities, I always returned to EFT because it worked. Now with this course my EFT has been supercharged, and I can actually make the life changes, which my old EFT abilities promised, but didn't really deliver. [...] I’ll return for another of your GoE courses, that is for sure!

Rene, Copenhagen - Denmark
December 2013

Dieter Maas on Facebook I thought online training doesn't work, especially with something like EFT, but there exists one that I trust. The only one. The EFT Master practitioner course. By the GoE.

If you not only want to be certified, but also learn something that has real substance, and will make you feel confident and congruent enough to be a practitioner. At least to my standards. And in a short time and affordable price.

Dieter Maas on Facebook
November 2013

Diana van Haaften The Energy EFT Master Practitioner course was the best EFT training that I have ever done!

Diana van Haaften
November 2013

Sylvia Tavares A few days ago I got to share the distressing and energizing protocol of Silvia's and also shared the new SUE scale with several women veterans at a Wellness conference they were attending. It was so simple yet powerful. We sat outside in the glorious sunshine hidden behind a big Oak tree and I got to watch each and everyone of them transform before my eyes. It was simple yet powerful. I am so grateful to be learning Energy EFT. What a gift!

Sylvia Tavares
November 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I am sooo happy that I got the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Course from you guys. I started today and my mind is totally blown!!!

Thank you so so so much!!

Maryke, South Africa
October 2013

Aisling Killoran
Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer I have been working with Energy EFT Heart and Soul protocol now since its conception and I have to say, if you trust the process, de-stress and follow the client, the change that happens is magical.

Apart from explaining the process of the journey, I have never had to make a suggestion to the client on wording, as the words just flow up and out from the client and in the background the memories just pop up, without having to go route for them!

It it such a joy and a gift to journey with them to healing and beyond.

Aisling Killoran Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer
October 2013

Kelly Burch
GoE Trainer GoE Trainer Kelly Burch comments on re-reading the EFTMP course manual one year after completion:

I love the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course.

It was almost a year after I completed it that I was flicking through it again and had significant 'a ha' moments with the content. Silvia Hartmann is a master at hiding things in plain view.

There is a significant amount of depth here yet it's very easy to absorb.

Kelly Burch GoE Trainer
October 2013

Jacqueline Besseling, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Netherlands My personal experience with this course and form of education and support is a very good one. For me it was the way to imbibe al protocols, all energy working all learning about EEFT in my own time embedded in my own personal process that for me, takes time. I need time to adjust and make it my own.

It is also next to my work as psychomotor child therapist I did the course and that made that I have had sometimes more and sometimes less time to work on it.

I learned a lot and it made me confident in working with EFT, and put EFT forward to people I meet in several way’s.

I experienced the distance learning course as a very thorough education. I worked on the units with pleasure. It took time and it took courage sometimes. You have to do it yourself with own practice partners and (mostly) work it out in detail. That makes it for my a very good way to study and hold on to my experiences, they are all on paper!

I think it is wonderful to get one on one comments on each assignment and that for me, from you Silvia, it made it special.

I feel I have a good solid base to work from. Staying in contact with development is only normal for me. Taking care of my own energy system is what I learned the past years and will always be point of interest.

Jacqueline Besseling, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Netherlands
October 2013

Kym Lawn TFT was my first introduction to "tapping". Like others, I found remembering the algorithms to be tedious, and not really necessary. Did use collarbone breathing and the full 9 gamut with eye movements useful.

Now I will often do a session simply using my finger and "scrambling" the eye patterns.

I quickly moved onto EFT from TFT. I am enjoying Energy EFT - love that the boundaries of possibility are being challenged and stretched. Equates to true growth in my belief system.

Kym Lawn
September 2013

Tansy, Energy EFT Master Practitioner Before I came on this course...

I had trained in AAMET EFT Level 1 & 2 and Matrix Reimprinting. I wanted to deepen my EFT skills and take them to the next level as well as learn a different approach. I had heard about EMO Energy-in-Motion and Positive EFT which is very different from the AAMET training and this intrigued me.

As a result of this training...

I now understand what it is we are really doing when we use EFT, not so much on a scientific level but on an energy level. This is not only a process we use to go through the motions, but something far greater and deeper. I feel more connected to EFT using the Heart & Soul protocol and this has transformed my understanding and how I work with clients. I feel more connected to myself somehow too, although I am still taking it all in. I understand the importance of connecting with the client and tuning into them over the importance of clever reframes etc. I feel like the AAMET training represents the rigid masculine EFT and the GoE feels more fluid and feminine. Both are wonderful and have a place in my heart and my practice.

I would recommend this course because...

All of the above!! It has transformed how I work and how I feel about what we are doing. It has allowed me to feel more connected to my work and myself. This course has also helped me step into the feeling of being an authentic practitioner that can and will talk about EFT to anyone and everyone instead of being cautious about who I think may be receptive to it. A huge leap forward! I really appreciate the love Silvia has put into evolving this very elegant technique. I look forward to sharing it and learning more.

Tansy, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
September 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Before I came on this course....I had a basic understanding of EFT from having treatments myself and from reading books. I was so amazed by the changes made in my body through using the technique that I wanted to be able to help others. I booked myself onto this course to enable me to understand it at a deeper level and to enable me to become a practitioner.

As a result of this training...I am even more blown away by EFT! Initially, I wasn't sure that I would be able to get along with the heart & soul protocol but by the end of the course I found that I much prefer it. It is beautifully simple and has given me the confidence to believe that I have the ability to help clients begin to resolve their issues so that they can return to a naturally happy, healthy place.

I would recommend this course because...It is life changing! The course was delivered in such a supportive way that it was impossible to feel anything but great about it! Sami is an incredible lady who made sure that we fully understood the course content by presenting it in an intelligent and friendly manner. As a 'first time' trainee in anything of this kind, it would have been easy for me to feel overwhelmed by all the experience in the room but Sami ensured that everyone felt comfortable and confident. I am looking forward to continuing my professional development and will actively seek to have any further training conducted by Sami.

Thank you so much Sami, I am finding it difficult to put into words just how amazing you are! Quite simply the best trainer I have ever had the pleasure to work with, I am so excited about the future, despite being in considerable pain since the course, that I feel I could burst at any moment!!

Caz Gordon
August 2013

Carole Gordon, Energy EFT Master Practitioner I thought I knew what EFT was, and that this would be a kind of refresher course. I first came to know EFT about twelve years ago, did a course in Scotland, then went to USA to do two workshops with Gary Craig, the founder. Gary then came (once only) to the UK, and I attended his workshop in Manchester. I even took a client of mine, with whom Gary demonstrated live. At the point when Gary precipitately retired, several people set up their own training programmes, each vying with the other for authenticity. I really couldn’t be bothered taking sides, and didn’t go with any of them.

When I heard about this master Practitioner course, I was attracted to it because I felt in need of refreshing what skills I had, and I also wanted to have the credibility of the qualification. What surprised me was the freshness of Silvia’s approach, and the new parts she has added to traditional EFT. The SUE scale, for example, with its positive and negative arms, makes so much more sense than the old SUD scale. I found that I was working quite hard, and it has not been a pushover to complete the assignments for this course.

One of the lessons I had to learn is the importance of using the client’s own words. I have a habit of ‘helping’ the client by guessing what the client is experiencing and offering it to the client. I have learned that it is better to wait, and that my words are just that, and may not represent the client at all.

