Modern Energy Tapping & Angels

Modern Energy Tapping & Angels

Author and Energist Susan Browne talks about how Modern Energy Tapping and her connection with Angels joined forces with amazing results, including her book Angel EFT. Learn how connecting with the Angels using Modern Energy Tapping can raise your energy, and your vibrational frequency.

Modern Energy Tapping and the Angels

By Susan Browne, Author of Angel EFT, Dragon Rising Publishing, 2016

I’ve always loved writing, ever since I could write at all. And the idea of writing a book always gave me an energy buzz of excitement. Until I tried to write one, which happened many times over the years. When I sat down to write Angel EFT I fidgeted, procrastinated, deferred and so on. It took a few years to actually get in the zone. But when I did, guess what helped me? Angel EFT itself.

That is, I was bringing in the angels to my Modern Energy Tapping practise, which was already changing my life one tapping round at a time. I had already discovered how the angels can help by the time I discovered Modern Energy Tapping. I felt guided to bring these two amazing tools together, and it worked. So, if you have a big dream that you are putting off, procrastination about or deferring, I urge you to give it a go.

Q: What are angels and how do I know they are there?

Angels are non-human beings of light that act as messengers for God or Divine Source. They are often perceived to have a light around them and sometimes to have wings. You do not have to be religious or to belong to a particular religion to believe in or benefit from the angels. Think of them as divine benevolent spirit guides. I believe that everyone has a guardian angel, whether or not they ever choose to acknowledge them. Those who don’t believe in angels are less likely to connect with or perceive their angel. The one exception is where an angel intervenes. Under the spiritual law of free will angels do not usually intervene unless you have asked, or, in a life or death situation. If someone is in a life-threatening situation but it is not their time to die, the angels can step in and prevent the death or serious injury.

Modern Energy Tapping and connecting with the angels are two things that will raise your energy, and your vibrational frequency. They work together very well. Also, the angels find it easier to connect with you when you are in a high energy state. You are more open.

I have seen amazing results using Angel EFT even just for a short time. When you want to wish someone else well, perhaps someone you are worried about or who is suffering, Angel EFT can really help to build that bridge of light. And as with all proxy tapping, it makes you feel better too. Win win!

Q: How does Angel EFT work?

You can combine your current techniques in Modern Energy Tapping and simply ask the angels to join you. You can create a dialogue while you tap, addressing the angels about whatever it is you are seeking to raise energy in. Tapping on the name of an angel is also wonderful. If you use prayer, tap while you pray. Visualisation with the angels conducted either before or after your tapping is another effective way to bring the angels in. I have two free angel visualisations available for download on my website If you use angel cards or crystals, you can use these before or after tapping. Proxy tapping with the angels to help someone or something else works perfectly well too. 

I started working with the angels in 2007, when they suddenly became very interesting to me. I really feel that the angels were reaching out to me and had work for me to do. I changed my mind about them, having been a bit cynical before that. The angels love to help those who help others, and you can ask them to guide you in your work and in your day. I connect with them on a daily basis, by asking them for guidance or help with situations, for guiding me in my client work, and thanking them for all the help they have already given. As you will see in many of my videos, I use the phrase ‘thank you, Angels,’ in most of my Angel EFT rounds. This also helps to raise your vibration through the energy of gratitude.

Q: But What If I’m No Good at Connecting with the Angels?

If you feel you are no good at connecting with the angels, then you are experiencing a lower energy state when you think about this. Some people actually block their angel connection by getting so hung up on whether they are good at it or not. Or whether the angels would bother with them. If you work to raise your energy by using Modern Energy Tapping with the angels, you can overcome these worries. Keep an open mind and enjoy yourself. We lower our vibrational frequency by getting stuck in the mindset of striving.

Learn how to combine Modern Energy Tapping with the Angels in my book ‘Angel EFT, tapping into the Angelic Realms with Modern Energy EFT’ and by using the techniques from Silvia Hartmann’s latest Modern Energy Tapping book and calling in the angels as suggested in this article.

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