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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 94 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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GoE Energy Conference 2015 - Presentations & Speakers

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AMT Energy Conference 2015 Presenters

Presenter appearances and schedules are provisional and may be subject to change. You do not have to pre-book the conference workshops in advance, and providing there are no technical issues, delegates who attend the conference will be able to download video and audio files of the presentations after the event, for FREE.

Here’s a snapshot from all of your wonderful presenters and their presentations at the AMT Energy Conference 2015, this October 10-11 at The View Hotel, Eastbourne, England. Tickets are still on sale for our wonderful annual modern energy conference, which attracts speakers and delegates from all over the world. Follow this link: TheAMT.com/conference/register.htm (+44) 01323 700800 (9.30am-5pm UK) to book your tickets today, don’t miss out!

For the first time at the AMT Energy Conference, we are introducing three different, recommended modern energy work experience levels for all mid-conference presentations (Silvia Hartmann's Trainers Bootcamp is for AMT Trainers only). Remember, these are only the recommended experience levels for attending workshops, you are free to choose your own AMT Energy Conference experience over the weekend! The different levels are:

  • Beginners. These presentations are aimed at delegates with none, or very little experience in modern energy work techniques such as EFT, EMO Energy In Motion (EMO) or Project Sanctuary. 
  • Intermediates. You have recently taken an AMT certified training course, or have been a practising energist for the past year. These presentations are aiming to bridge the gap between the beginners and the advanced presentations.
  • Advanced. You have taken either, or both of the AMT's EFT & EMO Master Practitioner trainings, and have been a practising energist seeing clients or holding trainings for the past three years or more.

 AMT Energy Conference 2015 - Presentations & Speakers

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann

Silvia Hartmann is the Chair and founder of The AMT, the creator of Energy EFT, Project Sanctuary and Events Pyschology, and has been at the forefront of developing and pioneering modern energy work techniques for the past three decades. SilviaHartmann.com

  • The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution 

Session 1 - Room 1

AMT Energy Conference 2015 Opening Keynote Talk - Details to be confirmed.

  • AMT Trainer's Bootcamp 

    Sessions 6 & 7 - Room 2 - *AMT Trainers Only* 

Being an AMT Trainer has its own unique challenges and rewards, and it can be a very lonely journey... We have a fantastic opportunity here at the conference to all get together and rock the world!

If you are a trainer, you already know about the "power of the group" to aid in your personal evolution. Indeed, when you get to that place where you want to work with larger groups, it's probably exactly what the energy doctor ordered.

I've called this the "Trainer's Bootcamp" so it sounds hardcore and scary, but shhhh... It's actually going to be a blast, a riot, and the best Sunday morning you'll have had in... a very long time! Bring with you your own "next level goals,” we'll give you the boost to get you there!

  • Art 4 Energists

    Session 3 - Room 2 - Advanced


*Art Is Love* Without love, there can be no art. There has to be love - the love of art, the love of the Creative Order, love and power in the heart that guides the head that guides the eye, the hand, the voice...

*Art Is Evolution* Art must evolve the artist, above all else. Should it aid in the evolution of others, then we are doubly blessed.

*Art Is Precious* Every attempt at art for love and evolution is precious beyond prize, never been known before, unique, and beloved.

"Creating" comes naturally when we raise our energy levels beyond the Zero point of nothing. Indeed, that's when we become active and WANT TO CREATE - a new self, a better life, a better world. The art of creation is the next step in the energist's journey - join us for this fabulous experience with your creativity - your birthright - your POWER. 


Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi

Sandra Hillawi is one of the AMT’s most prolific trainers, having taught 100's of energists EFT and EMO all over the world in countries such as Portugal, Turkey and Egypt. Sandra is also the author of The Love Clinic. SandraHillawi.com

  • Soften And Flow With EMO

Session 3 - Room 1 - Beginners

Healing releasing and transforming our emotions has never been more simple. All we have to do is pay attention to our body's language of feelings and sensations, our Sixth Sense and... soften and flow! When we feel an emotional response to life we ask: "where do I feel this in my body?"