Another part of the EFT course I’ve enjoyed greatly is working with what is termed ‘secret therapy’. I think it’s absolutely brilliant that we can work at the energetic level, without having any knowledge of what the story is, and see real shifts in energy, with accompanying emotional and cognitive changes. The client thinks it’s magic, too!

Completely new to me has been the concept of the Guiding Star, and yet it makes complete sense to see how supposedly good experiences can in fact imprison someone for years to come, by urging them to look to repeat the experience. We have come to believe that it is only traumatic experiences that cause problems, whereas guiding stars are responsible for much repetitive behaviour that detracts from freedom to make choices in a mature way.

These are some of the things I’ve learned. I have greatly enjoyed the course, glad that it’s been part of my life for the past eight months, and I will be at least in part sorry to say goodbye to it, though hopefully not to learning or to practising.

Carole Gordon, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
August 2013

Helen Ryle, Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer, Ireland I'd read the Energy EFT book when it came out but hadn't really practised the new way of doing EFT before the Master Practitioner training with Aisling Killoran and Ray Manning recently.

I must say I loved it - it seems a much more mindful way of doing EFT, and I was impressed by how I was able to shift a long-standing block in myself by just focussing on the energy and the feeling of it rather than having to go back to events or work through the originating incident. The set-ups seem to generate themselves in a simple way and change as the tapping progresses, following the flow of the energy. The SUE scale is a wonderful idea - why should we settle for the bland zero point when we can go up the positive side instead! I'm very impressed!

I'll certainly be incorporating this workshop into my EFT training, and hope to offer it in the autumn in addition to the training schedule I've already published.

Helen Ryle, Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer, Ireland
July 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I approached this course with very little enthusiasm. I had been studying EFT since 1999 and already considered myself as having a high level of skill and expertise. However I wanted to be able to use the word master.

I am delighted to say I thoroughly enjoyed the course. It has contributed hugely to my own personal growth and has expanded my EFT skills much more than I expected. On a personal level. I got in touch with some real energetic blocks and limiting beliefs. I discovered a huge block to writing articles and being in the public eye. I had an article published in the paper recently on the subject of mindfulness. I was part of an international panel of speakers at the WRAP Around the World conference in California with an attendance of 450. This is proof that EFT creates change..

I honed my skills on belief formation and metacomments

I changed a core belief that I am unlucky to one of I am lucky. I wondered how the universe would let me know that belief had changed and the very next day. I was at a workshop in Dublin Someone I had never met walked up to me and asked was I feeling lucky ? I said yes and he said good. I will pay for your lunch. I have had many more demonstrations of luck since then but that was awesome.

I began to use autogenic world and the autogenic habitat with great results

I had a client I worked with many times achieve an amazing breakthrough on a long standing related to sexual abuse, After this session she reported her abuser to the police something she had wanted to do for many years

On my very last assignment I got in touch with a huge energy block to having a very successful EFT and energy medicine practice. I had a lot of conflict about success and so many doors have now opened that this block has been released One example is . I was invited to present at a local bizcamp when the week before I was told all the speaker slots were full.

I have no hesitation in recommending this course for both personal and professional use.


Helen Mc Crarren lives in Monaghan in Ireland. She believes that EFT makes the seemingly impossible very possible.

Helen McCrarran
July 2013

Brenda Hansen, Energy EFT Master Practitioner DLC Student As a certified practitioner of “conventional” EFT, I was introduced to the Heart and Soul Protocol and SUE scale during a mentoring session when it was briefly outlined. The concept appealed to me immediately, and I investigated further, checking the website and purchasing the Energy EFT book.

The new experience of this advancement in energy work was inspiring to me. In moments of tapping I felt stress levels melting and intensity dropping quickly from -7 or -8 to -1 or 0. No matter the issue – occasional rheumatoid symptoms (I recovered from the devastating effects of rheumatoid arthritis several years ago, using energy work and nutrition), a feeling of overwhelm or frustration with a hectic daily schedule, fatigue or low energy – I found swift relief and a feeling of lightness, stress release and “all-rightness” as energy blockages were dispelled and I continued to work from -10 to 0 and up the positive side of the scale.

Working with the brilliant SUE scale verified what I had always believed during my conventional EFT training that emphasized only moving an issue to the non-issue level – I could expect and achieve more. It was possible and logical to continue bringing my energy up from the “zero point of nothingness” to an increasing flow of energy and a greater and greater sense of well-being, which I have experienced with ease using the scale as my guide.

The inclusion of focus on the heart centre during the protocol, in recognition of our spirit self, resonated with my experience as a Reiki Master, and completes the mind/body/spirit circle of life. This holistic approach acknowledging the power of the heart in healing is always soothing and reassuring to me when I tap for any issue.

Brenda Hansen, Energy EFT Master Practitioner DLC Student
June 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I am loving this course thus far and am so thankful for its presence in the world at this time. It is so Very Needed.

Improving the energy flow through my energy body was both interesting and enlightening. The first time I tried it I felt a shift, not a big shift, but a shift none the less. I didn't really notice any sensations in my body at this point. What I found interesting was the fact that each time I tapped another round for improving the energy flow through my body with EFT I noticed a bigger shift. I felt lighter, different- still no noticeable sensations in my body i.e. energy beginning to move. As I tapped to increase the energy even further still I was feeling it a little better each time.

That all changed though when I tapped along with Silvia while watching the Energy EFT download. Midway through tapping "I want some happy energy" then "happy energy" on the energy points, I not only noticed a shift in my energy level/flow, I was now feeling tingly energy in my body. It was unexpected, yet a very pleasant feeling. By the time we reached the chin point I was actually smiling. You almost couldn't help but smile. It just happened very naturally. Each subsequent round, on different days and times, continues to bring about a shift in my energy flow. The good, happy, tingly feelings get stronger and I find the effects lasting longer each time. I am more clear, focused and positive in my outlook. I continue to do this exercise it makes me feel good!

I have been using EFT to DE-STRESS daily after reading the lesson. I realize that I have a much higher level of stress then I would have thought. I’ve just gotten used to it, can block it. I am always there for everyone and anyone, supportive, loving and encouraging. Not so with myself. With myself I am vicious, harsh, hyper critical and I find that for me STRESS rears its ugly head, pushing me over the edge, when I try to do something positive and life affirming for myself. So I’m taking the time to give some much needed and long overdue stress relief to my own being and life, knowing that it will benefit ALL in the end

Cassi Farrand, EFT MP Student, USA
May 2013

Karen Aquinas
Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer I truly enjoy sharing EFT with students. Just yesterday a student in a pre-calculus class absolutely did not want to do the assigned work. We cut his resistance by 50% in just one round of energy EFT. He was amazed and pleased to get right to work.

Another student whom I had the privilege of encountering on more than one occasion eagerly shared with me that based on what I had taught in class (which wasn’t much!), she helped her Uncle recover from an unexplained illness that until her intervention had been plied, to no avail with pharmaceuticals. Hooray!

I love energy work!

Karen Aquinas Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer
May 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I think the course is a mega leap forward in presentation of what EFT means, what it does, how it works and the effect that it has.

Carole Howard, Energist
May 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner A unique course that teaches, develops and motivates experienced therapists and newcomers with equal effect.

