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Love, Light & Liora - Energist Story

Love, Light & Liora - Energist Story

In this touching energist story from GoE Trainer Lauren Rosenberg, she shares with us the story of her daughter's passing, and how she used modern energy techniques and EFT tapping to help both Liora and herself.

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On 17 April 2016, we’d spent a lovely day as a family, celebrating my husband Stuart’s birthday. All five of our daughters were there laughing and joking together; Judy 18, Fiona 17, Adina 13, Miri 8, and our eldest, 20 year old Liora.

Liora was a beautiful and talented teaching assistant, artist and the youngest qualified GoE energist in the UK. She was always full of life and loved coming up with ideas for products for my energy business and her own creative projects.

She was rushed to hospital less than 24 hours later, confused and in pain. She had a fit as she got into the ambulance and I worked on her using EFT tapping, to try and release any blockages in her energy flow and minimise damage. It was so upsetting to see her in such an agitated state with her tongue hanging out and head thrown back.

On that first evening, doctors said that Liora had a small bleed on the brain but told us that she would be ok. The next day though a consultant called us into a private room and explained that due to swelling on the brain, he expected Liora to die in the next few hours.

Initially, I felt totally helpless. It was devastating news. I was paralysed with shock and my husband was so pale, I thought he might feint. It was so awful and totally unexpected.

When Stuart explained to Fiona who was at the hospital with us, what the consultant had told us, she immediately said, ‘no, Liora is alive, I can feel it, she’s moving a bit and I know that she’s alive.’

Fiona is also a qualified EFT practitioner and she can sense energy too. We decided to do the Theta Healing muscle test. Fiona asked me a related positive question and my muscle moved forward showing a yes answer, confirming that Liora was alive.

On the Wednesday morning, the hospital wanted to unplug Liora as they had expected her to die the night before, but she hadn’t. I was determined that if she was going to die, she would choose when, not them. I worked with a legal team and we appealed successfully and got all her treatments and feeding continued.

Each day was a miracle. I worked on Liora with energy techniques. I used EFT, Positive Energy Tapping, colour therapy and played affirmations and meditations to her. I was also working on myself, to help me stay calm, strong and focused. My daughters helped care for Liora, bathing her, washing her very long hair and regularly moving her.

The next time though we lost and the medical team got approval to do the brain test and turn the machines off. I battled hard again, the hospital agreed that they would just let the blood pressure drug run out rather than turn the machines off.

The drug ran out around 4 o’clock on Saturday afternoon 23 April. The consultant thought she would go quickly after that. All we wanted at this point was an an extra four hours to get past 8pm, when the festival time of Passover ended. We didn’t want this time where we usually celebrated to be marked every year by the anniversary of Liora’s passing.

The minute the drug ran out, Liora’s heart rate went crashing down, and her blood pressure started to plummet. As a family we worked on her pressure points to raise her blood pressure. My husband was doing the pressure points on her hand, Fiona worked on her other hand; and Judy was doing the pressure points on her feet. I put her head lower than her feet. Liora was still feeding through the tubes so I was being really careful not to damage them. As in clinical terms she was dead, the nurse in the room had been ordered not to do anything. We were doing everything to try to save Liora.

For the next few hours, I did all the energy healing I could. I was doing everything that I could think of and that my GoE colleagues Ilka Wandel and Toks Beverley Coker were telling me to do over the phone.

At 9.26 pm all Liora’s stats went down to 0 and we accepted that she was dead. In total, she had lived an extra 10 days because we had battled legally, physically and using energy techniques to keep her alive.

Liora Rosenberg

I am so devastated by the loss of my lovely eldest daughter Liora who I shared so much with. She also had an interest in energy work, and was qualified in Emotional Freedom Therapy, EmoTrance (EMO Energy In Motion), Integral Eye Movement Therapy, Theta Healing and Positive Energy Tapping. She attended many training sessions with me and helped me with my work. She was also learning Picture Tapping. I am so grateful for the 20 years I had with her.

I have continued to practice in my private clinic and use energy techniques to help my clients and family since Liora’s passing. I truly believe my training helped prepare me for this tragedy and has enabled me to cope afterwards.

I want even more people to know about and be able to use these tools and

techniques to help them through life, so I am now publishing a book sharing my experiences. It’s called Love, Light and Liora and will be made available shortly from my website.

What I’ve learned from this experience is that anything is possible. We all have a choice in what we do and how we react to things. We could have just given up when we were told by the consultant that Liora would die that night, but we didn’t.

I now understand that we shouldn’t limit ourselves and we should always take the time to appreciate those we care about and to show them we care.

I know Liora wouldn’t want me to give up and waste my life. Nor would she want her four sisters to live miserable lives and fail to fulfil their potential because of her passing. It’s hard, but I move forward each day and use my tools and techniques

to help my family and clients overcome fear and limiting beliefs so that they can achieve great things. At some point, we all experience loss, grief, anger and disappointment. We aren’t told though how to deal with those emotions.

Since this tragedy I’m finding that I’m now using energy to help even more people who have experienced grief. I’m also developing my skills further by learning energy numerology and by having done the GoE's Modern Stress Management (MSM) training and Modern Energy Coach training.

I believe that death is not the way many people traditionally see it. I think, when we are born we go into a body and when we “die” we leave our body, but we still exist. We are still around, just in a different form, and our love never dies.

I don’t like it when people say to me “I am sorry for your loss,” as I don’t feel I have lost Liora. I may have lost the physical part of her, but she is still very much with us.


Lauren Rosenberg is a fear and phobia expert, Energy EFT Master Practitioner, MSM and Trainer and DNA Theta Healing Practitioner. Contact her and find out more about Lauren on her GoE Website.

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Lauren Rosenberg
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Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer, Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer, Modern Energy Coach Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Hendon, London, England.

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