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Positive EFT Feedback

Positive EFT Feedback

On 9th June 2013, Silvia Hartmann conducted the first AMT Positive EFT Practitioner Training and the feedback youโ€™ve been sending us has been fantastic. We can tell how excited everyone is about working with the positive end of the SUE Scale!

Silvia Hartmann, developer, Positive EFT

Well that was amazing!

Fantastic turnout of GoE trainers from Ireland, Germany, Switzerland, Spain and of the course the UK. Watch out for Positive EFT coming to your country soon!

The power of the positives ...

I had really been looking forward to this in a way that I have never looked forward to teaching anything. I was really excited to be there. The participants said the same thing - they had been seriously looking forward to it and couldn't wait to get started.

That was new and interesting, I thought. And it bodes well for doing this with other people, and also for clients really WANTING to do more (Positive) EFT.

I had noticed how just putting together the little and entirely unassuming handouts manual, you even TOUCH the positives from a distance, how that makes you feel better. Just writing the words, like JOY and GRACE and FREEDOM - it's quite amazing how that lifts the whole energy.

I also noticed how the sessions and the whole day just FLEW by. That was the shortest 10 - 5 training day I've ever given! It must be true that time flies when you're having fun.

I have to say that I have rarely spoken so passionately about any topic. It really is close to my heart; I am absolutely convinced all the way from the theory to the practical application that it is right, that we need to work with positives so we can all feel better, and become the best people we can be.

It makes absolutely no difference if you're a trainer, or a practitioner, or a personal development nut or just a civilian. We all get happier, brighter, smarter, just BETTER when our energy system flows and gets fed properly just for a change.

It's just lovely to bring something positive to people and to see them smile. It makes you feel good. It's a human thing and something I've said for a long time, namely that human beings are not flawed or cruel or hateful by nature at all. If they behave like that, it is because they are severely stressed. It's really as simple as that.

I think that everyone in our group grasped the potential of this which is a radically different approach not just to dealing with our problems, but to life in general, and left with excitement in their hearts, thinking up ways of how to take that home and use it to make their lives better from that day forth. Their lives, and those of their loved ones.

Understanding how energy body stress works for real, and what we have to do to alleviate that to become stronger and smarter, more loving and more intuitive, more switched on and more aligned to the rest of the Universe is a gift for life. It's an awesome, awesome thing. It is so deeply and profoundly healing, it beats the old trauma chasing into a cocked hat every time. And it completely aligns with what human beings need and want - to feel good, to have good experiences, to love and be loved, and to be home with the entire Creative Order, on the same page with God, if you will.

Positive EFT can and will go into places the "therapy" forms could never go. It'll open doors for EFT and open minds to modern energy work. It's a precursor of a totally different way to think of healing and to do it, when all is said and done.

And as one of the participants remarked, "People think therapy is worse than going to the dentist's! Boy am I glad I don't have to be a dentist any more ..." Right on. We're energists. And that's an amazing whole new story! :-)


Read Silvia Hartmann's 2012 Conference keynote speech on "The Power of the Positive" online here:

Lisa Jennings

I think Positive EFT is really the way to go.

I got home from the training and went online to an international professional discussion started by a suicidologist.....lots of people studying suicide and not one of them has the smallest clue about how to prevent it. I thought they should talk to us.

I trained as a Freudian first and by 1970 knew that I disagreed with almost every word he ever said. We need people to invent and start the ball rolling but it doesn't mean they have it right. They just point our thinking in a direction and evolution takes over.

That is what has happened here.

Silvia has got it right and it is much easier way to get into things. Both EFT and EMO can be combined so seamlessly.

Love it.


Shane Donohoe, Ireland

I have been practicing Positive EFT for a couple of weeks now since I met Silvia in Dublin and it is working really well. The sessions are much more fun and the clients are getting to +10 quicker and without the major tears!

It was a great affirmation for the work I've been doing recently and I also managed to pick up a few nice tips for enhancing the experience. Gained a few insights and had a couple of aha! moments which have given me a new perspective on energy work. A real paradigm shift all the way!

When do you think you'll have the manuals ready as I'd like to run a class on this ASAP? I think if we had one person in every family familiar with Positive EFT the world would be a better place in no time.

Take care,


Barbara Saph, England

My verdict on Positive EFT.

Got back from Positive EFT training at about 7pm.

Now usually when I get back from a workshop I'm feeling tired, mildly stressed with a headache especially if it involves driving any distance and wishing there was someone there with a meal ready.

Well today feel great, no headache, not tired even though I was up at 4.15, hour and a half drive both ways on the motorway and even quite happy to cook myself a snack. Now that is a result.

You know what it's like when you've been on holiday and you come home and it all looks different because you've been away so long well that's just what it was like getting home.

Waiting to see what else might happen next.

Jody Galardo on Facebook

Did group positive tapping to end a workshop the other day using "excitement"! WOW, smiling faces and for some of us we could feel our heart pumping a little faster.

Ended with a round of "infinite love and gratitude".

Margarita Foley, London

I am still buzzing after a session I had tonight with a client using Positive EFT.

The client wanted to work on 3 or 5 issues that have been troubling her for some time. At first I thought she would resist going straight to working on positive feelings instead of the traumatic feelings. On the contrary she was delighted.

