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Smash That Invisibility Cloak! - EMO Energy In Motion Article

Smash That Invisibility Cloak! - EMO Energy In Motion Article

In this enlightening EMO Energy In Motion ย (formerly EMO)ย article, Master Practitioner Tanya Isdale recalls hows she broke her self-limiting 'Invisibility Cloak' and became a much more confident and outgoing person.

Read on for the full article...

The experience I had recently on my EMO Master Practitioner course was so amazing, with its profound and personal healing, that I wanted to share it with you.

First, a bit of background, which you will need to better understand where I was coming from. The eldest of six, my siblings are all high achievers; highly intelligent and successful in their chosen fields.

Having struggled with health issues as a teenager, my own confidence took a bashing โ€“ I was and had remained self conscious and self limiting. In my own eyes, I was mediocre; I felt that I had not shone in any way, even though I was often being told that I put myself down.

My mother is now a widow. We speak daily and see each other often, as she lives nearby. Happily, my younger sister is also local. My sister is an exceptional woman โ€“ energetic, confident, beautiful, caring, wise, a high achiever, strong and with a wonderful family. My mother will talk about her and her outstanding achievements to anyone who will listen. Any achievements I have made seem to me to fade into insignificance. Coincidentally, as I took up study in life coaching, my sister took up study in health coaching.

Smash Your Invisibility Cloak With EMO Energy In Motion!While visiting London, I heard my mother proudly telling a cousin about my sisterโ€™s new study. I heard not a word about me. Not one word even though I was there, and I was studying also. As they both gazed admiringly at my sister, the hurt was deep; always sensitive, this type of wound was something I had felt before, that I was somehow overshadowed. OK โ€“ so I dealt with it, the pain lessened.

Skip forward a few months to the EMO Energy In Motion Master Practitioner course, with teacher Denise and her lovely sister-in-law Ruth. On the second day, we worked on resolving an energetic hurt that was still present. This event came to mind immediately. As I talked about what happened, Denise and Ruth started tapping. Denise drew out my awareness and I realised that I was behind an invisibility cloak! What a paradigm shift โ€“ this was how my self limiting behaviour had manifested itself. I had been the creator of my own invisibility, and had held on to it for so many years as a form of self-protection.

We explored the cloakโ€™s colour and opacity, its location and shape. Would I be prepared to make a hole in this cloak, to let energy in? No, absolutely not; I was prepared at best to make a small hole in front of my right eye, so that I could look out, but definitely not to let anything in. Denise and Ruth watched with patience and love as I kept my guard in place.

On the third day of the course, we arrived at the exercise โ€˜Increasing your Personal Power โ€“ Permanentlyโ€™. I jumped up โ€“ I wanted to do this, I wanted to do it now, I wanted to make a permanent change immediately! My feet literally were dancing, out of my control, they were leading the way in the energetic haste to change.

We began the exercise; I closed my eyes and felt the invisibility cloak in front of me and surrounding me. Now, I was ready and eager to smash it to bits. With the encouragement of Denise and Ruth, I felt energy burst out of my heart chakra, a golden light, destroying the long held cloak. Bringing new energy in and down through my crown, I continued to burst golden energy in through my system and out into the room and beyond. The feeling of tremendous high energy was something I will never forget. It was like being plugged in to a universal power supply! We threw the energy up to the stars and all too soon, my awareness returned to my physical body. I felt two inches taller; deeply grounded; even my posture had changed.

Now, a few short weeks later, I am busy self-promoting and beginning to publish articles. I realise that my mother is as proud of me as she is of my sister and all my siblings. It was me, myself, who had been hiding and making myself small. Pride in my journey, self awareness and joy are mine to be encompassed, and the techniques learned are mine to keep, limited only by my imagination.


Tanya Isdale is an EMO Master Practitioner based in Altrincham, Cheshire, England. Tanya also holds Reiki Master, Life Coach and Counselling qualifications. To contact Tanya, and find out more, head to her website:ย coachingforlife.co

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