Tom White, Cam Therapist
May 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I enjoyed the 'new look' EFT. It certainly seemed to really flow through the procedure very smoothly and I believe will enhance an already brilliant tool. Peter [Delves]'s deceptively casual delivery takes you into the lenghts and breadths of energy therapy with utmost clarity and perception

Susie Davies, Retired...but a wannabe therapist!
May 2013

Denise Jacques, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, UK I booked on the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course before the November 2011 EFT Conference. I was an accredited EFT/EMO Energy-in-Motion trainer and wanted to be able to teach the new syllabus. My partner became ill, however and I cancelled; beginning the distant learning course in January 2013 after he had an operation for biliary tract cancer. Initially I was only interested in completing the course because I wanted to be able to teach the new syllabus and generally used EMO Energy-in-Motion in preference to EFT. I wasn’t sure how useful re-learning EFT would be. When I began Unit 1, I was distracted because of Sean and quite intimidated about having Silvia as my tutor given her level of knowledge and experience.

I found Unit 1 to be really exciting and was really happy with the changes and the heart and soul protocol as it removed the aspects I no longer resonated with.

The concept of energy body stress was a revelation in Unit 2 and in my feedback I wrote that I seemed to have fallen in love again with the new super-charged EFT. My friends and clients (increased by a happy synchronicity) loved the new protocol and I tried everything out on Sean feeling so positive about being able to make us both feel so much better. I hadn’t expected such a quick response to my units or so much detailed feedback. This was at times disconcerting but it was such a learning experience and really did help my progress as I completed the units. I did put my heart and soul into it so took every bit of feedback to my heart: the majority was very positive and heartening but I of course learned more from learning pointers and when my own assumptions were challenged; this is not something I had experienced to-date in learning Meridian Energy Therapies.

Unit 3 about the story protocol took me a long time to do and I found it a rigorous unit. I had never really used this protocol after learning it so it was particularly useful re-visiting it and noting how effective it could be. One of the exercises involved me as my own client dealing with my fears about Sean’s cancer returning and it really did help.

Completing Unit 4: The Professional EFT Practitioner, was very enjoyable and brought me up against some definite reversals on the more structural/ business aspects of practice. It gave a lot of ideas and resources for a more professional practice which I was happy to use and still do. I found completing a brief report on the learning in the first 4 units really useful.

Units 5-8 were the second stage of the course and very exciting for me as I was introduced to a range of new concepts and amazing ways of working with energy. Unit 5 : extremely focussed treatments was a very informative unit for me and I was happy with my assignment answers until I realised I hadn’t really understood the concept of echoes and the energy body protocol when I received Silvia’s feedback. I was quite crushed about the latter as I teach EMO Energy-in-Motion and it should have been so evident. Although the Unit was passed, I did a bit of tapping, read the Unit again and stayed with it and practised until I understood.

I really resonated with Unit 6; Working with Aspects and it has been one of the most important units for informing and progressing my practice.

To be able to distant yourself from painful or dreaded events and act as a mentor to that past or future aspect of yourself as you evolve and transform their feelings is such an empowering thing to do. It makes it easier to deal with such matters when you don’t put yourself back there and re-live it which can act as a huge barrier to dealing with issues.

Unit 7: Energy and Emotions was another unit I really resonated with and validated my own beliefs about the importance of emotions as drivers of human behaviour along with increasing my level of knowledge and confidence. The exercise about psychosomatic pain allowed me to complete an exercise with Sean on his cancer-related pain. It was effective and really valuable and Silvia asked me to add to the exercise so she could use it for her web-site which I felt very positive about. This unit helped me to work directly with both my own and Sean’s frightening emotions about his illness and the future as well as his physical pain. It was like having an energy ‘rescue remedy’ when we needed it which as his illness progressed became more valuable.

Unit 8: Energy system Events was again an extremely valuable unit which allowed me to appreciate the power of energy body events and how effective working with them can be. It taught me about a lot of new concepts including Guiding Stars. It was quite a revelation to appreciate that not only traumatic events drive our actions in energy terms; I discovered I have so many guiding stars from my earlier years. This unit gave me the opportunity to do a really positive exercise with Sean about the first album he bought. It was so empowering not to focus on Sean’s current situation and I learned a lot more about the Sean before I met him.

Reviewing these 4 intermediate units allowed me to re-cap on my understanding of largely new concepts to me but ones which I knew I would be using regularly to inform and benefit my practice. I loved working on these 4 units which stretched and excited me and I really did put a great deal of energy into my work on them. Silvia’s feedback was positive and empowering and even though it wasn’t face to face, her detailed on-going responses felt like a real conversation. I was really looking forward to the next 4 Units but in the back of my head (and heart) I wondered if I would complete them before events overtook us.

Sean’s situation deteriorated in that his chemotherapy was stopped because it wasn’t working and we had turned to a natural programme. We increasingly used energy work to keep us positive and to optimise Sean’s chances of prolonging his life.

Starting the advanced units; Unit 9: Mind Changes was both very interesting and one of the quickest to do; testing and changing beliefs and developing skills. I also continued to enlist Sean in any exercise I could as an extra energy boost and in working on myself, the last exercise, acquiring a belief, was about curing Sean’s cancer and it was like losing a burden and the sun coming out.

Unit 10 was Energetic Entities; another unit I really resonated and had great fun with. We seem to have so many relationships with energetic entities which have such an effect on our lives. ‘Exorcising’ these can have the effect of an emotional detox. It is also very beneficial to evolve positive relationships. In one of the exercises, I was able to have a ‘conversation’ with the founder of Reiki and it was startlingly real and positive and embodied loving kindness. I misunderstood the group entity exercise and needed to repeat it but from Silvia’s feedback was aware what changes needed to be made and I was looking forward to doing this at my next support group meeting. The ‘re-vamped’ group exercise went really well. It was about putting the group on hold as Sean was so ill and despite the quite dire circumstances the energy still managed to flow extremely well. Our sad lonely little Angela (our group persona) became very vibrant, all singing and dancing and confident we would be re-forming soon.

Very soon after doing this exercise, Sean completed his time on this earth and passed over to something infinitely better. It took me some months before I felt able to complete Unit 11: Autogenic Realities. This, however, was my favourite unit and one of my favourite ways of working with energy. I love the magical way in which habitats evolve to become something entirely different; how it is possible to rescue an aspect and how even the most complex problems can reach a healing event. I particularly like using a metaphor and evolving it very directly in to something quite unexpected but always magical and very energised.

Although I was determined to complete Unit 12 by the end of 2012, I just could not bring myself to complete the review of the 11 units and basically review the progress of Sean’s cancer and my being left without him. Yes I could have flowed energy sufficiently to complete it but I had to respect the fact that I did not want to until I was ready. I did read and re-read the units along with my assignments and feedback. It was so useful and informative and added so much to my understanding. Little nuances I had missed became evident and facets I had forgotten I was able to use again. Every case study seemed to come alive again with startling reality as well as my reactions to each unit and the feedback. I found the exercise in Unit 12 about the client as an entity to be a beautiful and emotional experience. I chose my ‘favourite’ case study about rescuing an aspect but the truth is so many of those case studies were very special and very magical. It is such an experience to try out new ways of working with energy as an EFT team and so very positive. I was constantly buzzing with energy along with my ’team- mate’.

I began writing about the review of the units in March when I knew it was right to complete this chapter of my life. It brought back that time and the journey Sean and I had travelled on with such strong focus: so hopeful, so determined and so positive. I could sense his energy as if he were next to me which I know he was.

What a journey becoming an Energy EFT Master Practitioner has been from needing to cancel the live course and completing the final distant learning unit some 17 months later. It has been the most difficult, gruelling, determined journey of my life when my ability both to love and feel pain moved to new dimensions. It was also one of the most privileged, special times: when your senses are so keenly aware and your heart is flowing so strongly with protective love, everything is brighter and sharper and every good thing, however small, brings gratitude.

