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Modern Energy Tapping for Labour Pain

Modern Energy Tapping for Labour Pain

GoE Energy Trainer Şirin Ak, recently presented her findings for using Modern Energy Tapping during Labour, at the 1st International Birth Teams and Birth Psychology Congress. In the referenced case a SUE Scale score of -5 was given prior to any Tapping. After Modern Energy Tapping was given whilst labour was progressing, along with a positive focus, the ladies SUE Scale Score moved from negative to positive with a SUE Score of +6 given. Labour also continued to progress effectively, and the lady reported feeling less tense and more calm.

Modern Energy for labour pain, presented at the 1st International Birth Teams and Birth Psychology Congress.

Case Story: (Translated from original Turkish document)


A case report is being presented to show effect of applying modern energy techniques on pain management in the intrapartum period. Dick-Read expressed pain in labour by cycle of fear-tension-pain. Fear stimulates sympathic system. The blood perfusion of uterus is diminished. In relation with contracted face and chin muscles, cervix becomes contracted and firm. The contractions start to be felt as pain and labour prolongs.

The aim is to apply Modern Energy Tapping (MET), through 14 points which are easy to locate and remember, via touch. Together with inspiring sentences, energy lines in body of energy which are called meridians are approached and messages are sent to subconscious. The touches are made gently and paying attention to what sensations it creates.


In delivery room of a private hospital, after verbal and written consent was taken, a pregnant woman was treated with Modern Energy Tapping, and all 14 acupressure points were touched 7-10 times each for 20 minutes. The concentration was mainly on heart healing position which was close to thymus. To describe pain, the SUE scale was used. Before and after MET was applied, progression of labour and dilation was assessed by vaginal examination.


At the start the 29 year old woman in labour, whose dilation was 5 cm gave a SUE score of -5. Her face was red and tense during the application. She wasn't given an epidural anaesthesia. At 7 cm dilation her SUE score had changed to +6, and her face was relaxed and calm. This was after 1 hour.


In this case, effect of MET on relieving pain was seen clinically and pain scores were decreased. In addition cervical dilation and effacement were improved.


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