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Modern Energy Welcomed by The Holistic Academy

Modern Energy Welcomed by The Holistic Academy

Here at The GoE, we were very excited to hear that Turkish Modern Energy Trainer Gülüm Erdinç, had recently presented to a group of willing students, at the Holistic Academy.

Gülüm writes: Holistic Academy in Turkey has long been active in the area of spiritual, educational and holistic therapies. I was delighted to be invited to present an introductory seminar about EMO (Energy in Motion) and MET (Modern Energy Tapping) methods. This was pretty good opportunity for me because I was going to get people to know their energy bodies and educate them on Modern Energy Techniques.

Read on for the full report.....


By Gülüm Erdinç

Tapping and EMO

English Translation

Holistic Academy in Turkey has long been active in the area of spiritual, educational and holistic therapies. I delighted to be invited to present an introductory seminar about EMO (Energy in Motion) and MET (Modern Energy Tapping) methods. This was pretty good opportunity for me because I was going to get people to know their souls and bodies through this seminar.

In spite of the enlightenment in the spiritual sense today, most people still live by not realizing that their physical and mental disturbances are actually reflected in their souls and their energy bodies, and that their souls convey this reaction to them. It was very important for me to show people how to raise awareness and how to easily and quickly transform the blockages of their problems. Although I have learned many spiritual healing techniques and have already implemented them, I would like to say that MET and EMO are the most effective methods among my spiritual healing techniques. So I chose to describe these two methods especially for my seminar.

I made a detailed presentation for this seminar and addressed an adult group of about 20 people. First of all, I introduced myself, The Guild of Energists and its projects. And I emphasized why I prefer these methods. I then asked participants to share their knowledge of energy therapies in general terms. Most participants have already said they are working with energy therapies in different ways, or at least they know it. These included Reiki, Access Bars and Classic EFT.

After this brief conversation I talked about what is energy, what is the energy body, how the traumatic events we are experiencing affect our energy body, and what are the uses of MET. Especially when I was talking about energy body and blockages, I also supported them with visuals. My aim was to show the participants what the energy body is like and how the blockages damage this body. Then I talked about how MET works, which energy points are associated with energy meridians, and how our experience of traumatic experiences affected our beliefs and then our spiritual / physical body. I showed it through a cyclic diagram and supported with case examples.


After talking about the Tapping, I talked about how these blockages occurred in our physical bodies, how they could be transformed by EMO, and how the energies change the places. In particular, I emphasized that the EMO method will provide much more benefit when used with MET method. My seminar lasted 3 hours in total. I performed a stress-focused group therapy in order to distinguish between two compartments. And a group therapy in the second part to encourage participants to experience these methods on their own.

I used the SUE Scale in the second division, the group therapy section. Before the therapy started, I mentioned the SUE Scale's scoring system. I mentioned that between -10 and +10 differences and at this point I could experience + 10 different from the Classic EFT method. I also distributed documents where each participant SUE Scale diagrams and then asked them to follow the stress levels.

Group therapy was very effective. First we started with a Heart Healing posture and we breathed deeply like this for a while. And we started de stressing. I told them they would be able to build setups like they wanted . Some of my attendants started on with different and more familiar setups. Immediately measured the overall stress level of my group. At first, the stress level of the group was mostly at -8, -9; I realized that most participants experienced +8, +7, + 9 when the therapy was completed. Participants also experienced physical blockade. Participants were particularly with intense, blockages in the abdomen and chest area. And I went to each individual and applied some EMO. They experienced that their pain was shifting and then their stress level dropped as well. Some of the attendants who liked the EMO method also invited me to their side again and we evolved the blockages together.

However, one participant said that she did not feel anything. She told me that it made her unhappy. I went to this participant and focused on the feeling of unhappiness, she said that both the stress level was lower and she felt more positive now. I did not go more deeply because we were on a group therapy for the feeling of unhappiness and I offered her an individual session.

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