How to Get the Most from Your GoE Membership

How to Get the Most from Your GoE Membership

Membership with The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies is a great way to keep up to date with all the latest news from the energy field, promote yourself as a therapist, trainer and workshop leader, and gain new clients. But having a membership doesn't automatically mean that you are getting the most out of it.

With a little time and effort you can maximise the benefits you receive, reach more clients, and grow your practice into a thriving business.

Here are some steps you could take to get the most from your GoE Membership...

1) Keep Your Profile Up To Date

Your GoE profile is like your digital handshake. It is the way you introduce yourself to potential clients that are searching for a therapist in your area. What do they see when they are scrolling through the list of Practitioners near them? Do they see a friendly photo of you, welcoming and warm, or is it just your a name with no photo attached, discreet and forgettable? Adding a photo makes you stand out from the pack, and encourages potential clients to find out more.

Once they've clicked through to your profile, is there lots of informative detail about you or is it blank? Remember, these potential clients know nothing about you, but they're looking for someone to help them, someone they can trust. They want to know that they're going to get the best treatment they can, and they need reassurance. Keep it friendly but professional, informative but to the point. It's no different to a CV, so make it count.

2) Keywords & Specialities

Every single GoE Practitioner is a specialist in something, it's just some don't realise it or advertise it. Have a think about what you know a lot about, what you are interested in, and what you have successfully helped clients with in the past.

You shouldn't limit yourself by only accepting clients with a specific issue, but by stating your expertise in certain areas you will help potential users feel confident in your abilities. It may even draw in new clients from outside your usual catchment zone, as they will be wanting someone they feel can really help them.

You can advertise your specialities in a number of ways. It could be as simple as a bullet-list, for example:

"I specialise in:

  • Fear of Flying;
  • Emotional Eating;
  • Heartbreak;
  • PTSD & Trauma."

Or it could be much more detailed, offering insight into how you attained your specialities:

"After 2 years working as a therapist in Bosnia & Herzegovina helping civilians suffering from PTSD and injury related trauma, I have developed a deep understanding of what sufferers of this need to overcome it and move on with their life. When I was in Bosnia I often had to fly back to the UK for family commitments. This meant a need to overcome my own fear of flying, something that EFT helped me with greatly. So if you suffer from PTSD, trauma, fear of flying, or any other issue you need resolved, please do get in touch."

Using keywords like this in your profile not only helps your potential clients know a little more about you, it also helps them discover you in the first place. Google and other search engines use something called a "spider" to visit websites and discover what they are all about. They then rank the page based on the keywords used on the page and how popular it is. So if your GoE profile page has the keywords "PTSD" and "East Sussex", potential clients searching "PTSD Specialist Therapist in East Sussex" are far more likely to find you.

3) Trainings & Workshops

The information here has been written specifically for GoE trainers, but please note that GoE practitioners are very much encouraged to put on introductory workshops. For example, we recommend all our members use the "Positive EFT" by Silvia Hartmann book as the basis for introducing tapping to children, adults and groups.

If you're a practitioner and are running an introductory workshop then you'll need to let the office know to add these to the GoE calendar for you. At present, only trainers may upload events themselves through the website.

Trainer Mentorship Program

Whether you're thinking about running your first workshop, or are an experienced trainer looking for new ideas, we have a network of Trainer Mentors who are there to help. For a listing please see:

Listing Your Events

The GoE has a vibrant and busy calendar of events that is always getting added to. GoE Trainers have the ability to add their own AMT-relevant trainings to this calendar free of charge. In fact, it is actively encouraged!

Hosting live trainings can be a great way to promote your practice and yourself. Whether it's a Positive EFT 90 minute introductory workshop or a full 3-day EFT Master Practitioner training, you can create exposure and earn good money from these. It also helps your community, as we all know that the more people using Energy techniques the better.

Our job at The GoE is to help promote you and your training business so we are keen to make the public aware of your events. We display them automatically in a number of other places to increase their exposure:

If your training is super-special, such as it's taking place in a remote area, is the first of its kind or is being taught in a new language then this is newsworthy so let us know and we'll run a full-story on it for The Energist.

Learn how to upload your events here (or contact us for assistance):

Remember to Take a Group Photo!

Please remember to take a group photo of the people on your training holding up their certificates!

These always get a great response on social networks and we'll repost them through our channels.

AMT Support Team

We're here to help so contact us if you have any questions or would like advice on holding your trainings and we'll do our best to help. For contact information see:

Top-Ten Reasons to be an GoE Energist Trainer

See the following article:

4) Promote Yourself in The Energist

The Energist is The GoE's monthly eJournal. It includes the latest news in the Energy community, interesting articles and members' case stories. By submitting news items, articles and case stories for The Energist, you are not only making it an interesting read for other members, you are also getting your name out there, being seen and heard. Just like with the Keywords (section 2), the more you are positively active on the internet, discussing the benefits of EFT, EMO and other Energy modalities, the higher you will rank on search engines.

If you're a Trainer it also helps indirectly promote your Trainings. Members of the public who are thinking of becoming a Practitioner are given more confidence in a Trainer if they see that they are active and respected in the community.

5) Join Us on Social Networks

Joining social networks like Facebook keeps you connected with the growing energy world. You're most welcome to join us here:


  • The GoE's Pageย - The GoE's Facebook home page includes news, articles and events from the energy world
  • The EFT Groupย - Facebook's largest EFT group welcomes GoE members to talk about all things tapping! This group is growing at a rate of approx 9,000 people every 6 months and we list GoE EFT events automatically here
  • The EMO (Energy-in-Motion) Pageย - News, articles and events from the world of Energy-in-Motion
  • The Energy EFT and Positive EFT Pageย - News, articles and events from the world of Energy EFT & Positive EFT
  • AMT Practice Groupย - Recommended for all GoE members to arrange practice sessions with each other and ask questions. This group is a non-public group so conversations are slightly more confidential than the public EFT Group
  • Silvia Hartmann - Connect with GoE chairpersonย Silvia Hartmann on Facebook

Facebook (Regional GoE Groups):


6) Get In Touch!

The GoE have a team that are dedicated to helping our members in any way we can.

The office is open Monday โ€“ Friday 9:30am โ€“ 4:30pm and you can get in touch in the following ways:

๐Ÿ—ฃ Chat!

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