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I Am Human! - An Energist Story

I Am Human! - An Energist Story

In this energist story, GoE EFT Master Practitioner Kirsten Ivatts describes why you are not just 'only human', but so much more. This article was first featured exclusively in the Winter 2015 edition of The Energist magazine.

Read on for the full article...

There are times when I have to catch myself, stop myself from uttering the words, 'I am only human.'

These words spring up when I am stressed, feeling like I have too much on my plate and am being asked to produce miracles. Do you say those words too?

I have also experienced a sense of relief when others say to me, ‘Slow down, you’re only human.’ Palpable relief.

Yet I know I am NOT ONLY human. I AM HUMAN, in fact I AM WOMAN!

The problem is I can feel the ego in those words bringing in the self pity, nurturing the stress aspects of me. At heart I KNOW I can do anything and everything. I am not limited by my humanness, I am only limited by my thoughts.

Stress is a limiter in every way. When we are stress free we feel capable of doing anything. The skies the limit, do I hear you say?

No, there IS NO LIMIT. We have so many metaphors that carry on the illusion that we are limited because we are human, but they are oh so wrong!

More and more these days I realise how magical and powerful I am. I see, often with a jolt of recognition that I have created what I wanted, not by rushing around trying hard to find a way, but by relaxing, telling the Universe what it is I want, and then getting on with my life until it arrives, STRESS FREE!

When it came to our last house move the stress definitely caught up with me, mainly because there were a number of stressors playing out in my life all at the same time. But by recognising this I could sit back relax and then write my list of all that I wanted in a new home.

These included somewhere cheaper to run than the draughty old Georgian semi we were in, somewhere rural and peaceful, full of nature and beauty, but still with kids around for my kids, good schools, not too far from my partner’s offices.

It included a social life, of which we had none, a community, yet distance when we wanted it (I am a solitary person). I then burnt the list at the Summer Solstice.

It’s funny how when we set the chain in motion things begin to crop up, but you must be aware of what is being presented to you. I was being prompted into developing a pure energy way of releasing people from blocks and limitations. I was completely trusting in my abilities, letting my own imagination show me the way to melt these blocks away, remotely, from others. It was working, easily, fluidly and amazingly!

I trusted some more when I was prompted to look into working with the energy of houses and land, structures and even garden sheds, and once more it worked. And of course these promptings led me to try these new found skills on my house moving problem.

It was easy to produce my ‘house moving entity’ and work with it until it became a great golden ball of energy that eventually exploded clearing pathways all around me. Three days later we went to see a house. A month later we had moved in.

The thing is though, the house didn’t seem to tick all the boxes quite. The rural beauty box was ticked, the small community and good school one too. But it was in the heart of the South Peaks in Derbyshire, not too far in miles from the major road links, yet in travelling time it was a fair distance.

However it felt right, we knew someone in the village with kids, and it was closer to work than our last house, as well as being newer. I worried about the fact that the heating was oil fired, as in a past house this ended up costing us a fortune. You can’t ignore feelings though!

And gradually, bit by bit, those other boxes on my perfect house list are being ticked. For starters oil prices have dropped where other energy prices have risen. So far we are paying less than when we were on natural gas.

Then there is the synchronicity of my partner’s company deciding that they wanted to pay less hotel bills and so they encouraged more home working! So, far less travelling for him!

The kids have made friends extremely quickly and have settled in really well. And for us there are people with children of similar ages who we are getting to know, including the local landlady who has a daughter the same age as my own.

We spent the afternoon yesterday in the local, with four other families, us playing darts and the kids playing pool, dancing and being supplied with bowls of chips when they got hungry. It was FUN and we have plans to socialise with these people more. I got to explain a bit about my energy work to others, and nobody looked at me as if I was off my head! PLUS!!!

And this is just one example of my magically human abilities. We all have them, beneath those layers of stress and those limiting beliefs. If you can break through to the other side of these you find that life is amazing! You are amazing! And you can actually do the most AMAZING things, with ease.

I suggest that you use whatever energy discipline you like best and work on your own version of being ONLY HUMAN. Perhaps tap with the set up, ‘I am only human’. Or EMO the words, or take them into Project Sanctuary and find out there what it means to be ONLY HUMAN!

Make an ONLY HUMAN entity and a HUMAN entity and see the differences. Play, discover, explore, and reach out to the walls you have built and let them melt away, trusting that they are as insubstantial as mist. Blast them with golden light and see them for what they are. Non-existent.

We are all creators and creativity has no limits. Look at the creative power of this Earth, this Universe! You are a part of a vast creative power, and as such you have that power too! Life is not about hardship, struggle, stress, but about opening your eyes to the potentiality of your existence. How far can you go, how much can you do? The answer is as far and as much as you will allow yourself.

Kirsten Ivatts is an GoE EFT Master Practitioner who uses many energy modalities in her work. Focusing on removing blocks and limitations, Energetic House Clearing, and work with Business Entities, Kirsten can be reached through her website: kirstenivatts.com

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