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Tapping for Children with Positive EFT

Tapping for Children with Positive EFT

Alex Kent, author of the brand new Positive EFT children's book BIG Ted's Guide to Tapping, discusses why this revolutionary paradigm shift is ideal for working with children.

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In the last couple of years, the classical EFT landscape has been truly transformed and revolutionised by Silvia Hartmann. Before 2011, practitioners were exclusively taught to work with trauma and negative emotions using the limited Subjective Units of Distress SUD scale (10 to zero). This of course makes sense in the adult therapy world where the absence of a problem means job done, but it is my belief that kids need positivity to be happy.

With Silvia Hartmann's books Energy EFT (2012) and Positive EFT (2013) we learn how tapping can be used for so much more than what can measured on the old scale of distress. Now we have the Subjective Units of Experience SUE scale (-10 to +10) which means we can ask "How happy are you?" and get a response of minus 5, rather than asking "How sad are you?" and getting a result of plus 5.

They may seem like similar results, but the difference between tapping your way from 5 to 0 (SUD) or -5 to +10 (SUE) makes all the difference in the world.

It was at the turn of the last century that I had my eyes opened to the potential of classic EFT when I noticed that I could use the technique for improving my bowling scores. It quickly became my secret weapon and the better I got the more I enjoyed the sport. By using setup statements such as "Even though I didn't get a strike, I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself" there was an undeniable improvement in results.

Yet, even at the time, forcing myself to work with a negative opening statement didn't seem right to me. The absence of distress that classic EFT strives for was not relevant to my sporting success.

Positive EFT offers a far better fit for encouraging positive thinking which is as relevant to sport as it is to working with children.

I wrote BIG Ted because I felt the world needed an antidote to old-school Freudian thinking, where the solution is exploring/hunting/creating/promoting reasons in the past for problems today.

The books on the market which aim to teach children how to handle emotions, often encourage the revelling in the negative via all sorts of techniques such as playing, dancing, singing and even visualisation. And of course, this is because those authors haven't made the revolutionary leap to energy work and therefore don't have the ability to transform negative emotions into positive ones, like Energists do.

BIG Ted is exclusively positive which means kids can choose what they want more of. If they are "Sad", they may choose the direct opposite to work on such as "Happy", or something they know makes them happy such as "Play" or "Fun". Once the setup statement is chosen, children start with some breathing work before using the refined EFT "Heart & Soul" protocol of points to tap from top to bottom and then test themselves for change.

There are no sore-spots to rub or even fingers to miss out, so the protocol is super easy and non-painful to learn. BIG Ted is much safer for working with groups too.

BIG Ted is a short book featuring a lovable bear and I hope everyone young & old will discover that EFT can be simple to be effective. In 24 pages of large text for young readers, the whole magical world of tapping opens up before them as a life skill.

Most importantly, I hope everyone who reads this book regardless of age realise there is so much more tapping can do for you than just dissipate trauma. EFT may have started out with Gary Craig and his revolutionary "Ultimate Therapist" ideas, but now thanks to Silvia Hartmann everyone and anyone can improve their lives for the better.

Alex Kent, November 2013

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