Overcoming Expat Syndrome - Energy EFT Case Story

Overcoming Expat Syndrome - Energy EFT Case Story

In this fascinating case story from EFT Master Practitionerย Lorna Firth, she describes how she uses modern Energy EFT tapping to help a British expat who battles with alcoholism, depression and homesickness, after moving to Cyprus with her husband.ย 

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As many energists know, I live and work in Cyprus. There is a wide community of expats (expatriate - a person residing in a country other than that of their citizenship) that live here, especially those from the UK and Ireland.

It takes a brave person who loves adventure, to move to a new country. Immersing oneself in a new culture is a challenge. However people come here to live their dream of relaxed living, sunshine and sea. Everything is usually fine and after a year or two, folks have settled in and are enjoying every minute of their new lifestyle.

However, there are some individuals who start to regret their move, often women, and wish they had never left their home country. Many of these people are missing their friends (although they convinced themselves they would make new friends) and family. They used most of their money to move to Cyprus. It is often the case where the male partner has settled with ease, and the woman is still yearning for their old life. In essence they feel stuck and very homesick!
These situations can often escalate into partnership difficulties, including developing issues such as alcoholism and depression.

Modern Energy EFT has helped enormously in these situations.

I had a case not so long ago which was a typical example of 'expat syndrome', which I would like to share.

Karen (all names changed for confidentiality purposes) came to see me about her drinking to excess. She was drinking every day, and the levels were going up. She and her husband would have wine with their main meal every day, and that would be sufficient. However, Karen started to drink more during the day whilst Graham was at the golf club.

When Karen arrived at my office, (Graham brought her, then came back later on for her) she looked very tense, she walked with a strange gait, and her eyes were glazed. She looked tired and unhappy.

I could smell alcohol on her breath. I welcomed her and explained about modern EFT and how increased energy flow could help her to feel better. We did a couple of rounds of de-stressing, and very soon she looked more relaxed.

Then she told me her story.

Five years ago, she and her husband decided to move to Cyprus permanently. They had lived here, on and off during Grahamโ€™s Royal Air Force (military) days, and it was a joint decision.

Expat Loneliness Energy EFTFor the first nine months everything worked out as planned, Karen was happy and fully immersed in setting up the new home, choosing furnishings and so forth. They socialized as a couple, regularly visiting the new friends they had met.

After a few months, Graham was invited to join a local golf club which he decided was a great idea. Karen was not interested in playing golf and said she was happy โ€œpottering about the house.โ€ Karen did not feel safe driving in her new country, so she relied on her husband to take her to places. As time went by, she became fed up and depressed. She would watch the planes land and take off, and wished she was back home with her family and friends. That is when she started to drink more alcohol, to help numb the pain.

I felt sorry for her, and sensed her sadness as a heaviness in my heart. To work we went.

I explained the aspects model to Karen, and asked her to tell me the story again using the โ€œaspect of Karen.โ€ We tapped on the significant and appropriate set-up and reminder phrases. As we went through the story, the floodgates opened and Karen started to sob uncontrollably. Her body was wracked in strong emotion, โ€œI miss my kids so much. I wish we had never come to this place. I hate it here.โ€

WOW! I really felt THAT! The need to de-stress at that point was of the essence. Karen felt unable to tap for herself so I asked for permission to do so for her. I proceeded to tap until she felt calmer.

I was aware that the session would have to end soon, so we tapped on โ€œI miss my kids so much,โ€ which measured as -5 on the SUE Scale. When we got up to 0, we tapped on โ€œlove my kids, see them soon,โ€ getting Karen to +7! She was smiling at last and was looking much more confident.

I gave her a copy of the SUE Scale and EFT points and asked her what would help her feel better now? She replied โ€œto feel happier and more content.โ€ That was her โ€œhomework tapping.โ€

When Karen came back for her next session, she looked much happier, more relaxed and interestingly, no smell of alcohol. She mentioned that she had just come back from the golf club. After her session with me, she planned to go home and do a Skype call with her children.

At this appointment we did more tapping using the aspect/story protocol. To finish the session, we played the classic game (from Project Sanctuary) on the metaphor, โ€œI am finding it difficult to settle in Cyprus,โ€ with the aspect of Karen. After tapping to create the perfect place in time and space, we concluded the session where Karen was in a beautiful country garden.

In this Garden, Karen could smell the roses and see a ploughed field over the fence with new shoots beginning to push through the soil. She tasted fresh coffee and heard the sounds of music in the background, interestingly Cypriot Bazouki music, she could feel the grass beneath her feet and most importantly she felt calm and tranquil.

Karen had two appointments only. I have since heard from her, and have learned that she is happier and more content than she has ever been. She has started art and creativity classes in the form of mosaics. She volunteers at an animal sanctuary, and occasionally accompanies her husband to the golf club. She drinks alcohol at the weekends only and feels physically well. I also gave her a copy of Silvia Hartmann's Positive EFT, to help her keep her flowing at +10!

Energy EFT helped Karen, her husband and their relationship in two sessions. I feel that many more expats, not just in Cyprus, but in Spain, France and other countries, would benefit greatly from modern Energy EFT, it reaches the parts where Classic EFT and other therapies cannot.

Miraculous and Majyckal stuff!

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