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The GoE @ Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2014

The GoE @ Mind Body Spirit Festival, 2014

The GoE exhibited Silvia Hartmann's Positive EFT at the London Mind Body Spirit festival this weekend, exposing the new technique to the thousands of people in attendance. Over four days we gave hundreds of one-to-one and group demonstrations to show how raising positive energy on what you want out of life focusses your mind, physiology and energy system on achieving your dreams.

A big thank-you to Silvia Hartmann, Stephen Kent, Sandra Hillawi, Sophia Davis & Melanie Bryceland for being the faces of The GoE - and also to Josh, Zoe and Martin for their organisational efforts before hand.

Read on to see pictures and feedback from the four days!

Silvia Hartmann

Ladies and gentlemen, Positive EFT rocks!

You really have to give it a try with the general public. It's absolutely amazing how easy Positive EFT makes to give people a good first experience of EFT and really motivate them to learn more.

Not only that, you don't need a doctorate in psychology to show it. Anybody can do it, it's easy, and just so much fun for everyone involved. What a difference to the old way of having to do some kind of trauma therapy with newbies to convince them that EFT works!

Silvia Hartmann & Alex KentAnother Happy Customer!A Happy Customer!














Alex Kent

It was good-fun giving hundreds of Positive EFT demos to the people of London.

Out of all the positives people could choose from, Love, Wealth, Luck & Energy were those most popular. People really got it how future orientation with Positive EFT is more enjoyable a process than Freudian muck-raking.

I was saying to people, "Imagine if you just tapped one or two rounds of Positive EFT on 'Success' before you start work each day. How would that affect your work, your energy levels, how people respond to you, the opportunities that open up before you, etc etc?"

As a side note, has anyone noticed how people become more beautiful with tapping? Once that tension in people's face muscles relaxes wrinkles smooth out, they stand taller, start to smile, shoulders drop, etc. It's fabulous to see and I saw that happen many times yesterday.

Positive EFT really works!

Steve Kent & Sandra HillawiEveryone Loves EFT

Sandra Hillawi

I have to say it was an excellent show, well worth doing, enjoyed giving loads of taster sessions and creating lots amazement and delight in 100s of people ....a lot of new interest generated for the GoE and its members and training events. Thanks to a great GoE Team effort in preparing and in delivery.

Also finally home after 3 fabulous days .... talked and demo' d from 10-7 each day, to 100's, lots of nice memorable healings too ....Steve you did fab thanks to Sophia and Melanie too.

Information on Positive EFT...

The GoE StandSandra Hillawi Leading the Tapping

One of our wonderful practitioners!Steve Kent Tapping

Sandra Hillawi and a Positive EFT sheetYet another great demo


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