Once she looked at what she wanted in place of her low feelings she got quite excited and tapping was just a 'piece of cake'.

Instead of tapping on feelings about not having money, we tapped on 'more wealth'.

Instead of tapping on 'I cant do maths' we tapped on 'understanding maths'

Instead of tapping on feelings about her present house, we tapped on 'new home'

As we tapped she even found more appropriate words to tap for what she wanted.

She was absolutely rolling around with joyful laughter as we tapped on the positive of each issue.

I tested her on each of them and her feelings had completely changed.

I now keep asking myself, "What else is possible?" as I can see all the ways Positive EFT will change the way we tap.

For example how wonderful to tap on 'miracle of healing' and to experience the flow of that energy instead of tapping for hours around the emotions evoked by a particular illness or pain.

I feel the intention with which we endow the word or short phrase is important so that it carries all the energy of what we need.

I have heard it said that Positive EFT was not EFT and I am puzzled.

We had such a positive and enlightening experience on the Training with The Evolver herself, Silvia Hartmann, that I can only say,โ€ Try it for yourself and seeโ€.

Of course there may be people who feel the need to do some releasing if they are feeling emotions that appear overwhelming. I was one of those people until I heard Silvia Hartmann say, โ€œWhy keep rooting around in the low feelings in order to feel better. And the whole purpose of EFT is to increase our well-being and happiness.โ€ So I plunged in and I am so glad I did.

I have had trouble sleeping lately and I used to tap at the first step. Since I know about Positive EFT instead of tapping for my angry, irritable feelings with my body I am taking in words like โ€˜Calmโ€™, โ€˜Relaxingโ€™ etc and I usually fall asleep very quickly afterwards.

I do believe that even releasing can be transformed into a positive statement. For example one can say. โ€œTransforming this feeling into joyโ€. This may bring to light our deeper resistance but by allowing in what we need we are already allowing the positive instead of focussing on what we donโ€™t want.

What stays with me is the happy, light hearted atmosphere that was generated as everyone tuned into what they really wanted for themselves, situations that arise and other people. We quickly realized that Positive EFT can help us feel many times better than just being in a peaceful place, wonderful and all as that is.

When we breathe through our hearts we remember that everything is inside us as possibility. We simply become one with it and allow it to flow as we tap. Breathing, lightly tapping and allowing the energy to move through quickly all moved us into a different energetic state.

Part of the fun we experienced was using nature and animal energies to transport us way beyond our everyday weariness. Imagine tapping in the energy of an eagle or a monkey or tapping in the energy of a sunlit sea, or a mountain lake. And there are also colour, crystal and plant energies to be tapped into.

The energy system needs to flow in order to be in a high energy state. This can happen when we are in love. Now we can create it anytime through Positive EFT. What a gift for our Energy Systems and our lives. By simply asking ourselves, โ€œWhat do I need right now to make me feel better, happier, more energetic, more joyful etc?

We can change our energy flow and our state. This makes all the difference to our energy levels and our capacity to enjoy whatever we do.

I found my excitement growing as I realized how much farther we can go in less time to being more understanding of ourselves and other people. This is only the beginning as I told myself at the end of the day. All that we have already discovered with EFT, Emotional Transformation and so many other innovations find a new dimension with Positive EFT.

I have to thank Silvia Hartmann for seeing the obvious in the ordinary and for opening our eyes to the wonders that are possible in such easy and do-able ways.

Margarita Foley
June 13th 2013

Detlev Tesch, Germany

I had been a searcher in the self development area for some years when I discovered EFT and I was happy to use and teach it.

That changed substantially when I learned EMO in 2007. I all but dropped EFT completely only using in in one-on-one sessions occasionally but I no longer did any EFT trainings. It is just that EMO felt and feels so right, so natural, so simple, so elegant.

Well, here's another big change: I learned about Energy EFT and just recently Positive EFT. While I still do not feel drawn to classic EFT these innovative developments have found their way into my heart. It is like a missing ingredient had been added and it all makes more sense now.

This is quite literally taking EFT to the next level - so we are at last leaving the ground floor ;) - and helps shift people to positive more easily and more quickly. How brilliant, to remove energy disturbances en passant without addressing them directly, without going into any painful states or memories.

Energy EFT and Positive EFT have already proven themselves in using them for myself, and in coaching, and they will now be added to my training offerings.

Detlev Tesch, GoE Trainer Trainer
Detlev Tesch on The GoE - inc Trainings & Events

Debbie Gibson, England

Took part in the 1st Positive EFT seminar with The Association for Meridian & Energy Therapies, courtesy of Silvia Hartmann.

Slightly puzzled that the 4 years I have just spent studying psychology and counselling can be usurped by this new concept of how to use Positive Energy to heal people can have such swift results.

Goodbye psychodynamics digging into the past - hello positive future here I come!

Tina Beckham, England

Thank you Silvia Hartmann for Positive EFT.

I must say that Silvia's Positive EFT training was truly amazing. This new technique and the training behind it with stress SUE Scale really takes EFT to another level. For me it makes my practice/training to an even more acceptable and assessable for those who have been traumatised e.g. PTSD clients and their families.

What a fantastic truly memorable day with very special people.

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