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The Energist - May 2012

Welcome to The Energist

Quick Tip for Professional Energists #4Quick Specialist Tip

To have a really successful EFT/energist practice, it is a good idea find yourself a speciality, something that is close to your heart and you really, REALLY want to work with - then build your practice around that as the core of your business.

Let's say you wanted to do pet bereavement - just a random example. Once you know that, you know where to put your advertisements - into animal magazines, on a local basis by going around all the vets and saying hello, making yourself known, visiting local dog training clubs, horse clubs, cat fancying societies, going to the radio station and saying hi, I'm the local expert on pet bereavement, and then you have a topic you can write general press releases about as well, write a book about it, focus on it. Give talks at international conferences about it! Create a training program around it.

All of that falls into place when you have decided on a speciality. That could be anything at all, from business to helping bullied children regain their self confidence; from kids with dyslexia to people who suffer from AIDs, from business stress to helping performers unlock their X factor and quelling their stage nerves, from holistic weight-loss from the inside out to working with people in a hospice.

Just pick something YOU would LOVE to work with, make it your own, make it known you're the expert on it and you really will make progress with everything, and have a clear direction what to put on your website and what to put in your brochures and what to say in your advertisements.

Thanks to Silvia Hartmann for this month's Quick Tip.


GoE Energy EFT Master Practitioner Training with Silvia Hartmann โ€“ DVD Set Now Available - 30% Introductory Discount!EFT Master Practitioner DVD Set

Recorded live in March 2012, this 12 DVD set showcases the full 3-day training of the Energy EFT Master Practitioner course, presented by GoE Chairperson Silvia Hartmann.

The set consists of 12 DVD with over 8 hours of live training, and the official EFT Master Practitioner spiral bound manual, to help you gain all of the knowledge and insight that can usually only be found at a live event.

This set is highly recommended to everyone interested in EFT, whether experienced Practitioner or self-helper looking to increase their knowledge to help friends and family.

If you want the full experience and to gain the GoE EFT Master Practitioner certification then we recommend the Distance Learning Course, which now includes the DVDs as well as all of the original material.


AMT EFT & Energy Conference Early Bird Discount Ending

Quick Specialist Tip

There is currently an absolutely huge discount on tickets to the 2012 GoE EFT & Energy Conference. Huge! Instead of the full price of ยฃ247.00, tickets are currently on sale for just ยฃ99.00.

Hurry, though, as this offer ends on the 31st May 2012.

If you are interested in presenting your breakthrough developments in the field of Meridian and Energy therapies at the Conference then there is still time to apply. The deadline for this is 31st May 2012 as well.


The GoE at Mind Body Spirit Festival

Mind Body Spirit 2012

We are delighted to be attending the 2012 Mind Body Spirit Festival at Earls Court in London from May 30th to June 4th 2012.

Each day a group of dedicated GoE Practitioners and Trainers will be giving EFT and EMO demonstrations to the public, offering advice and handing out our fantastic new โ€œDiscover EFTโ€ leaflets.

Tickets are still available from the MBS website

See you there?


EFT Case Story โ€“ The Lost Gold Coin: Tapping for Wealth by Isma Karin KumarThe Lost Gold Coin

Isma Karin Kumar is one of the latest GoE EFT Master Practitioner, after successfully completing the Distance Learning Course earlier this month. We are pleased to present her favourite case study written during the course:

โ€œGina is a regular client that uses EFT to enhance her new business as an Astrologer by gaining more motivation and confidence. Gina had inherited a gold coin from her mother. She went to get the gold coin to help finance her daughterโ€™s education. This was very important to her as her daughter was depressed. While she was looking for the best prices to sell her gold coin, she had a dream that she would lose the coin, but she forgot all about it. (She would inform me about the dream after the healing event a couple of days later).

Days later she found a good store to sell the gold and could not find the coin in her handbag. She called me between our sessions. She was out of breath purely in panic .She hardly could speak. We used EFT to distress her and she began to cry and was pointing out โ€œthat she does not deserves to be wealthy.โ€ We tapped on this sentence and for a couple of rounds until we reached the healing point. We quickly tapped on โ€œI deserve to be wealthy and happyโ€œ until suddenly she told me that she wanted to look in her handbag again. She took all items out and found a small hole in the bottom of the lining material. To our happy surprise the gold coin was found again.

A couple of days later she phoned me to tell me that her orders for horoscopes had beautifully increased.โ€


The GoE Around the WorldAMT Around the World

The GoE has always prided itself as an international organisation, with Practitioners and Trainers all around the world. In 2012 this is more the case than ever before with trainings in Paphos, Cyprus; Bonn and Essen, Germany; Dublin, Ireland; Texas, USA; and just last week was the very first EFT Master Practitioner Training in Istanbul, Turkey with Sandra Hillawi โ€“ do check out this fantastic report on the training. Plus, of course, we have the Distance Learning Courses which are universal!

If you are an GoE Practitioner hosting self-help workshops or a Trainer training the latest generation of meridian energy therapists please do get in touch so we can add your events to the GoE Events Page, and it doesn't matter if they are in Swindon or the Swiss Alps, Humberside or Honolulu!


EFT Case Story โ€“ The Group Entity by Patricia DancingElk

The Group Entity

We love case stories. They are a fantastic way of sharing experiences and helping others in similar situations, whether as a Practitioner or as a self-helper.

In this case story, which was originally put together as part of the GoE EFT Master Practitioner Training, Patricia DancingElk looks at healing a group entity.

โ€œOn any given day you can probably find 20 workshops being offered within a close proximity ranging from self-help to art. There are so many workshops being offered on a wide range of subjects that people sometimes donโ€™t know which one to choose.

Some of the newly certified workshop facilitators are terrified that they wonโ€™t have a chance in this big pond of offerings and so never get off the ground. That is why I was so happy with this EFT distance learning exercise on the Group Entity.

We called our entity โ€œMasimoโ€. Not sure why, but it just seems appropriate. As we described the aspect we could see a little man, slightly bald, wearing a thread-bear suit, scuffed up loafers and slumped shoulders. Masimo had a huge heart and really wanted to help people and thought that becoming a workshop leader was the way to reach multiple people at one time.โ€


Matrix Reimprinting Magazine

Matrix Reimprinting

Matrix Reimprinting, the modality created by Karl Dawson, have just announced the launch of their new online magazine.

The first issue of the magazine includes multi-media articles from giants of the field including Bruce Lipton PhD, and Lynne MacTaggart, as well as inspiring case stories from around the world.

A highly recommended read.


EMO Case Story โ€“ The Stuck Energy of Betrayal by Dez Sellars


After attending the 2012 Tenth Anniversary EMO Conference and becoming one of the new generation of EMO Practitioners, Dez Sellars decided to share his first professional Emotional Transformation session with a client.

Presenting Issues:
  • Husband betrayed her and slept with a neighbour for 7 months
  • Lets her husband walk all over her
  • Hospital fear of operation for this Thursday
  • Her Dad Passed away 3 years ago


Thanks to everyone who has contributed to this month's newsletter. If you would like to contribute to a future newsletter please send your articles, news or case story to us.

Wishing you a bright and sunny summer,


Josh Alliston
Communications Officer


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