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Modern Stress Management for Stressed Out Students

Modern Stress Management for Stressed Out Students

GoE Trainer Sebnem Akalin recently took Modern Stress Management (MSM) into the class room, to help a group of stressed out university students in Turkey. Students were taken through Heart Healing, Modern Energy Tapping and The SUE Scale, with great results. With these skills on board we hope they get lots of A+'s alongside their +10's!

Read on for Sebnem's report, also available in Turkish...

English Translation

A student who had received Reiki and EFT training in the past, was talking to me about his experiences. He was a student at the university in Cappadocia, and explained that many students were very stressed. He told me that it would be very useful for me to give them a workshop and asked if there would be any contribution. I said I would enjoy helping such an organization and volunteered to help the students for free. I was then invited by the university to set a date.

I thought that Module 1 of the MSM workshop program would be suitable for students and I prepared a power point presentation for them.

The intensity I met when I entered salona pleased me. The interest of the students was great. Initially I introduced myself and talked about The GoE, Silvia Hartmann and modern energy.

First I talked a little bit about the participants' thoughts on stress, then I started to explain what was and wasn't stress. I talked about the old stress solution approach and how we can not resolve stress effectively, that zero stress is not the end and that we have to be on the positive side for a good quality of life.

I explained how the stress chart works, the negative values on the chart, and how they felt in positive values. I explained using various examples, how the positive processes in life will increase the quality of life. I wanted them to give examples of positive situations from their own lives, I explained the importance of life beyond +5.

I wanted participants to share the stresses they most often encountered or are experiencing in order to be closer to their emotions and to ensure that they get the maximum benefit. They said, "The most important thing about the interview is that we should be perfect during the interview, if we are perfect, we can get hired." I started to believe that they were so hard pressed that they could hardly get to work.

I started a group study on this subject and firstly I taught them "Heart Healing" and we focused on for this for a while. Then I refered them to the "Sue Scale". I wanted them them to stay in this space, and to think of a time when they were stressed, and to evaluate it using the sue scale.

I realized that the students could not concentrate during this measurement, so I chose a volunteer 'sordum' who wanted to come on to the stage. I stayed with the student and asked them to do some more breathing, while the others stayed in the heart healing position. The students thought of their exams. They said that the student on the stage was around -3 and the other students in the group measured around -5, some even lower.

Again I stood in the heart position, and told them to take a few deep breaths and think of something positive that made them happy. This time the student on stage said he felt +7. They started to see that the mind can be guided in this way and feel good without an external influence.

While almost all of the students during this exercise were quite high on the positive side, one student said that they felt sad and not positive. This was a good example, because it's not always easy for some to think of something that makes them happy and to feel good. When he thought of his family, the longing and being away from his family made him unhappy.

I re-emphasized the importance finding a true positive feeling, giving various examples. When I asked now how they felt, the students said it worked. I told them that it is important to manage stress on a regular basis during the day or when they are stressed, and that they can change themselves in this way.

When I said I wanted to teach them another way to manage stress, they were all very enthusiastic, so I taught them some tapping. After I demonstarted a few rounds, I gave examples of positive emotions and I asked them to choose one. "Success" became common a choice. We did 3 rounds of "achievement energy" and the students noted feeling on average +8 and over. Later on, I made my positive "energy of love" 3 rounds got them to +8. Everyone was excited and happy to learn about tapping and understand that they can raise emotional positively in this way.

They asked what they could use as positive emotions, and they talked a lot about it. Could it be, can it be? I answered their questions.

I emphasized that positive modern energy tapping (in a suitable environment) can be used as often as they feel they need to, to help them deal with stress. To focus on getting to a positive thought process and be aware of their negative emotions, so they can deal with them.

It was a fabulous workshop, with many students stopping to say thank you at the end, asking lots of questions, and saying that they were excited for other organizations.

Turkish Original

Benden Reiki ve EFT e─čitimleri alm─▒┼č olan bir ├Â─črencim bana kendi uygulamalar─▒ndan ve ├ževresinden bahsediyordu... Ayn─▒ zamanda Kapadokya ├╝niversitesinde ├Â─čretim g├Ârevlisi olan ├Â─črencim, ├╝niversitedeki ├Â─črencilerinin genel olarak stresli olduklar─▒n─▒ onlara bir konu┼čma yaparsam ├žok faydal─▒ olabilece─čini s├Âyledi ve bir katk─▒m olup olamayaca─č─▒n─▒ sordu. ├ľ─črenciler i├žin g├Ân├╝ll├╝ yap─▒lacak b├Âyle bir organizasyonu keyifle kabul edece─čimi s├Âyledim. Bunun ├╝zerine ├╝niversite taraf─▒ndan davet edildim ve bir tarih belirledik.

