Energy EFT on a Page for Children

Energy EFT on a Page for Children

Silvia Hartmann's Energy EFT "Heart & Soul" diagram for childrenย including step-by-step instructions on the basic tapping protocol. This guide to Energy EFT features the character BIG TED from "BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping" by Alex Kent and Jen Smith and is designed to be be printed out on one page for self-help use and also for licensed GoE Professional Members to give out to their clients. We recommend you only use this diagram if you've already read Silvia Hartmann's book Energy EFT.

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These files are copyrighted material. For further information see:

Energy EFT - Original English Version

Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann

Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann

The original Energy EFT book. Recommended reading.

Energy EFT by Silvia Hartmann

BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping by Alex Kent & Jen Smith

A guide to tapping for very young children.

Energy EFT Diagram for Children - Usage & Copyright Information

We make the basic Energy EFT tapping protocol available for all to download, share and use as a quick reference guide for people already trained by The GoE in Energy EFT or have read Silvia Hartmannโ€™s Energy EFT or Positive EFT books.

Our translators have provided translations in good faith. If you spot an error in any of these files or wish to supply a new translation then please contact us.

The Energy EFT files available here are copyrighted to Silvia Hartmann and offered under the following license and usage agreement. By downloading from here you agree to respect copyright and also agree to adhere to these terms and conditions:

  • Image - You need to create a free account on this website to access the high-resolution image suitable for printing. You may share or display these images as you wish, providing that the image or text is not altered in anyway.
  • PDF Document - Licensed to GoE Standard Members and GoE Professional Members, weโ€™ve made this convenient one page ultra high resolution guide to Energy EFT for printing out and giving to your clients. Please do not share these files electronically or on digital media. You must also stop using these files if your membership with us expires.

If you wish to use these files outside of this agreement then please contact The GoE for written consent.

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