EMO Energy In Motion (formerly EMO) is the amazing engine working behind EFT, but there’s no tapping, just our healing hands that go to where it’s hurting and our intention to heal, soften the energy and let it flow again. It’s simple, natural, logical and it works. Learn EMO as a skill to enhance every area of life or a simple tool for integrating into your healing practice.

In this workshop you will see a demonstration of EMO and get a chance to experience it hands-on for yourself!

  • Energy Gifts For The Heart

Session 9 - Room 2 - Intermediates

What is your heart hungry for? Recognition? Appreciation? Support? Love? or just simple attention from someone? Our energy bodies and especially our energy heart has needs for its healthy functioning. The needs are a variety of energy nutrients which can take many forms, human, animal, words, kindness, touch, compassion and love.

When we receive and experience these essential nutrients we feel satisfied, we feel good, we feel strong and happy, we thrive in our life. Our energy heart is fed and is made stronger. It shines like the sun and this effects our whole energy body. We are radiant.

In this workshop we will explore ways to feed our energy hearts, our own and each others. Working in pairs and also working on our own energy hearts we will emerge from our feast of energy gifts, feeling nourished, radiant and loved and have learned the importance of Energy Nutrition and its power transformation.


Susan Kennard

Susan KennardSusan Kennard is an AMT Trainer and EFT Master Practitioner who recently caught the public’s eye by appearing on the prime-time BBC TV show "Make Me Well, Inside Harley Street" which showed us inside her London practice. SusanKennard.co.uk

  • Positive EFT For Kids

Session 8 - Room 1 - Beginners

In this workshop, I will talk about the many wonderful benefits of using Silvia Hartmann's Positive EFT, as well as introducing my own colour energy clearing magical process, in working with children of all ages.

For beginners and those that haven't used EFT before, Positive EFT is a safe, instant and highly positive experience of being able to change your emotions for the better very fast, without tears, without trauma and without hassle.

Positive EFT is probably the safest form of EFT on the planet. Simply ask the child to tell them what they want, what they like best, and tap on that. You can find a positive for a child they can remember and tap on when they feel bad to lift their mood. Positive EFT is easy.

I will also talk about my current project, helping young children release unwanted energy and bring awareness to parents and professionals.  

  • Epigenetics, Consciousness And Disease

Session 5 - Room 1 - Intermediates

UDINs are experiences that happens to us that are unexpected, dramatic and leave us isolated with no strategy in that moment to deal with them. They can be caused at any time in our lives, and even back to epigenetic lineage.

In it's first 20 days, the brain relays are formed, so it is feasible that by clearing the perceptions of belief from the origin, i.e, the mother, environment and epigenetically lineage could be a major player in our soul’s consciousness. We would essentially be starting again with a clean slate, with our soul’s purpose only in view. By clearing these, we create the possibility of our soul’s purpose free from restrictions of what we chose to contribute to the world.

I would like to take the audience though a quick and simple version of my Soul Rebirthing process and to clear any UDINs present.


Jorge Vence

Jorge VenceJorge Vence is a Mind and Soul Awakener who helps us awaken our true potential and purpose in life. Jorge is a EFT & NLP Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Professional, Project Sanctuary Master and an AMT Trainer based in Southampton, England. JorgeVence.com

  • The Energist's Healing Hands

Session 8 - Room 3 - Advanced

What have Reiki, EMO Energy in Motion and a Hug got in common?

They all use our hands, our healing hands.

And how many times, even as Therapists, Healers and Energists, we end up beating ourselves up? And forget to give ourselves a pat in the back?

In this talk I would like to stress the importance of using our healing hands, at a personal level, and their intimacy with the self.

Here I will share with you what happens when we are out of alignment with our bodies, and the part our hands take in this process, to bring us back into alignment.

  • Write The Book!

Session 9 - Room 3 - Advanced

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to one day write a book?

Well I did! Let me tell you wondering got me nowhere, on the contrary it fed my doubts and my aspects remained frozen in time wondering about the proverbial “what if."

On this talk I will share with you why you should, in fact why you MUST, write your book and share your story with the world.

