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Healing Our Animal Friends - Energist Article

Healing Our Animal Friends - Energist Article

GoE Energist Trainer Barbara Saph explains how her life-long journey of working with animals lead her to tutoring The GoE's successful Energy Healing For Animals distance learning course. This article was first featured in the Spring 2015 (Vol.2 No.2) edition of The Energist magazine.

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AMT Energy Healer for Animals

At the beginning of March 2015, The GoE re-launched one of its hidden gems, the Energy Healing For Animals (EHA) Distance Learning Course, with eight brand new units written from the ground up by its original author, GoE chair Silvia Hartmann.

Doing this brought the course right up to date with all of Silvia's latest developments in modern energy work and with a new tutor at the helm, myself. So first of all, who is Barbara Saph?

Well I’ve been with The GoE for 10 years now, I’ve been a trainer for seven years and a trainer's trainer for three years. Along the way I seem to have learnt quite a few things about EFT, EMO Energy In Motion, energy work and teaching people how to work with them.

I live and work in Hampshire near the New Forest, famous for its wild ponies and its amazing scenery, that’s where I call home now even though I was born in Somerset. To find out more about me and what I do, a good starting point is my website, barbara-saph.co.uk.

How could tutoring this course possibly be called destiny, co-incidence or a pure accident depending on your particular perspective? I always had lots of contact with animals, mostly dogs and cats, during my childhood and because one of my uncles was a farmer somehow animals were just part of ordinary life. It was this family connection that led me into the world of the horse and its followers.

I had cousins who were show-jumpers to international and Olympic level, so when my mother and I moved to Hampshire I eventually found myself working and teaching horse riding at the largest residential riding school in Hampshire.

The horse is a massive learning curve in how manage and care for animals, it can be a fearful, nervous and unpredictable creature when it is threatened and as a prey animal it can feel threatened easily. This is when I first began to question how we train, manage and care for our animal friends.

Yes, you could bully, threaten and induce fear in a horse to make it comply with your wishes, or you could show it kindness and gentleness and develop a much more amazing relationship with a lot of other calibrations in between.

I found that my relationship with the horses made it so much easier to teach the riders as I was communicating directly with the horse, but I was also aware that not everyone seemed to have this sort of relationship or attitude. At this stage I thought this was just the way I was. 

Over time I found some areas of the equestrian world where there were unpleasant and even cruel methods of training horses that nobody really questioned, and I found that very difficult to deal with however of course feeling that way was called being over-emotional or sentimental by lots of people.

The GoE's Energy Healing For Animals - Distance Learning Course

Enrol in Animal Energy Healing Online Training Course

Life took me away from the horse world for quite a while and back into the canine one only to find that things were not a lot better there either. My pedigree dogs took me to the edges of the dog show world and away from it again pretty quickly, that wasn’t where I wanted to be or where I felt comfortable.

In 1998 I was lucky enough to meet a very gifted healer, channeller and energy worker from whom I learnt a great deal including some hands on healing. This is where the destiny part or maybe even a bit of embedded hypnotic suggestion comes in as this person often said to me that they could see me working with animals using healing, even though that was somewhere I didn’t want to go emotionally at that time.

A little later I started to learn hypnosis, NLP and then modern energy work came into my life. Since discovering modern energy work from Silvia, I now realise of the mechanics of what was actually happening energetically with me and animals. I learnt how to process unpleasant feelings and change them for better ones for myself. Now of course with energy work that is never enough as the more you work with energy the more you realise what is possible.

A few months ago, I noticed that The GoE wanted a new tutor for the EHA course, and I decided that maybe it was about time to put all those years of working with animals of different shapes and sizes to some proper use. It would be a new and exciting challenge to help this new course come out from the shadows and take its rightful place with the other major GoE courses such as the Energy EFT Master Practitioner.

My personal feelings are that this course is going to be an amazing learning and personal development experience for anyone who has or works with an animal, even if they never intend to offer their serves professionally. When we work with energy we have such tremendous opportunities to “Put right what once went wrong” as Silvia would say.

Modern energy work is continuously evolving and changing as we all move forward with our knowledge and information, we are now learning so much more about using our intuition, the energy mind and understanding what our feelings and emotions really are about. Why should we be evolving, but leaving the animal kingdom still in the dark?

More and more areas of science are starting to grudgingly admit that animals have feelings and emotions the same as do us humans, so as energists we owe it to ourselves to understand the potential we have here to use our gifts.

It is my hope and wish that with EHA, The GoE will have the opportunity to reach out to people who may not have or ever want to even work with people, but want to find a way to simply make a difference to their animal companions and in doing that they will take a step on road to more energy awareness which has to be a good thing for all of us.

For those reading this who may already work with animals or are seeking to do so in the future and are wondering what they will gain from doing this course, I would say that in my opinion you are going to gain some invaluable skills in learning how to understand what causes energetic emotional stress in an animal and how to help transform that stress on an energetic level which does not conflict with any veterinary care.

On completion of the course, you will be in a position to assist stressed owners learn how to support their companions and themselves from birth to death, and of course you will also be able to ease those transitions in a profound, energetically way.

I’m sure you will soon agree that as a Professional Energy Healer For Animals, the world truly will become your oyster as it is full of animals in so many dark situations that you may become surprised at now often there will be opportunities to try out new found skills.

I am so looking forward to tutoring this course and I would love for some of you to join me in the quest to improve life for not only animals but also ourselves and most importantly move towards that inevitable tipping point of energy awareness in the world which is just around the corner!

Barbara Saph is an experienced GoE Energist Trainer based in Hampshire, UK. To find out more about Barbara, see her upcoming live trainings and to contact her, click here.

The GoE's Energy Healing For Animals distance learning course is a in-depth, professional course by Silvia Hartmann is for those wishing to become a Certified Energy Healer For Animals in Eight Units. This course is designed to give the successful student the skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence step by step so that upon completion, the successful student can positively and confidently offer their services as a PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL ENERGY HEALER - and make a real difference in the lives of animals and the people that work with them. Click here to find out more about EHA and to enrol on the course.

AMT The Energist Magazine Spring 2015This article was first featured in the Spring 2015 Vol.2 No.2 "Creativity & Colour" edition of The Energist magazine, the GOE's full-colour quarterly print magazine which is shipped worldwide to our 1300+ members every three months. Click here to join The GoE, with membership starting at just £30/per year.

For more information about The Energist and to read the digital version online for free, click here.

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