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Susan Kennard on ITV's Lorraine

Susan Kennard on ITV's Lorraine

Lorraine Kelly Show – The Women Turning To Psychic Therapists

AMT Practitioner & Trainer Susan Kennard, talks to ITV's Lorraine Kelly about EFT and Energy. Susan holds her own under the face of criticism from Professor of psychology and sceptic Chris Green.

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Lorraine Kelly Show – The Women Turning To Psychic Therapists

After press coverage from the 'Mail Online', Psychic Therapists are in the spot light. On the 7th January 2014 Susan Kennard appeared on the Lorraine show to talk about Psychic Therapy, EFT and Energy.

ITV writes:

As we wonder about what 2014 has in store for us, there's been a reported increase in high flying women visiting psychics! But gone are the crystal balls... instead, modern psychics have had a makeover and have rebranded themselves as 'intuitive therapists' or 'psychic counsellors'.

As the New year begins many of us will start to think about dealing with aspects of our lives that we're not happy with. For more and more people this will mean visiting someone who uses their psychic gift to enhance their understanding of their clients. They are increasingly sought after by professional people looking for guidance in their lives from decisions about their career to relationship problems.

We are joined by Susan Kennard, a professional Psychic Counsellor who uses her psychic abilities to tune into her client's issues and Professor of psychology and sceptic Chris Green.

To see the clip of Susan please click here

Susan remained calm, consice and focused despite Chris Green's criticism and repeated comments that results were simply a placebo effect and had no evidence to suggest otherwise! Here at The GoE we have addressed this, with the help of Ben Meijer and Dr Liz Boath we've compiled a quick abbreviated list of studies and papers that indeed do show EFT is an evidence based technique. Click here to view them.

So please do continue your efforts raising awareness of the issue and if you know of any studies not mentioned in this list then get in touch.


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