A Fountain Of Energy! - My First Energy EFT Foundation Training

A Fountain Of Energy! - My First Energy EFT Foundation Training

In this insightful article from Kelly Mayne, she writes about organising and running her first Energy EFT Foundation live training for 13 people, just a few weeks after becoming a GoE Trainer.

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Since I completed the GoE Energist Trainer's training with Sandra Hillawi on January 25th (2016), I've been on such an exciting rollercoaster!

As part of the trainer's training, Sandra encouraged me to get some dates in the diary for my first live trainings. At the time I remember thinking if I'd be ready to teach so soon after taking my one-day Energy EFT Foundation (EEFTF) training, which we'd scheduled in for February 21st, but Sandra was positive and thought I'd do a good job, so we added it to the AMT/GoE website. There was no going back!

On the day we added the training to website, I set a target in my mind for five students. This was because I felt that would be a good amount for a first training, and also I planned to run it from my home.

Reality Kicks In

The next day I woke up with a cold feeling in the pit of my stomach, and my first thought was; โ€œWhat if I don't get anyone to come on my course?!โ€. โ€œHah!โ€ I thought to myself, here is some feedback, I'd better do some Energy EFT (EEFT) tapping!

Within a couple of rounds, I started feeling a lot more positive, and my brain clicked into action. I went through my client email list, and sent them all a chatty email announcing that I had become a trainer, and had some training dates in the diary.

I then continued to tap another couple of rounds on โ€œinspirationโ€, that led me to sending a separate email to my therapist friends, asking if they would put my trainings in their newsletters, and that I would happily pay a referral fee for anyone who got me a client. In the meantime two clients got back to me with a few questions, and also showed an interest in doing the Energy EFT Master Practitioner (EEFTMP) training, so I quickly added a date to the diary for the following weekend!

Onwards And Upwards

Later that week I bumped into a friend outside Waitrose (other supermarkets are available!) and was telling him how excited I was about the Foundation day, when he just said "Can I book on?" It was quite a surprise to me, as I hadn't thought he would be interested. I asked him why he wanted to go on it, and he said that my eyes started twinkling when I was talking about the training, and he wanted some of that energy!

I had my first definite booking, and when I got home later both of my clients said they would do both the EEFTF and the EEFTMP trainings. I was so excited... I could barely believe it.

I have always believed in the power of energy and intention, so I started creating a light bubble for the universe to draw interested people to me, and seeing myself running the training.

I also tried boosting (paid advertising) a post from my Facebook page, and then felt inspired to set up a new page especially for therapists in Surrey to advertise their events and services, so I also posted there.

Next I found a networking meeting to attend. Actually I should say it found me! I've always shied away from that sort of thing, as really underneath I'm an introvert, but with my EFT tools I spent half a day tapping, and then practicing a good energetic speech which evolved more as I tapped. Lets just say I certainly woke everyone in the room up with my one-minute talk on +10 energy states!

I took a little bit of time out of every day to send some energy to my "Energy EFT Foundation Bubbleโ€ and I enjoyed filling it with love. Another lovely lady from that networking event booked on both trainings, and soon it felt like every time I looked at my email, there was another booking!

13 Energists Won't Fit In My Flat!

You just cant turn people away, so even though I thought of several ways of rearranging my house, it soon became clear wasn't going to be big enough, unless I actually moved all the furniture out!

I found a lovely venue in the centre of Godalming (Surrey, England) a week before the training, and it was perfect (apart from parking, an oversight!).

In the week before the training, I took a couple of days off to make 100% sure I really knew and understood the content of EEFTF. I watched Silvia Hartmann's videos for the trainers, I bought flowers, sorted out refreshments etc, and at last, the big day arrived!

The Day Of Reckoning

It seemed so surreal as I dressed and got the room ready. I took lots of books written by Silvia, including a copy of Love EFT for everyone participating as well as copies of The Energist magazine and one of the new SUE Scale banners. I was ready to go.

Wow, doesn't time fly when you are having fun!

The EEFTF manual is so well written, and all the exercises are enjoyable, it was wonderful to feel the energy rise in the room as we all tapped the points together.

Everything flowed so easily throughout the day, and it was also lovely to go round and talk to everyone as they worked together in pairs.

One of my favourite moments was looking around the room and seeing everyone compelled by the course material, and having great fun with The Energy Billionaire section of the manual.

Below is a selection of the feedback that I received from my lovely students on the EEFTF training.

What was your favourite part of the EEFTF course?

  • Kelly Mayne Energy EFT Foundation GraduatesDoing EEFT in pairs on real issues. Also loved the colourful manual.

  • Being with like-minded individuals.

  • Realising how easy Energy EFT can be.

  • How effective Energy EFT will be with my friends and family, as well as myself.

  • Its made Energy EFT really accessible.

  • Learning how to help others as well as myself.

  • Tapping with a partner.

  • Tapping in pairs.

What would you say to anyone thinking about doing the EEFTF course?

  • Just do it, you will never look back!

  • Try it, you have nothing to lose.

  • Definitely recommend it, especially with Kelly.

  • Do it!

  • Would definitely recommend it.

  • A precious self-help tool, and insight into "No, I'm not mad!".

  • Do it, Energy EFT can help you with everything and anything.

Other comments and general thoughts about the EEFTF course?

  • I can't wait for next week! (from a lady taking her EEFTMP training)

  • Kelly had an energetic style which is infectious, uplifting and kept the pace of the training up. Very lively and entertaining.

  • A great course..everybody should do it!

  • Kelly, you are a star, fantastic training, amazing energy.

  • A fabulous day, brilliantly delivered. Thank you so much.

  • Awesome, awesome day. Your energy is infectious and you are a brilliant trainer. Thank you again.

  • Lovely day, learnt so much, and your energy has infused everybody in a big bubble of love.

  • I will be tapping "Kelly" energy when I run my own trainings!

Becoming A GoE Trainer

I have always loved passing on EEFT to my clients, but this takes things to a whole new level. A whole group of people are going to go out there, and change themselves and their friends and families for the better. What a great gift to be able to pass on!

My main tips for manifesting and attracting the things you want, are to tap out your blocks, notice every thought that will not help you, and then speak with love and passion. Show how much you love your job, forget about the money/need, and focus on all the gifts.

I have found myself changing so much in the last couple of months, I've gone out of my comfort zone and I'm currently in talks with some people in Morocco to do a training out there! That's something I'd never thought I'd be able to do only a few months ago!

I cant finish this article without thanking Sandra who has been a support and inspiration to me since 2004 when I took my first EFT training. I must also thank Silvia for her courses and books, as well as The AMT/GoE for always being so helpful and supportive.


Kelly Mayne is a GoE Trainer and Energy EFT & EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner from Surrey, England. If you would like to attend one of Kellyโ€™s trainings, or for more information, head to her GoE website.

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