It was obviously meant that I complete this course with my particular tutor at this stage in my life and benefit from all the extra energy resources that were made available. During this time, I have been witness to so many energy manifestations that I would have undoubtedly questioned at an earlier stage in my life but came to accept and appreciate. As serious as they were, Sean’s symptoms were held at bay and he lived as full a life as possible until 2 days before he ceased to exist on this plane when it was evident his energy was withdrawing. That evening as we sat together with our little dog at his side, I asked him how he was feeling and he replied ‘I feel happy’. I then asked what he was thinking about and he replied that it was peaceful and not even frightening. I could see angels standing around him and when I asked if he could see angels he replied ‘Yes, but they just look like me and you’. I knew then that his loved ones were gathering around him and getting ready to guide him. Sean spent the next 2 days in the company of friends and family who loved him and wanted to see him before he left on his journey.

He had a peaceful and beautiful passing over in our home surrounded by those he loved best including our little dog at his feet. He had never looked more beautiful to me than in those last hours. When Sean had breathed his final breath, I opened the window to let his soul fly with the energies that had come to collect him.

Energy never dies it just changes and love is the purest form of energy. I constantly send love and little energy gifts to Sean and feel his love surrounding me. Several days ago I asked him if he would come for me when it was my time. His answer came back as clear as could be: ‘You bet!’

Denise Jacques, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, UK
April 2013

Sylvia Tavares I received some wonderful feed back from someone I shared the Energy EFT destressing and energizing protocols with. I sent her the charts from Silvia's book and tapped with her over the phone, just 4 times, twice for stress and twice for energy. I just checked and she has since been able to stop a panic attack within 20 minutes time of tapping.

I ♥ getting these reports. :)

Sylvia Tavares
April 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner Qualifying as an Energy EFT Master Practitioner has already made a huge difference in my confidence and work with people. It's so much easier!

I've been certified in Hypnosis NLP, Reiki and Jin Shin Do Bodymind Acupressure as well as EFT but what I learned in the 4 days in Baltimore was to really trust the principles and the simplicity and beauty of the process.

I don't underestimate the value of my life experience and past training but thinking I needed to know "so much more" often pulled my attention into a not ready/not enough trap.

Silvia has synthesized so much information and yet presents it in a way that makes healing accessible to all and with so little need to point out the huge contribution she has made to this field and the world through her work.

Loved loved loved the humor, humility, and honesty in what she shared with all of us.

Eileen Zelek Energy EFT Master Practitioner
April 2013

Paula Curtis-Burn, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, USA I chose this course with great care. I took a basic EFT Certification from another on-line distance provider and felt it was not worth the investment. Silvia Hartmann's approach, coming from her years of research and practice, offers an over-all paradigm for understanding the energy body issues that people have and then teaches you, as the Master Practitioner, to help the client find they're own way to healing. Both the paradigm and the tools she offers are top notch. I especially enjoy how real she is and her delightful sense of humor. The technical quality of the DVDs was good and I like being able to move at my own pace.

Paula Curtis-Burn, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, USA
April 2013

Stefan Marcec, Switzerland After teaching EFT and coaching clients with the help of it for a number of years I decided that's time for a new and fresh look upon EFT. Shortly afterwards I enrolled into the EFT master practitioner long distance learning course.

The course material is well written, the assignments make completely sense and provide a good balance between self development work and application of the new material when working with clients.

I was truly impressed by the tutoring ! Silvia took really her time, read every of my reports very very carefully and responded with a helpful feedback that always held new tips and insights how to evolve the theme even further.

My advice to everybody who is thinking to enrol to this program: take your time!

It doesn't matter how long you have been in this field before - just don't rush through it.

I took exactly one year to work on it and it was well worth it. I actually applied the new concepts constantly in my work with clients and on me..

Furthermore I don't think the course is for the absolute beginner, so you ll need for sure some previous training to get the most out of it.

Stefan Marcec, Switzerland
March 2013

Sandra Hillawi
GoE Trainer Trainer Every time I teach the new Energy EFT Master Practitioner course I get inspired all over again, with how completely its accepted and integrated by the new practitioners and to see their changes, understanding and vision for taking it forward. A great work from the wonderful Silvia Hartmann to whom I say Thank You once again !

Sandra Hillawi GoE Trainer Trainer
February 2013

Energy EFT Master Practitioner The Energy EFT Master Practitioner course is, in my opinion, the safest way to practice EFT and certainly the safest to teach. While I like many aspects of other types of EFT I know that people trained within the course will become safe and effective practitioners without inadvertently triggering an abreaction in clients.

February 2013

Dominick Flarey
The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc. I'm taking the distance learning Energy EFT Master Practitioner course is amazing !!!!! I highly recommend it!!

Dominick Flarey The American Institute of Health Care Professionals, Inc.
February 2013

John Staples, Energy EFT Master Practitioner I spent 30 years as a Mortgage Banker wondering what life was about and why I felt so empty. Several years ago I began to question everything. I studied religions, metaphysics, meditation, anything that might show me a reason for life and a reason to be on this plane. Finally, I discovered that being of service was my purpose, and I began my journey into energy work. I became a Reiki Master, and experienced the power of love, THE energy. I progressed through different healing modalities until I found EFT. Then I found Silvia and her work and the new protocols she introduced, and realized she was the leading edge of the EFT movement. Since then I have devoted myself to expanding my energy practice and serving the citizen in whatever way I could. I have used the insights, precision and structure of GoE EFT to guide my work. My client base has been Financial Market traders and corporate executives, as I have easy access to that segment of society. My goal is to expand my practice to convicts and other underserved people. I also believe in the advancement of the EFT movement as part of the awakening of man. I chose to devote the rest of my time here channeling my energy toward the enlightenment of myself and all mankind. It’s all about energy. Restore the Even Flow. Namaste.

John Staples, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
January 2013

Tony Leake, Nottinghamshire, UK About 8 months ago, before I began this course I wrote an email to a friend. In it I described how I had been feeling there were a lot of things holding me back. I had been playing with classic EFT for a while and was getting very mixed results with it. On this particular day something had changed and I had had a very strong feeling that I had not experienced before, I described it as a feeling of a lot of goose bumps on the inside that were moving around very rapidly, like being massaged on the inside. It felt like a very spiritual experience for me and I asked the question am I becoming religious which was a very alien concept to me. What I did not realize is that I had just had my first healing event. I didn't realize it for a long time because the books I was reading about EFT didn't explain it, not even in Gary Craig's book. So I still felt that EFT was fairly random with
unpredictable results, or maybe it was me who was random.

I had planned write in this summary about all the fascinating concepts that I had learned and truly, there have been many. I had planned how learning about energy body stress had helped me understand see the logic in people a little more. Then how I was completely blown away by the unit on aspects, then once again by events, energetic relationships and the body protocol. It really has been like that, each unit has been a revelation for me and it would be easy for me to list them in turn. But all I would be doing is writing back to you a précis of the course.

What has really been the point of this for me is is a lot of the realizations that I have had along the way, the bits that are written between the lines and not in black and white. When my mind makes the connection between events, aspects and real things that have happened in my life, that's when so many things have begun to make sense. From very early on the course I was confused by the word structural and the way that it is used. It has taken me every one of the 12 units to understand it but I can now see how things have happened in my life the way that they have, I can see the predictability of it without losing the beauty of individuality.

Working with other people has changed my life too, seeing those same things in others learning to understand and connect with other people in a way that I have never done before and feeling how rewarding that can be. I can sum up the whole course simply with the words "everything makes more sense now".

