Positive EFT Case Story - Reclaim the Magic and Believe in Fairies

Positive EFT Case Story - Reclaim the Magic and Believe in Fairies

As part of Anne Marie Yatesย EFT Master Practitionerย distance learning course, she was asked to write up case stories to highlight the skills she was gaining on the course. Anne Marie chose to highlight the Positives with a Positive EFT case study which ended with both Anne Marie and her client reclaiming the magic!

Read on for the full story....

I've chosen this story as it is a wonderful example of how Positive EFT works.

I asked 'Jessica' to choose a happy childhood memory from a young age. She chose one of herself chasing dandelion seeds around the garden, thinking they were fairies, and putting them into a jam jar. I asked her what time of year was it, what time of day, what the weather was like and what the environment she was in. She replied that it was a sunny afternoon in summer. She was in the garden she grew up in, surrounded by beautiful flowers. I could feel myself in that garden with her!

I asked her if she could hear, taste or smell anything and she replied that she could hear her mother laughing in the kitchen. There was a lovely smell of cut grass and freshly baked cakes. It made her feel really happy inside.

Jessica went on to say she remembered thinking that the dandelion seeds were fairies and she was catching them to put them into a jam jar that was magical. As it came back to her how much the little girl believed in magic and the wonderful feelings she felt inside, Jessica said that she would love to recreate the believing in magic feeling again.

We tapped on how she had forgotten that feeling and then tapped in the belief in fairies again! Jessica couldn't believe how excited she felt now she believed in magic again! So we tapped on how exciting it was to believe this! She said how positive she now felt about everything.

I felt as though the magical energy was touching me as well and it felt amazing!! So much so, that as soon as I got home, I rushed into my own study to look at all the four-leafed clovers I had pressed in two books! There must have been about 40 of them and I had forgotten I had them! Felt very blessed and lucky too!


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