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The Two Minute EFT Stress Release Technique

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All Stressed Out?

The Two Minute Stress Release Technique

... is a very simple technique whereby you are going to stimulate the flow of energy through a number of your body's main meridians by touching them.

Whilst you do this, tune into something that is particularly stressful to you at the moment by thinking about it, or by saying out loud what it is that is bothering you as you go through the sequence.

Where did this come from?

The Two Minute Stress Release Technique is an abbreviated form of Touch & Breathe by John Diepold, which is based on Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques which is derived from Roger Callahan's Thought Field Therapy, brought to you in this user friendly design by Silvia Hartmann, AMT Trainer and Author of "Adventures In EFT".

TAB, EFT and TFT are examples of the New Meridian/Energy therapies which are superb tools for healing the mind and the body by removing limiting negative emotions such as fear, anger, depression, anxiety, terror, panic, self doubt etc to give you true emotional freedom to be and do the best you can be, to think clearly and with focus, and to be able to live your life to the best.

Clickย here to start loading an animation that will take you through the very simple process.

When you have completed it, you can check out the FAQ here.

* If you are a therapist or interested in studying more about the underlying principles of Emotional Freedom Technique EFT, Thought Field Therapy TFT, or any of the other new meridian energy therapies such as BSFF, TAT, EMO etc, we recommend you go to our main site at http://TheAMT.com for many articles, books, resources and access to the meridian energy therapy community.

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