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Historic Energy EFT Trainings in Nigeria

Historic Energy EFT Trainings in Nigeria

Nigerian GoE Trainer Jameslyvester Urama spent the summer of 2016 training an incredible 33 new Energy EFT Master Practitioners! This is one of the biggest collections of trainings in GoE history, and establishes a firm base for the evolvement of Modern Energy work in Nigeria.

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Since joining the GoE Jamesylvester Urama has shown an incredible passion for Modern Energy work. He quickly became one of our most passionate GoE Energy Trainers!

In summer 2016 Jamesylvester returned to Nigeria to host a series of GoE trainings, which resulted in 33 shining new Energy EFT Master Practitioners.

The trainings were conducted across the country in Lagos, Abuja, Benin City, Nsukka and Enugu-Ezike. He trained people from all walks of life and backgrounds including a lawyer for the government, and he believes that a Nigerian brand of The Guild of Energists is in the making! Seminars in energy healing and MODERN Stress Management were also held and were met with huge enthusiasm and excitement.

Nigeria 2016

It's no surprise that the feedback Jamesylvester received after the trainings was outstanding. 

The training was a journey into self rediscovery. The trainer Jamesylvester Urama is very patient and thorough. Okeke Amaka.

The training at St Francis was fantastic. I learnt a lot on stress management and energy healing. I am glad I attended the training. Ezisi Anthonia Uche.

I attended the Energy Healing (EFT) programme that took place as St Francis Idimu Lagos. It was organised and delivered by Fr. Jamesylvester Urama. It was satisfactorily delivered with rich illustrations and examples. I really enjoyed all aspects of the programme. Emmanuel Ogbe Akhibi.

The training was interesting, educative and straight to the point. The trainer Jamesylvester Urama did a good job by making it easy, interesting and educative for the training to be a great success and good impact. Essan Esther Uloma.

The training was a good one led by the facilitator Energist Jamesylvester Urama. The healing power of the exercises carried out by participants and with the facilitator, the lectures, teachings, learnings, and all the subjective scales of experience. It was helpful in improving and relieving the pains of the clients. It is a wonderful experience that will lasts for a long time. Thanks for bringing such training to Nigeria. Anonymous.
The training has enhanced and also improved the way I look at life and its challenges. Abah C.

It was been a revealing journey of self-awareness. Energist Jamesylvester Urama did a very good job in promoting the awareness of Energy in each and everyone of us. I have been built for self-healing and for the healing of others. Okoli Ogechi Gabrielle.

The training revealed to me that man is more than just a physical entity. The facilitator Jamesylvester Urama demonstrated both depth and breadth of knowledge in the emerging field of human endeavour. The environment of the training was quite conducive and the interactive and practice sessions were very rewarding. Dr Isidore C. Ezema.

The training opened my mind to the depth of possibilities of our minds to help better my living standard. Basil U. Nwogu.

My experience on the seminal make me to understand that man is connected. Anonymous.

The training was an eye-opener. The trainer Jamesylvester Urama is highly informed. He was able to open our eyes to an aspect of human life that has remained hidden to most of humanity over the ages. I feel greatly empowered to help the rest of humankind. Lawrence Sopuruchi Nwogu.

The training was a two days programme held at St Francis Catholic Church, Idimu-Lagos, Nigeria. This training made me to be open to a natural way of healing using energy. Initially, I was confused but before the end of the first day, I really arrived and came to terms with the study and practice. It was a great experience to behold and I am grateful I attended. Thanks EFT. Umeani Juliana O.

The training was adventurous. It was also exciting. I am very happy that I can impart on someone positively and relieve someone from pain. It was really a good field for me to explore. Nduche Ngozi Blessing.

Your excellent teaching skills and courteous personality has helped me tremendously through my journey at the Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training. Without your helpfulness and directness, the training would have been more challenging. I appreciate your being lenient and making us feel very free to learn EFT in peaceful and loving atmosphere. It is amazing and wonderful to know I can heal with energy through tapping wither proxy, etc. I can tap for anything. I am happy to acquire all this knowledge and also to know about the Energist Silvia Hartmann. I like that you always refer to Silvia Hartmann as a great writer and energist and founder. I have learned so much from the training about EFT and I look forward to learning more. Thank you for being a remarkable teacher and I am grateful to have as a teacher. Anthonia Nwachukwu.

Small minds discuss people, average minds discuss events. Great minds discuss ideas. Idea is an energetic entity and being in the midst of great minds, it is a splendiferously amazing experience: one I will always re-live, one I wish to re-experience. Gaining wisdom, understanding knowledge and satisfaction, and most importantly, now know the source of inner energy to be able to tap from always. It is really appreciable. Kudos to the organizers and to the Guild of Energists Nigeria. Anonymous.

The experience I had in the course of these trainings: in this training, whatever is said is demonstrated. While I was going through the idea, to ascertain on what to think and write on my mind, I could not forgot the intelligence of the body. The body is even cleverer than the mind as what appeared to have been taught: the energy body is a gift. The sixth sense is God's feeling. I learnt that energetic entities are what cannot be put in a wheelbarrow. Anonymous.

My experience of the training: the training is educative. The training is energy. It is healing. It helps me to impact healing and knowledge on others. It can also help someone relax especially the breathing n and out, while tapping. The environment and the training Master were also helpful and encouraging. Anonymous.

My experience of this training: This training has made me a better person. I learn how to control my pains, emotions, fears and stress. I am now in a position to face the world more confidently. It also exposes to identify some sensitive past of my body (the sore spot) that was unknown to me before. Thank you and God bless you. Anonymous.

This training broadened my knowledge and understanding of energies around me and most especially how to enhance the sixth sense (gut feeling). I believe this training was a great opportunity and it will be a great help to me. Once again. Thank you. Anonymous.

As a medical student versed in the way the body works, I can say I have profited from this training. EFT training was an amazing time! It offered me an experience of life's extraordinary and possible grounds applicable to our everyday living. I enjoyed the teaching of who describe as Energist's Master and Speaker Fr. Jamesylvester Urama, SJ. Chijioke Josemaria Urama (Medical student).

Energy tapping training came to me at a time in my life when I really need answers to some issues boarding my life. The programme has lifted me to a great level of awareness. Ojarigho Ode Moses.
During this training/seminar and all through it, I've had a pleasing experience and I am now educated on energy and the way it works: knowledge that everything is 'energy'. Anonymous.

The GoE is very proud of the Jamesylvester and the great work he is doing. We are excited and look forward to the future of modern energy in Nigeria!


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