The 2011 GoE Christmas Competition

The 2011 GoE Christmas Competition

As we begin to wrap up 2011, The GoE has had much to celebrate these past 12 months -ย so we've organised a free-to-enter competition with over ยฃ1,600 worth of goodies! We'll send out winners notifications on Christmas Day, so do enter if you'd like the chance of an extra present.

Competition Closed - Thanks to all 250 people who enteredย Smile

Happy Birthday The AMT!

This year has been a bit of a journey for the AMT. We started out in January by forming a learned society for the study of modern energy work, this summer we welcomed EMO membership to join us, September launched the Energy EFT Master Practitioner training which has already begun taking EFT to the next level, November saw the most successful EFT & Energy Psychology conference ever with twice as many attendees that came to 2010 - AND this month we celebrate our 13th birthday!

The GoE was founded in December 1998 and the first GoE website came online on December 15th, 1998. The GoE became the first organisation to offer original trainings in meridian energy therapies, including EFT, and created the basis for MET practitioners to obtain practice insurance in the UK for the first time.

5,000,000th Page Views

Since 1998, has been providing free downloads, educational articles and professional practitioner and events listings to millions of people across the globe. In 2007, site statistics began to be recorded ย and we are about to hit the 5,000,000th page view or 23,500,000 hits since then. Each month, about 18,000 unique visitors come to the site in order to learn more about energy based therapies, read case stories, find a training or a practitioner and discover new solutions to their problems.

AMT December Competition - Free to Enter

We have had some fantastic prizes contributed for our big celebration, so if you would like to win one just visit out Facebook page or our Birthday Competition homepage to enter and discover more.

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