Free Websites For All GoE Professional Members

Free Websites For All GoE Professional Members

All GoE Professional Members now get a free website as part of their membership with us.

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We are delighted to announce that all GoE Professional Members now receive a smart, feature packed and easy-to-update website as part of their membership.

These websites not only look the part, but also are search engine optimised (SEO), optimised for desktop computers and mobile phones, run on an encrypted connection providing extra security and reassurance to visitors, are easy to update, available in multiple languages, and also display interactive maps, events, contact form and any recent articles written by the energist.

Guild of Energists (GoE) CEO Alex Kent writes, "We know that when you complete your GoE professional training course you'll be motivated to help people with modern energy tools and probably want to start straight away seeing a return on your investment by taking on paying clients. Whatever we can do to get you to this point as quickly as possible benefits everyone and giving you a professional website that is active from day one is going to help immensely

“Buying your own website can be costly. Not just in the initial and ongoing fees, but also in your time keeping it up-to-date with the ever changing web standards. For example, did you know that these days more people browse websites on a mobile phone rather than a desktop computer? Did you know that Google prioritises secure, encrypted websites over unsecure ones in their search listings? Well, with the GoE behind you we'll take care of keeping everything working and looking fresh leaving you more time to focus on your business.

“Of course the website is only a part of what every successful GoE member needs. You'll still need to advertise yourself and your events locally and attend networking groups. But - if you were planning on spending a small fortune on building your own website then think how much better that money is spent on advertising your services and getting your name out there."

Please do remember to connect your website to your Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and LinkedIn profiles. We also suggest you include the link on your business cards, advertisements and flyers so people can find out more about you.

List of GoE Member Websites (1st March 2016)

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