Stress Relief with Meridian Energy Therapies - FAQ

Frequently asked questions:

  1. How do I find out more about EFT & The New Meridian Therapies ?
  2. Where can I find a practitioner to help me ?
  3. I did not feel much relief?
  4. When should I use this technique ?
  5. Can it possibly help me with... ?
  6. Which fingers on which side of the face?

How do I find out more about these techniques?

You can start by looking at our basic introduction to EFT at

To book a session with a practitioner, look up the international practitioner listings at

Great archives also for the AMT newsletter Energy at to subscribe please mail has books etc on EFT and correspondence courses on EFT and MET.

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Where can I find a practitioner?

There is a listing of international contacts on

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I did not feel much relief?

The slightly abbreviated technique here is effective for about 85% of the population even in this shortened version.

Generally, make sure you have an emotion to release - if you feel nothing when you start, you won't feel any different when you finish! If you're worried about releasing an emotion you think you might need for some reason, start practising with feelings that have no use to you, such as a strong dislike of an advertisement or pop singer. This will give you the confidence to understand how to work with the technique on more personal issues.

We tend to say, "Keep at it!". It's free, it's quick, it's good for your meridians - so give it a few days and see what happens!

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When should I use this technique ?

It releases negative emotions, so any time you're afraid, stressed, angry, sad, etc. have a quick stop-and-breathe through the points. You can also try it on headaches, indigestion, sleeplessness, etc.

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Can it possibly help me with ... ?

That's the first question people start to ask. What we always say is, Try it on EVERYTHING. Some things respond better than others, but that's highly individual. Sometimes you need the extra insights of another, and doing it with a friend can be very helpful, especially if the friend touches the points for you. Try it on your children and other loved ones, too. Experiment with it - and be prepared to be surprised what this simple little technique can do!

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Which fingers/side of face?

It doesn't matter. Generally, people use the index finger or index and middle finger together to touch the points. You can use either hand, and the meridian points are mirror imaged on both sides of the eyes.

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The Association For Meridian & Energy Therapies recommends:

Adventures In EFT - Your Essential Guide to EFT Emotional Freedom Techniques

Available from all good book stores.

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