The benefits are too many to mention, here are just but a few:

  • Threshold shift through writing
  • Creating events
  • Niche specialisation
  • Business and Marketing tool
  • Credibility, etc.

I will share with you the revolutionary and cutting edge skills our visionary and Chair of the AMT, Silvia Hartmann, used to motivate me and get my book written in just 3 weeks.

Come along and together lets write and make the world a better place.


Jimmy Petruzzi 

Jimmy Petruzzi

Jimmy Petruzzi is the author of Excel At Business and Excel At Sports and is a regular speaker at the AMT Energy Conference. He is a leading NLP expert, renowned international performance coach, and has worked with top athletes, politicians, businesspeople and entrepreneurs from all over the world. JimmyPetruzzi.co.uk

  • Turn Your Passion In To Profit

Session 6 - Room 3 - Intermediates

Turning what you love to do, your passion and working in business, is a difficult arena to succeed in. Using cutting-edge skills and NLP techniques, I will empower you with the tools you need to get the best out of yourself and those around you. This seminar enables you to adapt and succeed in an ever changing environment.


Barbara Saph

Barbara SaphBarbara Saph runs her own energist training business in The New Forest, Hampshire, England, where she also sees clients who want to make changes in their lives. Barbara is an AMT Trainer and Trainer’s Trainer. Barbara-Saph.co.uk

  • Energy Healing For Animals

Session 5 - Room 2 - Beginners

I took over tutoring the newly updated Energy Healing for Animals (EHA) Distance Learning course earlier this year for The AMT. This presentation/workshop will introduce delegates to some of the principles of this new course, why it is a great idea for energists to take this course even just for their own personal development.

Lots of us have pets or working animals, how great would it be to learn how to help them deal with the stresses of modern life. You could even use EHA to help your local wildlife.

I will give delegates the chance to experience some of Silvia’s energy healing pattern exercises so they can see for themselves the potential of this training.


Gulcan Arpacioglu Adams

Gulcan AdamsGulcan Arpacioglu Adams is a prolific Turkish AMT Trainer, holds a degree in engineering, and has been a practicing energist for over 18 years. Gulcan uses EFT and TAT intensively and has incorporated these techniques into her personal development courses. GulcanArpacioglu.com

  • Karmic Healing

Session 5 - Room 3 - Advanced

While tapping for recurring issues, some clients unexpectedly recall memories that are not congruent with their past and have a powerful emotional charge. We may call these memories ‘karmic’ since they are relevant to their problem and seem to belong to another life. Such cases have become an integral part of my healing practice.

During the talk, I will share case stories highlighting how to recognize the emergence of ‘karmic’ memories, the use of EFT and TAT to help the client resolve, reconcile with and learn from past life trauma and Karma and karmic healing within the perspective of modern energy work.


Tracy Morrow

Tracy MorrowTracy Morrow is an experienced EFT Master Practitioner and one of the first AMT Modern Stress Management Professionals. Tracy offers EFT sessions both by Skype, and at her clinic in Berkshire, England. TracyMorrow.com

  • I'm A Qualified Energist... Now What?

Session 4 - Room 1 - Beginners

Are you a qualified energist? Do you have a passion to help people? Are you struggling to make your business happen or maybe just don't know where to start?

In this session I will take you along my own continuing journey covering: limiting beliefs, niching, discovering your ideal clients, identifying where you need assistance from others and how to use your energy work to help you in the process.

You'll come away from the session knowing what to do next including the practical steps you need to make your business dreams a reality!


Peter Delves

Peter DelvesPeter Delves is a founding member of The AMT and is a trainer’s trainer and mentor. He developed TimelineEFT over a number of years. Peter has run a practice for 25 years, 16 of which has included EFT and other energy modalities. Delves.co.uk

  • Timeline EFT

Session 3 - Room 3 - Intermediates

If you have discovered the wonders of EFT, here is an opportunity to explore a new way of applying it with your clients, thereby improving even further your effectiveness.