The last 6 months have changed my life in more ways than that though, I have chosen to leave my previous career to pursue something that I would have never thought about before but had always wanted to do. I didn't always know that I was an energist, but I knew that in order to be fulfilled I needed to do something that made a difference. In those few months I have found it, not only that I have found that there wasn't anything holding me back. Its like a hot air balloon. It's waiting to soar into the sky, the only thing that is keeping it down on earth are a few ropes, and one by one as we cut the ropes the balloon climbs higher until we cut the final one and it is free to fly. People are the same, I feel very special and very honoured to be embarking on a path where I can help others to cut their ropes.

As I come to the end of this course I have moved from someone who didn't know what it energy work was to someone who now feels inside that they have really reached the level of Master Practitioner. I feel very proud of that.

Silvia, I would like to thank you sincerely for putting this material together and for your support and encouragement as I have worked through it. I very much look forward to finding out over the years what I have that I can give to the world of energy work.

Tony Leake, Nottinghamshire, UK
December 2012

Roy Riseborough, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, UK What a thrilling, exciting and mind blowing experience the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course has been.

The course starts be ensuring the basic concepts are understood and from there the rest of the modules build upon this solid foundation. We have a journey that learns so much about human behaviour and our responses to catastrophic or pleasant events in our lives, and the positive and negative results of these. It’s exciting as we learn how powerful and wonderful the energy system is, we learn that the energy mind is infinite in its capabilities to come up with solutions to issues ~ given that we learn the skills to interface with it for maximum benefit. The thrills we enjoy as we begin to taste success with clients, this encourages us to want to engage others in our work. We want to help others , how simple and profound the techniques we have learned. We learn to engage the autogenic mind through “sanctuary” , which in turn leads to real “mind blowing” experiences of working in habitats and difficult issues ~ Really mind-blowing. For all this the course is sequenced to lead us step by step along a steadfast pathway. Of course there are styles for us to negotiate, called assignments, but these help clarify , expand and consolidate learning.

The style of the course needs concentration as some of the words are not those we may be familiar with~ what each module instils is a confidence in the participant , confident in the knowledge and skills to be a Master Practitioner. Accompanying the course are the feedback and further helpful ideas from the “distant” tutor. I found this part of the course to be the most helpful and with the accompanying 12 DVD set course , most useful. Things you were reading were further explained allowing a further grasp of the content to ensue.

The emotions ( Energy) I experience4d whilst completing this very enjoyable and , life changing, course is summed up in a word used in the final module ~ AWESOME.

Roy Riseborough, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, UK
November 2012

Guillermo Pena Acuna, Alicante, Spain I am one of the most recognized EFT popularizer, Trainer and practitioner in the Spanish speaking world, so, why start an EFT DL course from the very beginning? There are several reasons; because to study on a course having a Silvia Hartmann like tutor is an extraordinary opportunity. Because if SH produces a professional EFT course it is the best one for all of us EFT users in the world. Because we are going to learn a lot, from the creation of a truly starfields genius… All that is true, but it becomes tiny compared with the personal transforming development you do during the course, doing all the exercises and assignments. Because with this process not only do we become better professionals; we have become more relax, better and happier people.

If you are a professional EFT Trainer or practitioner, I suggest you begin tapping on your resistance, if there is any, and start as soon as possible, this awesome course was made for you! Awesome human beings!

Guillermo Pena Acuna, Alicante, Spain
November 2012

Denise Frakes, Washington, USA This course should be a requirement for everyone. It should be taught right along with maths and English. A basic understanding of how we are wired would sure make life easier. I wonder how my teen age years would have changed with a little tapping and energy knowledge!

Travelling through the Energy EFT course has been a deep and enriching journey. The harder I tried – the harder it was, the more I relaxed and let go the easier it became. As I learned to tap on stress and flow, I stopped having to over think and became more of a witness.

There were so many favourite moments in this course from evolving relationships from my past, to watching pain miraculously disappear, to watching my tapping partner’s eyes go from despair to joy. My favourite lesson of all was when I learned how to teach others how to create an autogenic sanctuary. A place to go anytime, where they are always healthy, protected, wise, happy and loved. If this was the only lesson I learned that would have been plenty. Instead I learned a lifetime of skills to share.

With deep gratitude, I would whole heartedly recommend this course!!!!

Denise Frakes, Washington, USA
November 2012

Martina Konecna, Czech Republic When I started my study with Silvia Hartmann, I could hardly imagine what was waiting for me. I was only excited and enthusiastic with her brand new book “Energy EFT”. I did recommended exercises and had first experiences behind me. Something extraordinary, thrilling for me, something that made sense me to go this way, to know more and to be able to do more with this excellent tool.

But that what followed, has overcame my expectations. Really. I have never made such course like this! It is said: “When a student is ready, the teacher comes.” I´m glad I could experience this in my own life. Such deep understanding to human beings, such precise information, support, kind tutoring and challenge also: The exercises led me to inside, showed me new things about myself or about others and the most important: they changed what was needed to change. They evolved in me sense of working with energy and took me to the energy realms of energy body. Step by step. Learning EFT from inside to outside. Now I know what it is about. It´s about personal transformation with EFT. I can guarantee everybody: If you go successfully through the whole course, you experience a huge shift. It changes you and opens new horizons in your life – for you and for your clients. Because the journey doesn´t finish with passing this course, the journey continues. There is much more expecting for every human being that continues in following this journey. I can feel it and am so grateful for opening this door in my life. With potential of this knowledge we can dream about touching the stars. And one of them let shine in our own heart.

After passing this Energy EFT journey with Silvia Hartmann I know again that the life is charming, magic and full of joy – as I used to feel it and live it in times of my childhood. This is very valuable for me. My eyes opened for bigger picture. I am what I was and more then that. And I´m ready to help other people to grow and shine the stars on their energy sky.

Evolved EFT is a gift and has to be shared with others. It has the power to liberate our civilization from chaos and confusion. And this starts on our personal level, on our courage to face our own emotional pain and on our effort to do inner work and to do transformation. Not only speak about it and be waiting for a wonder. The real wonder is in our free hearts.

During a few months, when I went through this course, I did more work on my personal development then another time for years of life.

Silvia, I thank you from the whole of my heart.

Martina Konecna, Czech Republic
October 2012

John Staples, Maryland, USA Nothing happens by accident. I know that my life brought me to the moment that I discovered Silvia Hartmann. She demonstrates that energy is love. She reveals the magic of energy work and how it is possible to evolve the emotional aspect of any issue to a positive and empowering event. GoE EFT is the leading edge, the new wave of EFT Therapy. She has advanced the technology to a precise, structural, repeatable process which embraces spirit and defines the ecology of energy. All hail the new paradigm!

John Staples, Maryland, USA
October 2012

Ilka Wandel, Alicante, Spain If I am sincere, I need to tell this was the most profound and amazing EFT and energy experience in my life. With such an elegance Silvia Hartmann rises EFT to a clear structured science of the third field. But the biggest gift and most beautiful experience was the personal development, absolutely life changing!

Already the basic Level was exciting, because it was developing a new conscience about Energy work with EFT and the Third Field, which is exactly what the (EFT-) World needed. How clear EFT works and how fascinating is the live like energist, beyond the zeropoint (0 point = where we feel alight). Maybe this is only for people comprehensible, who was experiencing how it feels to improve the energy level until a real Healing Event.
To point out 2 things which have been life changing for my self in the basic Level, has been the work with Energy body stress, by discovering how Energy body stress causes physical stress through the medium of emotions. The importance of stress is clearly underrated, and the De- Stressing methods are an amazing way to build a stress free Path into a problem and to evolve it painless. To avoid tapping on stress talk allows me to give more efficient EFT sessions.

