The 2 Minute Stress Release Technique

Try the power of Meridian Energy Therapies for yourself, now, online, to release tension in your body and your mind, to help you relax, release and recharge. An animation will take you through a simplified MET process in under 2 minutes. Enjoy!

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Two Minute Release Technique

Like EFT, this technique is based on the meridian system which transports energy around the body.

Fear and stress results in blockages in this system. When the blockage is softened or removed, energy flows freely and you experience a sense of calm and well being.

Below, you will find the Two Minute Release animation that will take you through a simplified version of stimulating a number of major meridian points by lightly touching or massaging them and breathing deeply at the same time.

Whilst you follow the instructions, hold in your mind something that causes you stress or fear or any form of painful emotion at this time.

Notice how touching these special points lightly whilst you breathe deeply really makes you feel *quite different* - as though a relaxation is taking place, a softening, a *release*.

The "Ambassador of Energy Therapies" EFT uses more points than this abbreviated version and Adventures In EFT gives you clear and simple instructions on how to use the full EFT protocol for addictions, anxiety, fears and much, much more.

The Two Minute Release Technique is designed to give you a taste of the *immediate benefits* of stimulating the meridian system in this gentle and thoughtful manner.

Please note that the animation loops so start your first experience with Meridian Energy Therapies at

"Are you ready?"


The Two Minute Release Technique

Created by Silvia Hartmann

based on techniques by Gary Craig & John Diepold

Emotional Freedom With The Award Winning Two Minute Release Technique

The Association For Meridian Energy Therapies recommends

Adventures In EFT

as the best introduction to Gary Craig's Emotional Freedom Techniques.

Adventures In EFT is available from the E-Book Store

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