We all have a concept of time by which we live, even if it is just below the level of normal awareness. Experiences, expectations, emotions, beliefs and personal metaphors can be located using a timeline. Therefore patterns can be brought to the surface and changed skilfully with EFT.

Join us to discover how combining personal timelines with EFT means that 1+1 = 3 enabling you to produce better results than the individual techniques alone.  


Margreet Vink

Margreet VinkMargreet Vink is one of the most experienced EMO and EMO Master Practitioners, and has been a professional energist for over 10 years. Margreet is one of the most prolific AMT energists in the Netherlands. EMO.nl

  • The Rainbow Connection 

Session 4 - Room 3 - Advanced

I learned EMO Energy In Motion (formerly EMO) with Silvia Hartmann in 2002 and it was there that I learned about The Rainbow Connection. I always found this pattern very useful, but its real power has become more apparent to me since the 2014 EMO Master training and the 2013 EMO Conference.

It was there that we worked with “big” subjects and connected them. I never, ever experienced such a big and overwhelming Energised-End-State. I want to share my experience, do an exercise with any big subjects you might like and also lead a discussion on The Rainbow Connection with the group.


Jacqui Crooks

Jacqui Crooks

Jacqui Crooks is one of the pioneers of Energy Psychology, finding EFT in 1999. She is an International speaker, trainer and an EFT Founding Master. JacquiCrooks.com

  • Learning To Trust Yourself

Session 3 - Room 1 - Beginners

We are so much more than we think we are. We worry and fret about doing the right thing, not making mistakes, staying safe by staying small.

What if you could know that you are perfect just as you are? That you can only do it right? What if you could connect to the wise and joyful energy that is the real you?

Wouldn't your life be different? Wouldn't it feel easier to work with clients? More comfortable to say who you are and what you do? Wouldn't you say "Yes" more often? Love yourself and life more?

Come to this session and connect to the energy of who you really are. Learn to use tapping to keep you in that good feeling place, with the joyful energy of your heart.


Wendy Birse

Wendy BirseWendy Birse began her career as an energist over ten years ago. Wendy is an EFT & EMO Master Practitioner, Modern Stress Management Professional and has been an AMT Trainer since 2013, offering courses in Scotland. WendyBirse.weebly.com

  • Enhance the Past, Enjoy the Present, Enlighten the Future

Session 2 - Room 2 - Intermediates

In this workshop we use Energy EFT to increase our enjoyment of our whole life experience. We know that ‘now’ is the only moment we have and that by tapping positives we improve our performance and happiness levels. We also know that our experience in the present is influenced by the effects of energy events which happened in the past.

We will take a fresh look at some of the techniques you already use. The SUE Scale, the Aspects model, The Classic Game are among the tools we’ll be using in this participative intermediate level workshop.



Marion Hind

Marion HindMarion Hind is an AMT Trainer, EFT Master Practitioner and a coach specialising in helping clients who are diagnosed with life changing conditions. Some conditions require huge lifestyle changes and a different mind-set that some find difficult to cope with. Their condition can overtake their lives and they may feel that life as they knew it has ended because they feel they are limited by their condition. ProgressCoaching.co.uk

  • The Tapping Coach

Session 9 - Room 1 - Beginners

In my presentation I will be explaining how being a coach differs from therapy and counselling, and how it can help clients move their lives forward in many different ways.

With the added benefit of using EFT and EMO Energy In Motion with coaching, we can address the emotional aspect of a life changing event.


Ilka Wandel

 Ilka WandelIlka Wandel is an AMT Trainer and the creator of Soquaki, a Project which promotes education in modern Energy work to children, parents and teacher through AMT live trainings, Skype seminars, workshops, retreats and one to one sessions in English, German and Spanish. Ilka developed Soquaki Club, a social network for teens, offering them support when it’s needed. TheAMT.com/members/Ilka_Wandel

  • The Power Of The Ball – Energy Magic Games For Kids

Session 2 - Room 3 - Advanced

lka's speciality is leading children and teenager out of school problems, into positive solutions and results. She is a strong believer in being “light and playful."