Stres s├Âz konusu oldu─ču i├žin MSM workshop program─▒n─▒n 1. Mod├╝l├╝n├╝n ├Â─črenciler i├žin uygun olaca─č─▒n─▒ d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝m ve onlara y├Ânelik bir power point sunum haz─▒rlad─▒m.

Salona girdi─čimde kar┼č─▒la┼čt─▒─č─▒m yo─čunluk beni memnun etti. ├ľ─črencilerin ilgisi harikayd─▒. Ba┼člang─▒├žta kendimi tan─▒t─▒p, modern enerji ├žal─▒┼čmalar─▒ndan, GoE ve Silvia HartmannÔÇÖdan bahsettim.

├ľnce kat─▒l─▒mc─▒lar─▒n stresle ilgili d├╝┼č├╝ncelerini biraz konu┼čtuk, sonra stresin ne oldu─čunu ve ne olmad─▒─č─▒n─▒ anlatmaya ba┼člad─▒m. ├ľncelikle, eski stres ├ž├Âz├╝m├╝ yakla┼č─▒m─▒n─▒ ve bu ┼čekilde stresi pek de ├ž├Âzemedi─čimizi, s─▒f─▒r stresin sadece yokluk oldu─čunu ve kaliteli bir ya┼čam i├žin pozitif tarafta olunmas─▒ gerekti─čini anlatt─▒m.

Stres ├žizelgesini, ├žizelgedeki negatif de─čerler ve pozitif de─čerlerde nas─▒l hissedildi─čini anlatt─▒m. Ya┼čamdaki pozitif s├╝re├žlerin ├žoklu─čunun hayat kalitesini nas─▒l art─▒raca─č─▒n─▒ ├že┼čitli ├Ârneklerle anlatt─▒m. Onlar─▒n da kendi hayatlar─▒ndan pozitif durumlar i├žin ├Ârnekler vermelerini istedim, +5 ten sonras─▒n─▒n ├Ânemini anlatt─▒m.

Kat─▒l─▒mc─▒lar─▒n duygular─▒na daha yak─▒n olabilmek ve onlar─▒n maksimum fayda edinmelerini sa─člamak i├žin en ├žok kar┼č─▒la┼čt─▒klar─▒ ya da etkilendikleri stres konular─▒n─▒ payla┼čmalar─▒n─▒ istedim. Bunun ├╝zerine en ├Ânemli konunun i┼č ba┼čvurusu g├Âr├╝┼čmesi ile ilgili oldu─čunu, ÔÇťBize, g├Âr├╝┼čme s─▒ras─▒nda m├╝kemmel olmam─▒z gerekti─či ancak m├╝kemmel olursak i┼če al─▒nabilece─čimiziÔÇŁ s├Âyl├╝yorlar... Bu, onlar─▒ o kadar ├žok strese sokmu┼čtu ki neredeyse i┼če giremeyeceklerine inanmaya ba┼člam─▒┼člard─▒, o kadar m├╝kemmel olman─▒n imkans─▒z oldu─čunu d├╝┼č├╝n├╝yorlard─▒.

Bu konuyla ilgili bir grup ├žal─▒┼čmas─▒ ba┼člatt─▒m ve ├Âncelikle ÔÇťKalp duru┼čuÔÇŁnu ├Â─črettim ve kalp duru┼čunda bir s├╝re kald─▒k. Ard─▒ndan ÔÇťSue ├ľl├že─čiÔÇŁni anlatt─▒m. Kalp duru┼čunda kalmalar─▒n─▒, stresli olduklar─▒ bir zaman─▒ d├╝┼č├╝nmelerini ve sue ├Âl├že─či ile de─čerlendirmelerini istedim.

├ľ─črencilerin ├Âl├ž├╝m s─▒ras─▒nda konsantre olamad─▒klar─▒n─▒ farketti─čim i├žin, sahneye gelmek isteyen bir g├Ân├╝ll├╝ sordum, i├žlerinden 1 ├Â─črenciyi se├žtim. Sahneye ald─▒─č─▒m ├Â─črenciyle beraber di─čerlerinin tekrar kalp duru┼čunda kalarak bir ka├ž soluma yapmalar─▒n─▒ s├Âyledim ve bekledim. ├ľ─črenciler s─▒nav zamanlar─▒n─▒ d├╝┼č├╝nd├╝ler. Sahnedeki ├Â─črenci ├Âl├ž├╝m├╝n├╝n -3 civar─▒nda oldu─čunu, gruptaki di─čer ├Â─črenciler genel stres d├╝zeyi olarak -5 ya da daha da negatif ├Âl├žt├╝klerini s├Âylediler.

Sonra tekrar kalp duru┼čunda durup bir ka├ž derin nefes al─▒p kendilerini mutlu eden pozitif bir ┼čey d├╝┼č├╝nmelerini s├Âyledim. Bu sefer sahnedeki ├Â─črenci +7 hissetti─čini s├Âyledi. Zihnin bu ┼čekilde y├Ânlendirilebilece─čini ve d─▒┼čar─▒dan bir etki olmaks─▒z─▒n kendilerini iyi hissedebileceklerini b├Âylece g├Ârm├╝┼č oldular.

