Love EFT: Tapping Positive EFT for Dating, Love & Relationships

Love EFT: Tapping Positive EFT for Dating, Love & Relationships

UPDATE FOR 2015: If you are looking for Silvia Hartmann's NEW book for February 2015: Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationshipsclick here.

Silvia Hartmann, chair of The GoE and author of Energy EFT, Positive EFT, EFT Master Practitioner course, MET Practitioner course, Adventures in EFT & The Advanced Patterns of EFT (to name a few) has made her latest tapping book on dating, love and relationships available free-of-charge for the next three days to everyone who purchases (or has purchased) “Positive EFT”.

The book is called “Love EFT: Tapping Positive EFT for Dating, Love & Relationships” and it is a totally comprehensive guide to the subject. The development of the book is also inspirational, with Silvia Hartmann completing all 50,000 words in just 10 days.

On Monday, 17th February "Love EFT" will be taken offline to give time for the publishing, distribution and retail processes to take place with full-release later on in the year.


Sally TophamIf you are looking for Silvia Hartmann's NEW book for February 2015: Love EFT: Positive EFT For Love, Romance & Relationshipsclick here.

In this groundbreaking book, Silvia Hartmann, Creator of Energy EFT, Positive EFT, EMO Energy in Motion and Project Sanctuary, explains in simple terms how to use the power of love itself to bring more love into our lives.

Whether we are looking for a loving partner, seeking to cure the love pain of the past, or bring brand new excitement, joy and delight into an established relationship, LOVE EFT puts the true power of love at your fingertips and will empower your heart.

For more information about Love EFT and how to order your copy, click here.

Love EFT Table of Contents

Positive Energy EFT 9
Welcome To Love EFT 11
Positive EFT 12
How Positive EFT Works 14
What Can We Gain With Positive EFT? 18
How To Do Positive EFT 20
Energy EFT Tapping Chart 20
The EFT Round 21
Tapping EFT 22
The Energy Body Stress Factor 23
The Energy Chart 24
The Scurvy Story 25
Living Life With A Full Battery 26
High Energy Flow 27
Tapping Positives 28
Positive Energy Forms For Love & Relationships 29
Even MORE Energy ... 30
Using The SUE Scale To Measure Energy Flow 31
Tips On Tapping Positive EFT 32
1. Allow Yourself To Really WANT Positive Energy In Your Life! 32
2. It's Only Real If You Can Feel It's Real! 33
3. Loosen Up For Maximum Energy Flow 34
4. It's Really OK To Feel Good! 34
Discovering Positive EFT - In Brief 35
Love & Energy 36
Everybody's Looking For Love ... 37
The Self Concept Buster 38
Your X Factor Rating 38
Negative Thoughts 40
Tapping For Love 42
Love & Happiness 43
Love & Light 44
Love & Protection 45
Love & Sex 47
Love & Miracles 48
Love, Sex & Light 49
The seX Factor 50
Being Alive 51
Your Love Goals 52
Getting Over “Loving Yourself” 55
Partnership Love Goals 56
Solving Love Problems With Love 59
Love Everywhere ... 64
The Love Evolution 66
Unconditional Love 68
Loving Yourself 71
Changing Others For A Change 77
Using Proxy Tapping To Change The Situation 79
The Harmony Program 81
Find Something To Love ... 84
The A - Z Of Love 86
1st Aid For Love Pain 87
3 Paths To More Love 89
Annoying Behaviour 91
Arguments & Fights 92
Know Yourself, Know Your Partner 92
Emergency Stop Positives 94
The Same Fight, Every Time ... 94
Breaking Up 96
Love Is The Only Way 97
Broken Heart 98
“Find Something To Love” 98
Crush 99
Exes 101
A Progression Of Exes 101
Tips On Tapping For Exes: 102
Finding Love 103
First Steps To Finding Love 104
From Fantasy To Reality 105
A Few Words About You ... 107
Going Out 108
Personal Power Positives 108
After The Event 109
Loving Yourself 110
Feeding Yourself 110
Virtues & Self Esteem 112
An End To Self Punishment 113
An End To Martyrdom 114
Your Pursuit Of Happiness 116
Romance 117
Sex 118
The Sex Journey 120
Sex With A Partner 122
Social Anxiety 124
Energy Boosts “In The Field” 125
Soul Mate 127
Unrequited Love & Obsession 130
Stalkers 133
Love EFT - In Conclusion 135
Further Information 139
Books, Manuals & Courses by Silvia Hartmann on Modern Energy 139
About The Author 139
Things To Print Out 140
Positive Energy 141
The Energy Chart 142
Positive Energy Word Search 143

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