Stress Fear & Anxiety Techniques for 200 in Istanbul

Stress Fear & Anxiety Techniques for 200 in Istanbul

Stress, Fear & Anxiety effect millions across the world. Experienced GoE Trainer Nimet Ozkan helped over 200 individuals to go from Stress to Success, as she presented at the Endless Happiness Seminar, in Istanbul, Turkey.

Stress, Fear and Anxiety Presentation, by Nimet Ozkan

In December 2018, Nimet Ozkan and her team of Modern Energy Practitioners held a workshop for more than 200 people in Istanbul's Florya Ellite World business Hotel, as part of their Endless Happiness Seminars. 

Talking on the subject of Stress, Fear and Anxiety, Nimet and her team introduced the delegates to a range of techniques from Modern Stress Management and Modern Energy Tapping, helping them to become free from fear and anxiety, and move into the posititves where the possiblities are endless!



Nimet Ozkan & The Presentation Team

(Nazan genc, Hatun şen, Hülya şamhili, Banu altın, Özlem ortadağ, Zeynep yigit) 


The American Psychological Association (APA) estimates that "Stress costs U.S. businesses alone roughly $300 billion USD a year as a result of absenteeism, reduced productivity levels and employee turnover."

Stress is a huge problem for individuals and businesses all over the world and it's fabulous that there are now over 150 highly trained GoE Modern Stress Management Professionals including Auk whom are available to step in and help!

If you are in a company that could use some Modern Stress Management, or an individual looking for tips & advice, please see the links below.

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