Bu egzersiz s─▒ras─▒nda ├Â─črencilerin neredeyse hepsi pozitif tarafta olduk├ža y├╝kselmi┼čken 1 ├Â─črenci tam tersine h├╝z├╝nlendi─čini, pozitif hale gelemedi─čini s├Âyledi. Bu, g├╝zel bir ├Ârnek oldu ├ž├╝nk├╝ baz─▒lar─▒ i├žin kendilerini mutlu eden bir┼čey d├╝┼č├╝nmek ve iyi hissetmek kolay de─čil. O ├Â─črenci ailesini d├╝┼č├╝nm├╝┼čt├╝ ama ailesinden uzak oldu─ču i├žin ├Âzlem onu mutsuz etmi┼čti.

B├Âylece, tam mutlu eden, tam pozitif bir an─▒, ┼čey ya da olay d├╝┼č├╝nmelerinin ├Ânemini, ├že┼čitli ├Ârnekler vererek tekrar vurgulam─▒┼č oldum. Uygulaman─▒n ho┼člar─▒na gidip gitmedi─čini sordu─čumda, ├Â─črenciler i┼če yarad─▒─č─▒n─▒ s├Âylediler. Uygulamay─▒ g├╝n i├žerisinde gerektik├že ya da stresli olduklar─▒ zamanlarda d├╝zenli olarak yapmalar─▒n─▒n stresi y├Ânetmek i├žin ├Ânemli oldu─čunu ve kendilerini bu ┼čekilde ┼čarj edebileceklerini anlatt─▒m.

Stresi y├Ânetmek i├žin bir y├Ântem daha ├Â─čretmek istedi─čimi s├Âyled─čimde hepsi ├žok istekli oldu, b├Âylece EFT vuru┼člar─▒n─▒ ├Â─črettim. Bir ka├ž tur vuru┼č yapt─▒ktan sonra olumlu duygulardan ├Ârnekler verdim ve aras─▒ndan se├žmelerini istedim. ÔÇťBa┼čar─▒ÔÇŁ ortak se├žimleri oldu. 3 tur ÔÇťba┼čar─▒ enerjisiÔÇŁ vuru┼ču yaparak ├Â─črencilerin ba┼čar─▒ duygular─▒n─▒ ortalama +8 in ├╝zerine ├ž─▒kartt─▒k. Sonras─▒nda benim onlar i├žin se├žimim olan ÔÇťsevgi enerjisiÔÇŁni 3 tur vuru┼č yaparak +8 in ├╝zerine ├ž─▒kartt─▒k. EFT vuru┼člar─▒n─▒ ├Â─črenmek ve bu ┼čekilde kendilerini duygusal olarak pozitif y├Ânde y├╝kseltebileceklerini anlamak hepsini co┼čturdu ve mutlu etti.

Pozitif duygu olarak neleri kullanabileceklerini sordular, bu konuda epey konu┼čtuk. ┼×u olabilir mi, bu olabilir mi? gibi sorular─▒n─▒ cevaplad─▒m.

Kapan─▒┼čta g├╝nl├╝k olarak stresle ba┼ča ├ž─▒kmak i├žin uygun bir ortamda iseler pozitif EFT, e─čer de─čillerse pozitif bir ┼čeye odaklanarak negatif seviyelerde uzun s├╝re kalmadan s├╝rekli kendilerini pozitif tarafta tutabileceklerini vurgulad─▒m.

├ç─▒k─▒┼čta etraf─▒m─▒ sar─▒p te┼čekk├╝r etmeleri, stres ├ž├Âz├╝mleriyle ilgili ba┼čka sorular sormalar─▒, ba┼čka organizasyonlar i├žin heyecanland─▒klar─▒n─▒ s├Âylemeleri ise muhte┼čemdi.




 MSM FoundationThe GoE's Modern Stress Management Foundation course, created by Silvia Hartmann, is a four unit live or skype training that teaches you the fundamental techniques needed to take back control from stress and help yourself, friends, family and groups.

For more information about the course, including upcoming events, see our course page:
















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Sebnem Akalin
Information about Sebnem Akalin
Energy EFT Master Practitioner Trainer, EMO Master Practitioner Trainer, Modern Energy Tapping Professional Trainer, Modern Energy Coach Trainer, Energy Dating Coach Trainer, Modern Energy Healer Trainer & Modern Stress Management Trainer in Istanbul, Turkey.

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Modern Stress Management for Stressed Out Students

Modern Stress Management for Stressed Out Students

Posted Dec 8, 2017
GoE Trainer Sebnem Akalin recently took Modern Stress Management  (MSM) into the class room, to help a group of stressed out university students in Turkey. Students were taken through Heart...
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