The introduction in the specificity of Energywork with EFT, the deep structure of energy disturbance and how to use the EFT story protocol like indicator of specific Energy disturbance, was essential to lead an structured EFT treatment and to save more time. I learned to appreciate „little things„ like to work in the EFT-Team which gives so big advantages.

The list what I need to become a really professional I think is not only for beginners helpful.

The intermediate level for me was really mindblowing! Focusing on the EnegyBody gave me a completely new perspective, about how to work with a person. Working with specific memories was bringing a structured and logical path to get to the heart of the problem, by fixing Energy body memories in the correct space and time, without being disturbed by irrelevant emotions.

I was fascinated by the idea of the EFTBodyprotokoll which shows that the energy system remembers everything on the level of the Energy body, even though the data is just like sensation, feeling or emotion available and allows “Secret therapy”.

The Aspect Model I would call one of the most outstanding ideas ever, which opens the doors to specific and focused interventions and set ups. It is directing energy and attention at the right place in space and time and gives a tremendous conscious control over our experiences with any memory or autogenic experiences, avoiding abreactions. To work with the aspect model and multiple timelines opened me the way to never before existing possibilities. By using the proxy tapping with the aspect model, I remarked the general power of proxy tapping and I included the "proxy“ like life skill to help other people in distance, with surprising results.

Reading Emotions (Emotions are only energy, corresponding exactly to specific energetic injuries and blockages) correctly and sensing energy was bringing me to a more and more intuitive, but even more specific way to work, because I was able to feel the whole person, and to develop my sixth sense. The sixth sense takes informations from the energy level and brings it like an own language through the physically in the form of sensations, feelings and emotions.

A big gift for me was the concept of energy body events and to understand all this specificity in people problems and how they came into being. Absolutely motivating was that each EFT treatment has an Healing Event available, which is the most powerful Event. To spot an guiding star and to work with Forensic EFT( to find the generic event and the heard of the problem) was one of the most exciting experiences, showing again that aspects and Events are structural realities in the energy system, with the need to be set free and rescued.

This very natural way of working correctly with the structure of the energy system was taking me from the “EFT of words” and “random tapping”, to the real world of energy and is making me feel like a real energist. And that is, what we actually really are!

The advanced level was really incredible, it started by how beliefs come into being as side effect of an Energy Event, Metabeliefs like genesis of concient beliefs which are forming our individual rules (beliefs, values, attitudes) of Life as results of energy body events, which we can evolve with an unknown ceiling. So we are able to install beliefs for the client by creating Healing Events, or eliminating powerful reversals by healing limiting bodybeliefs. Of course the holographic beliefs, forensic EFT applied to believes and the cleaning of keywords with the healing effect of events and event echoes were bringing a new perspective.

The work with entity was showing me that there are problems they cannot be solved unless we take the relationship to energetic entities into consideration, which are stored in our Energy system. People create all the time energetic relationships to everything, means they go in relationships with concepts, ideas, illness, invisible work with entities is a logic and tremendous important thing, because it changes the focus of the healing intention and opens infinite possibilities.
My absolute favourite way to work is:“The work in the autogenic universe.“ For me this is the place in space and time where real healing happens, because there are energy mind and conscious mind aligned, and we can use there all available skills and tools , and this in such a beautiful and joyful way.

Now for me a new exciting journey starts, I know each person/client will be a gift of love and learning for myself, and like master practitioner and energist it is my duty to bring the maximum of energy flow and Love to each treatment. Love is perfect attention and connection.

Love is perfect energy and the ultimate healing. To give Love and the conscience that here is no ceiling of healing or developing, forms a new part of my mission.

This course was opening me infinite doors to a new universe of healing, because I understood, all is about energy. Everything is stored in our Energy Body in a very logic and structured way and if I change the structure in the Energy Body it is possible to change all problems. There is no ceiling for healing or personal development, it is just energy. I think this is an historic moment, not only for the world of EFT, because Silvia Hartmann presents with EnergyEFT how our Energy system is structured and how to work with it in a logic and structured way. Changing and Healing is taken from random to systematic and logic work in Love. I think this is really revolutionary. Thank you EFT and thank you Silvia, this is really worldchanging. Thank you!

Ilka Wandel, Alicante, Spain
October 2012

Marianna Joo Zeislerne, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Singapore I went through the Core Skills Review and it was so exciting to see how much I’ve learned in the last couple of months. Looking back to the beginning I realise the huge different between my recent knowledge and the basic skills I used to have before I started with this course. I’m very thankful for all I’ve learnt.

Marianna Joo Zeislerne, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Singapore
October 2012

D I came to TheGoE Master Practitioner course with over 10 years of studying EFT and an EFTCert-II. But I was not prepared to be overwhelmed, excited, inspired and challenged by this course. The very first unit redefined EFT and gave me the liberating perspective of being an Energist, not a second class mental health counsellor using this odd technique. Upwards from there. Each unit not only gave me a fresh perspective and yet another amazing way to help the EFTeam, but each unit's material also increased my confidence by leaps and bounds. A thousand thanks to my mentor, Dr. Silvia Hartman, who walked beside me with insight and grace and humour the entire journey.

D'Anne Olsen, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Newberg, Oregon, United States
August 2012

Terri-Lynn Woods, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Canada I have been working with energy since 2008 and have found the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course invaluable. There have been so many new concepts introduced that have completely changed my perception and ways of working with energy. This course will give a solid foundation to those who are just starting out, as well as providing new ideas and approaches for those who are currently practicing any healing modality. I am looking forward to furthering my knowledge with other courses offered by The GoE!

Terri-Lynn Woods, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Canada
August 2012

Lawrence Many thanks for keeping me posted in the Energy Circle.

Please pass on my BIG THANKS to Silvia. I am loving the Master Practitioner EFT course.

She is a truly inspirational tutor and I am SO GLAD I went the xtra mile to sign up :-).

after this I may well check the EMOTRANCE course out as it seems the logical best next step to Energy Brilliance!

Love and Light

July 2012

Lynne Shaner
Energy EFT Master Practitioner
Director, Praxis: Hypnotherapy and EFT This course was unorthodox, surprising, and challenging. I had heard of Dr. Hartmann’s work from friends and professional EFT colleagues, and had heard very good things about her, but I had no idea what to expect. The course took me into areas I wouldn’t have gone, and challenged me to learn new approaches, ideas, and tools at a deep level.

I am very grateful to have completed this course.

Lynne Shaner Energy EFT Master Practitioner Director, Praxis: Hypnotherapy and EFT
June 2012

Eloisa Ramos, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Windsor, California, United States For me, this course was first and foremost, fun! I learned and practiced so many amazing techniques, but yes, it was also challenging. Silvia is a loving, fun teacher that will both inspire and require you to give all you have/are to this work.

I’m grateful that Dr. Hartman created this course and that I had the privilege of participating in it. I am definitely better for it, and I’m sure, my clients will be also. I highly recommend it!!

Eloisa Ramos, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, Windsor, California, United States
June 2012

Carna Zacharias-Miller is an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, certified by Silvia Hartmann, and a Gary Craig certified EFT practitioner practising EFT in Arizona, US. The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course is a playful and at the same time challenging course for beginners and experienced energists alike.

I have been an EFT practitioner for many years, and I was excited to learn so many new or improved approaches.

