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Guide To Recording Energy EFT Sessions

Guide To Recording Energy EFT Sessions

DRAFT NOTICE: We are currently working on this notice, so please only use it for guidance.

The GoE aims to collect video-recorded Energy EFT sessions, so we kindly request EFT Master Practitioners who have a willing client to hit the record button on their video cameras and send us the footage. This project aims to demonstrate the evolution of Energy EFT over classic EFT, as well as promoting the power of both techniques on a wide variety of issues. We hope that this collection will inspire a new generation of Energy EFT practitioners to help in their own communities, as well as offering a promotional tool to the practitioner themselves.

This notice covers:

  • Selecting and getting the required permission from clients
  • Guidance to the treatment flow and what needs to appear in the video footage
  • Submitting the footage to The AMT

Selecting and getting the required permission from clients

Choose from clients, friends or family to work with. We require a wide variety of genuine & real case-stories, so please submit as many as possible regardless on the severity of the energetic intensity of the problem.

The client to be recorded needs to be made aware that you are video recording them, and that the footage may be edited or made public.

Please may you ask the client to complete & sign the following statement, which needs to be submitted to us alongside your footage:

I CLIENT NAME understand that this Energy EFT session on DATE with practitioner PRACTIONER NAMEย is to be video recorded, may be edited and may be made public by The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies for the purpose of demonstrating Energy EFT & to help trainee practitioners.

I hereby give my consent for this to happen,ย 




Guidance to the treatment flow and what needs to appear in the video footage

1. EFT explanation

Supershort, aka:

โ€œPeople have an energy body.

When this energy body gets hurt or the free flow of energy becomes blocked up through stress or trauma, we experience negative emotions.

When we tap on these special energy points, we encourage energy flow which releases negative emotions.

The more we can increase the energy flow, the more positive the emotions become.โ€

2. EFT Stress Round

If the person doesn't know EFT, use the stress round to teach EFT.

"Let's just have a go and we'll use the word STRESS."

3. EFT Energy Round

"For practice, we'll do it again. Let's tap on ENERGY this time."

4. EFTeam Round

"We're working together as a team. Let's tap on TEAM."

5. EFT Treatment

Ask the client about the problem and start tapping.

Highlight for the viewers:

  • Positive Feedback & Encouragement
  • Encouraging the Client To MOVE (don't get stuck on a chair, stand up when the energy starts to move)
  • That general movement towards the +10. Like saying to the client, "That's really great. The energy is starting to flow a little bit already. Let's really encourage that now ..."

Try and use the SUE Scale if you can.

6. Homework On High Energy

Find something the client really loves and tell them to tap that when they get stressed for homework.

One word like God or Sunshine or Joy or whatever the client really likes.

  • If the client is a complete mess or very unstable, suggest doing the Heart Healing alone in moments of need to stabilise the energy system first, then to tap on something positive.

7. Happy Client

Whether you can get the Healing Event or not, before you go, MAKE THE CLIENT HAPPY.

Find something they love so they're at a high positive at the end.

8. Client Feedback

Ask the client how they feel about EFT, how they feel about you, did they feel supported, was this helpful. Don't be shy, tap if you have to.

Submitting the footage to The AMT

Due to the large video file size, need for data security and also compatibility between systems, we recommend you contact The AMTย to discuss how best to get the footage and client contract to us.

This may be either:

  • Upload to our website. We have hundreds of GB of file-space available, but may take you a long time to upload depending on the file size.ย 
  • Sending through theย the post (USB memory-stick or Video DVD). It is important to send by recorded delivery (aka "Signed For"), as the contract & video together may make it possible to identify the client.
  • Hand over in person (USB memory-stick or Video DVD). If you are attending the EFT & Energy Conference in November then this is the perfect time to pass on the video footage and contract.
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