At this year's AMT Energy Conference, Ilka will show how how she dedicated her creativity to the ball, and she will present different kinds of energy magic games, which are designed for one or two-four players, little groups and big groups. Ilka will show how to “play powerful energy work” with balls, suitable for all ages.


Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley

Margarita Foley is an Catholic Sister, AMT Trainer and EMO Master Practitioner, who for many years has learned the power of prayer to heal and transform her life. MargaritaFoley.com

  • Evolving Prayer In Project Sanctuary

Session 7 - Room 3 - Intermediates

Prayer has many different connotations for each of us according to our experiences since childhood. This can create energetic resistance in us to the very idea of prayer. Now is the time to re-evaluate what prayer is and the powerful way it can ground us in who we truly are.

With Prayer in Project Sanctuary, you can get to know yourself through the wonderful experience of connection between your everyday mind and your deeper core.

We will also learn how to create a ‘Prayer Laboratory’ a place or space where we can meet friends or angels or guides who will assist us and help in our exploration.

You too, no matter who you are can enjoy the transforming power of prayer in Project Sanctuary.


Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent

Stephen Kent has worked for The AMT for the past year as the lead editor of The Energist magazine. He also deals with events organising, social media, marketing and various other roles in the organisation. LinkedIn.com/in/steve2610

  • Facebook 4 Energists

Session 8 - Room 2 - Intermediates

Over the past decade, social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter and YouTube, have become not only important tools for businesses and organisations, but have completely shaped our own lives and how we go about our day-to-day activities, as well as in the ways we interact with our peers.

In this informative presentation I will be talking about all three of the above platforms, but with a large emphasis on explaining how to get the most out of Facebook. I will show you how to create a business account which is separate from your personal account, as well as demonstrating how to create pages, interacting with groups, creating events, using the share button, and much more.


Susan Browne

Susan BrowneSusan Browne is an EFT Master Practitioner, Angel Teacher, Reiki Master and Accredited Counsellor. She helps people with their energy through Angel EFT and her healing work, videos, workshops and writing. Angel EFT is a collection of techniques where we use modern energy EFT, angel visualisations and exercises, to super charge the energy body for remarkable results. AngelEFT.com

  • Angel EFT

Session 6 - Room 1 - Beginners

When we use EFT tapping, we naturally create an easier connection with the angels, who are always delighted to assist us. By calling on the angelic realm you are raising your frequency, and the more people raising their frequency on the planet, the better for everyone.

If we bring the angels into our EFT practice, the possibilities for healing and manifesting are endless.

Find out more about Angel EFT by reading my article published in The Energist magazine, Vol.2 No.3.


Tamara Donn

Tamara Donn

Tamara Donn is an EFT Master Practitioner, trainer and presenter specialising in women’s issues, including; body image, fertility, pregnancy and motherhood. Tamara is also founder of the Birth Art Café – a holistic approach to childbirth preparation through creativity and relaxation. Tamara combines EFT with family constellation style processes to create a powerful synergistic tool. Her passion is to support women in releasing obstacles to radiating their brilliance. TransformationForWomen.co.uk

  • Family Constellations With EFT

Session 4 - Room 3 - Intermediates

In this presentation I will be discussing how the flow (or lack of flow) of love from past generations can influence how we experience life and focusing on how this affects our ability to create what we want in our lives. This is an experiential session for both men and women.


Sally Baker

Sally BakerSally Baker is a therapist and author who works with client to resolve, and release the reasons for their emotional eating that can manifest as yo yo dieting, binging, compulsive sugar cravings, or disordered eating. In her London practice, Sally works with EFT, PSTEC and hypnotherapy to release and resolve issues around emotional eating and limiting beliefs. WorkingOnTheBody.com

  • End The Habit Of Yo-Yo Dieting!

Session 7 - Room 1 - Beginners

Weight loss that stalls, plateaus or ends in a person gaining back more weight than they originally lost are all forms of yo-yo dieting.

This see-saw pattern of weight loss versus weight gain is never about being greedy, and never about a lack of will power.

It is however a repetitive cycle of the emotional eater who self sabotages their weight loss due to a number of key habitual responses many of which exist below conscious awareness. 

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