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Holy Hummingbird! - Energy Healing For Animals

Holy Hummingbird! - Energy Healing For Animals

In this beautiful case story from Energy Healing For Animals graduate Cheryl Hubbard, she explains how she helped a trapped hummingbird escape a tricky situation.

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Energy Healing For Animals CourseSeveral weeks ago a friend (who also does energy work) and I travelled to a spiritual community that is a couple of hours from my home. We spent four days there and it was a wonderful and enlightening experience.

I was also working on Unit 5 of the Energy Healing for Animals (EHA) course at the same time and had some very interesting and fairly amazing experiences so far with various animals, including dogs, cats, birds, squirrels and snakes.

We felt that we were both operating at a very high level of energy. We stopped at a gift shop nearby one day and were looking around the store. It was a beautiful warm day and the owner of the store had the front door open, we talked to him as we wandered around the store.

Suddenly a hummingbird flew through the open door and headed straight for a closed window and was trying desperately to get out. The owner had a broom and was unsuccessfully attempting to chase the bird back toward the open door. I was in fear for the bird harming itself or being harmed by the well-meaning owner. I stopped and put all my focus on that hummingbird. I absolutely KNEW that I would be able to walk over there and pick up that bird. So I asked everyone to be still.

I very slowly stretched out my hands in front of me as I approached the desperate bird which was beating up against the window. I gently put a hand under each wing and the bird quieted and allowed me to pick it up and carry it outside. There was no struggle involved. The bird just relaxed into my hands. I walked outside into the grass and set the bird on the ground. It sat there quietly for about three seconds and them took off like a bullet. It was one of the most amazing things that has ever happened to me, maybe THE most amazing thing!

I feel as if I have crossed a barrier into the world of the animal kingdom. Until taking EHA I would never have imagined myself picking up an hysterical hummingbird. No way!

My friend was ecstatic and the store owner was very grateful. So grateful that he reached up on a wall filled with multicoloured glass figurines and pulled a little glass hummingbird down from a hanger and gave it to me as a gift. In this case I did not ask to be paid for my service, but I was paid in a very meaningful way. We did see the owner of the store a couple of days later on our way out of town and he was delighted to see us and spoke of how amazing this event had been for him to witness.

That little glass hummingbird will always remind me how powerful Energy Healing For Animals can be! I AM AN ANIMAL HEALER!

Cheryl Hubbard from Nevada, United States, is a recent graduate of the Energy Healing For Animals distance learning course. EHA thoroughly changed her life, here's her feedback from the course:

"I was amazed at how far I have come, and how much Energy Healing For Animals has changed how I look at so many things. As I read last night I was in tears a few times. All the separate parts added up to something I had not seen before. It was bigger and had more weight and was truly MUCH more meaningful than I had thought it would be.

"In this drawn-out process I had evolved in a very profound way. I am not the same person I was when I began. Not nearly the same person! And re-reading through each course and each assignment helped me see that this course really is powerful. And until last night I had not seen it. It was a very emotional experience for me.

"Since I have started this course, some pretty amazing things have happened to me concerning animals. I am grateful that I took my time on this course because it took that long for all these amazing creatures to show up and tell me what they needed and that this course has given me the tools to direct my energy toward that realization. I still consider myself a novice, in the learning stages, but I now have a certain confidence that I never had before and certainly an understanding of the "energy" aspect of it.

"I am happy that a friend introduced me to this course. It really has changed my life. And I now have the opportunity to even start a business. 65 and just getting started!" 

Energy Healing For Animals - Distance Learning Course

Energy Healing For Animals - Distance Learning Course

This in depth, professional course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is for those wishing to become a Certified Energy Healer For Animals in eight wonderful units.

Energy Healing For Animals is designed to give the successful student the skills, knowledge, abilities and confidence step by step so that upon completion, the successful student can positively and confidently offer their services as a PROFESSIONAL ANIMAL ENERGY HEALER - and make a real difference in the lives of animals and the people that work with them.

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