Of course, just having Silvia Hartmann as a personal tutor is invaluable.

One of the most rewarding educational things I have ever done in my life.

Carna Zacharias-Miller is an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, certified by Silvia Hartmann, and a Gary Craig certified EFT practitioner practising EFT in Arizona, US.
June 2012

Kirsten Ellis, Energy EFT Master Practitioner The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning Course isn’t just a course of learning; it’s a 12 unit therapy session with one of the top Energists in the world! I challenge you to take this course and NOT come out of it feeling very different to the you who started out. Silvia Hartmann has written a course that is not just full of the knowledge you need to become an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, but is also articulate, creative, powerful, healing and fun. As a tutor she is kind, yet sees beyond the veil, and is intuitive in her approach to you as an individual. Her energy shines from every comment she makes, and picks you up and gets you tapping at all those moments when you need that extra push.

I have completed other distance learning programs, and to be quite honest they now feel like a waste of money in comparison! There is always that fear, often grounded, that you will not get the really valuable practical side of your learning.

This course gives you plenty of practical lessons so that at the end you will feel confident enough to call yourself an Energy EFT Master Practitioner with total belief in yourself and your abilities to go out there and energise the population of the world!

I feel a great connection to this work as a starting point of expansion. I would like to say how much I have enjoyed this course, and how much I didn’t want it to end. I know it will open doors for many people.

Kirsten Ellis, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
June 2012

Wim Rutteman
Energy EFT Master Practitioner
Maastricht, Netherlands For me the most important personal experiences with this course overall are:

1. In my first letter to Silvia, I had written "I bought, several years ago, all the DVD's of Gary Craig and today EFT is an important part of my "toolbox". It happened that Gary Craig retired before I was ready for certification."

Now after Unit 12, I am glad I missed certification by Gary Craig. I have learned so many new and very important things in this course, it is hard to believe.

I am convinced to work from now on only with the principles I learned in this GoE EFT course.

2. The integration between NLP, QT and EFT is very important for me. I have learned a lot, also to understand NLP better.

I am convinced, I can work with EFT on all problems I used to work with NLP on. This is very important for me and easy for the client. This integration opens the door for further development in the future.

3. I had some doubts about distance learning, but now I am convinced this distance course is as good as a live course or even more profound than a live course.

4. I respect students without knowledge of EFT and NLP. If they pass Unit 12 successfully, I am sure they deserve so much to be a Master Practitioner.

5. I feel the energy stream stronger and stronger out of my fingers and hands, now I work more conscious with that energy.

6. I appreciate very much the logical route to the Heart of the Problem, I learned in this course. It makes EFT so much better, faster and logical.

7. Examples of all the new things I learned are:

- The SUE scale

- Healing Event

- Meaning and importance of stress and energizing

- Working with the EFT team

- Working with aspects

- The Star Event

- Changing the mind

- How to write a case story

- Working with the autogenic universe

- Working with Energetic Relationships

This course is so much more I ever could have dreamed before.

Wim Rutteman Energy EFT Master Practitioner Maastricht, Netherlands
June 2012

Kelly Burch
Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Energist
Berwick, Victoria, Australia Wow where do I start!

This course has been life changing for me. The self-work alone, as well as Silvia's guidance, honesty and support alongside it is priceless to me. I knew full well that there were emotional issues that I would much rather not have given attention to, but Silvia has not let me get away with avoiding them! Never was she forceful or aggressive, but her intuition and knowing (and again honesty) kept me moving forward. I don't feel like I am the same woman who began this course. I feel stronger, clearer, more focused, lighter, free-er, happier and more capable to embrace my future as an Energist!

The coursework itself was written brilliantly, in a way that kept me interested and engaged, with the assignments and exercises all very effective ways to reinforce the unit learning and encourage remembering of the content.

I have loved and enjoyed this course and feel a little sadness for it to come to a close, but nothing I can't tap for!

Kelly Burch Energy EFT Master Practitioner & Energist Berwick, Victoria, Australia
June 2012

Edeltraud Grace, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, NLP Master, Australia I am not new to EFT. I experienced AAMET training Levels 1 and 2, which was a great start to EFT. I then worked through Gary Graig’s Certification program up to Certificate Level 2 and I found it amazing at that time, as it really improved my skills of how to use EFT and bring this to another level. Then I had the opportunity to get grandfathered into EFT Universe certification to the level of an EFT Level 2 Expert, and had the opportunity to be able to assist an EFT Universe trainer in several courses. Also here I learned a new perspective, which definitely enriched my understanding of the usage and application of EFT in a meaningful way.

Why then do the EFT Master course? EFT is still a new approach. The knowledge of what EFT achieves or does not achieve is all still in its experimentational state. Observing the limits while using the methods I had learned through the aforementioned organizations intrigued me to study further. Some serious research led me to Silvia Hartmann’s distance learning course and I decided to give it a go.

Silvia writes in the beginning of the first unit:

“EFT can't be made better; it is what it is and it's wonderful - EFT should always remain EFT. But we, who handle this tool, can learn to do so in different ways to become more masterful, more direct and more effective in what we do. It's us that need to grow into working with EFT the way it
is designed to work - and really make some energy magic happen.”

That is exactly what I was able to gain from this course! This new EFT Master material is excellent and expanded my ability to apply EFT. This was enhanced by Silvia Hartmann’s excellent feedback to my assignments, which helped me grow as a practitioner and gave me deeper insights into helping my clients.

With a background not only as an EFT practitioner but as an accredited Psychotherapist/Counsellor, NLP Master, certified Life Coach and with training in other emotional healing disciplines, I was not expecting to be so surprised and impressed with the content, knowledge levels and quality of each new unit I encountered.

I am very glad I did this course and I am very grateful for the ongoing and expert clarifications, encouragement and solid, positive feedback during the entire training from Silvia Hartmann, who seems to be one of those people who has their heart right where it should be.

Having Silvia as a tutor is a special experience which I would heartily recommend to others. The feedback from Silvia was always very accurate, very kind and helpful, and where necessary focused on building on strengths and resolving weaknesses. I was astounded about what she was able to pick up from my assignments. Although I have completed quite a number of long distance courses previously, as well as many face to face training sessions, this course was even more effective than many of the face to face courses I have attended in the past. Personal attention and high levels of EFT knowledge and insights, which was always focused exactly on what I needed most to make the best out of my own learning, were the differentiators.

I do hope that many more people will do this course and gain these insights. It will improve your EFT skills to the Master Level and will give you a new and higher, more evolved base of how to use EFT. It will enable you to use it more effective and successfully, plus it will enhance your own understanding about what EFT truly is the expanded spheres that it can applied to. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to everyone wishing to practice the best EFT possible.

Edeltraud Grace, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, accredited Counsellor/Psychotherapist, NLP Master, Australia
June 2012

Julie Perry, Energy EFT Master Practitioner This course has been the most valuable course I have ever taken and I am speaking as someone who has a done a lot of studying in my life including a first degree in Psychology, a Masters in education and diplomas in Counselling and in Hypnotherapy.

It has been rigorous and challenging and very professional but also very very clear and each unit builds brilliantly on the previous one and the 12 units feel a very complete whole.

Having already practiced eft as part of my counselling and hypnotherapy practice I thought I would find the first 2 or 3 units relatively easy but this was not the case as I was immediately challenged as to my true deep understanding and acceptance of eft and myself as an energist. Although I knew eft worked well I had managed to skate over the fact I didn’t really know why! Now I do and it feels great.

All the practice assignments were so helpful in ensuring I had really understood the concepts and Silvia’s feedback was positive and encouraging whilst also enabling me to take things further or interpret things a little differently when I clearly needed to do so.

I always felt that Silvia was there to answer an questions and to clarify any confusion. Overall it has been a great experience.

Julie Perry, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
May 2012

Patricia DancingElk, Energy EFT Master Practitioner I signed up for this course feeling obligated to be “up to speed” as an GoE Trainers Trainer. Because of my bad experience with EFT from other trainers, the first few units were puzzling and I stumbled around in them for a while. Then Silvia Hartmann suggested that I work with an experienced Energy EFT practice partner and sent me the names and contact information for 3 licensed Master Practitioners of EFT. In working with Laura Moberg I became more comfortable with the principles and tapping sequences of EFT.

With every Unit I found new tools and saw how this therapy was going to help people that I wouldn’t have been able to reach before. Wow, was I surprised – and grateful! There is just so much information in this course, so many nuances and twists. Great stuff!

Each exercise brought me to a greater understanding of working with energy. As a current Advanced Practitioner and Master Trainer of EMO Energy-in-Motion (the Emotional Tranceformation Method) I already have a clientele that knows, trusts and respects me as a practitioner. It will be a lovely addition to add EFT to the list of therapies that I am able to offer them. I know that while EMO Energy-in-Motion is a highly effective therapy, EFT will bring new choices and surprises to the client session.

I am excited about being certified as a Master Practitioner of EFT. I have been telling people that my first experience with EFT left me with a misconception of it and how this course has given me bright new perspectives of EFT. Of course there is more to this course than the average EFT course and so there are so many other avenues and ways to reach people with this modality. Everyone I have worked with during the exercises shows surprise in the results, especially when they have prior EFT experience.

Here I am at the end of the course. I know that there are even more avenues that you can take EFT into and I look forward to hearing about them from Silvia Hartmann, other Energy EFT practitioners or even discovering them for myself!

Patricia DancingElk, Energy EFT Master Practitioner
May 2012

Energy EFT Master Practitioner I came across this course actually a couple of years ago and wondered if EFT would be something for me. From time to time I found EFT videos in the internet which were taking my interest. Finally in December 2011 I decided to go onto the course. Straight from the first unit I've loved working with EFT and could not sleep in the first night. My lovely Tutor inspired me to use EFT to be able to sleep and so since then, I never had a problem with that. I found the course very well structured and clearly written. I found it remarkable how quickly the assignments were answered and so there were no long waiting periods until I could move on. The last months were an amazing journey where my boyfriend and I could release some old problems. I found it very positive that we had to work on ourselves a lot as well, as it is ever so important to be a stress-free healthy therapist . I hope for the future that more people take this course as Energy EFT is an important tool in my eyes for our modern daily lives.

Isma Karin Kumar, England
May 2012

Kirsten Ellis, United Kingdom The Energy EFT Master Practitioner Distance Learning course isn’t just a course of learning; it’s a 12 unit therapy session with one of the top Energists in the world! I challenge you to take this course and NOT come out of it feeling very different to the you who started out.

Silvia Hartmann has written a course that is not just full of the knowledge you need to become an Energy EFT Master Practitioner, but is also articulate, creative, powerful, healing and fun. As a tutor she is kind, yet sees beyond the veil, and is intuitive in her approach to you as an individual. Her energy shines from every comment she makes, and picks you up and gets you tapping at all those moments when you need that extra push.

I have completed other distance learning programs, and to be quite honest they now feel like a waste of money. There is always that fear, often grounded, that you will not get the really valuable practical side of your learning. This course gives you plenty of practical lessons so that at the end you will feel confident enough to call yourself an Energy EFT Master Practitioner with total belief in yourself and your abilities to go out there and energize the population of the world!

Kirsten Ellis, United Kingdom
January 2012

Edeltraud Grace,
Australia. I am not new to EFT. I experienced AAMET training Levels 1 and 2, which was a great start to EFT. I then worked through Gary Graig’s Certification program up to Certificate Level 2 and I found it amazing at that time, as it really improved my skills of how to use EFT and bring this to another level. Then I had the opportunity to get grandfathered into EFT Universe certification to the level of an EFT Level 2 Expert, and had the opportunity to be able to assist an EFT Universe trainer in several courses. Also here I learned a new perspective, which definitely enriched my understanding of the usage and application of EFT in a meaningful way.

Why then do the EFT Master course? EFT is still a new approach. The knowledge of what EFT achieves or does not achieve is all still in its experimentational state. Observing the limits while using the methods I had learned through the aforementioned organizations intrigued me to study further. Some serious research led me to Silvia Hartmann’s distance learning course and I decided to give it a go.

Silvia Hartmann writes in the beginning of the first unit:

“EFT can't be made better; it is what it is and it's wonderful - EFT should always remain EFT.

But we, who handle this tool, can learn to do so in different ways to become more masterful, more direct and more effective in what we do. It's us that need to grow into working with EFT the way it is designed to work - and really make some energy magic happen.”

That is exactly what I was able to gain from this course! This new EFT Master material is excellent and expanded my ability to apply EFT. This was enhanced by Silvia Hartmann’s excellent feedback to my assignments, which helped me grow as a practitioner and gave me deeper insights into helping my clients.

With a background not only as an EFT practitioner but as an accredited Psychotherapist/Counsellor, NLP Master, certified Life Coach and with training in other emotional healing disciplines, I was not expecting to be so surprised and impressed with the content, knowledge levels and quality of each new unit I encountered.

I am very glad I did this course and I am very grateful for the ongoing and expert clarifications, encouragement and solid, positive feedback during the entire training from Silvia Hartmann, who seems to be one of those people who has their heart right where it should be.

Having Silvia as a tutor is a special experience which I would heartily recommend to others. The feedback from Silvia was always very accurate, very kind and helpful, and where necessary focused on building on strengths and resolving weaknesses. I was astounded about what she was able to pick up from my assignments. Although I have completed quite a number of long distance courses previously, as well as many face to face training sessions, this course was even more effective than many of the face to face courses I have attended in the past. Personal attention and high levels of EFT knowledge and insights, which was always focused exactly on what I needed most to make the best out of my own learning, were the differentiators.

I do hope that many more people will do this course and gain these insights. It will improve your EFT skills to the Master Level and will give you a new and higher, more evolved base of how to use EFT. It will enable you to use it more effective and successfully, plus it will enhance your own understanding about what EFT truly is the expanded spheres that it can applied to. I wholeheartedly recommend this course to everyone wishing to practice the best EFT possible.

Edeltraud Grace, Virtuosity, Australia.
January 2012

Energy EFT Master Practitioner The course was structured very well, with each Unit building upon previous material, and the assignments building upon each other. The material was always interesting.

My previous experience with demonstration of distance learning of this type has been to take multiple choice quizzes.

The combined approach of written theory, experiential exercises, and tutorial feedback far exceeded not only any other distance learning I've done, but also any of the residency and workshop courses I've taken.

Ryan DeMares Ph.D., CHt.Hypnotherapist and Energy EFT Master Practitioner Cortez, Colorado, USA
January 2012

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Master Practitioner of EFT The Master EFT Practitioner course is a wonderfully put together course and excellently tutored by Silvia Hartman. There is plenty of opportunity to both self heal and facilitate another’s healing whilst completing the course. Best course I have ever done .. truly life changing.

Thank You Silvia for creating it.

Dolores Andrew-Gavin, Master Practitioner of EFT
October 2011

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