🥇 Congratulations To Katerina Kalchenko, The GoE's Top Trainer For June 2021!

Congratulations and thanks to Katerina Kalchenko for being the GoE's top trainer!

Katerina joined the GoE in 2014 and has now trained 306 people.

For more information or to contact Katerina see:

This month Katerina trained:

  • Elena Adusheva
  • Tetiana Bohasheva
  • Elena Chebotareva
  • Elena Esipenko
  • Elena` Fanina
  • Olena Hanzia
  • Nataliia Khorobrykh
  • Zoya Lesyuk
  • Natalie Maier
  • Leena Maksimenko
  • Ekaterina Nevzorova
  • Helene Savolainen
  • Roman Shishankov
  • Lidiia Shynkaruk
  • Olga Valerko

Katerina's Next Events:

🥈 2nd Place: Siadbh Mc Givern

Congratulations to Siadbh Mc Givern for coming second!

Siadbh joined the GoE in 2008 and has now trained 60 people.

For more information or to contact Siadbh see:

This month Siadbh trained:

  • Bernadine Boyle
  • Laura Cusack
  • Karen Griffin
  • Dominiquea Kearns
  • Cora Lean
  • Kevin Leen
  • Gwen McCarthy
  • Victoria Smith

Siadbh's Next Events:

🥉 3rd Place: Sandra Hillawi

Congratulations to Sandra Hillawi for coming third!

Sandra joined the GoE in 2002 and has now trained 1138 people.

For more information or to contact Sandra see:

This month Sandra trained:

  • Elif Arıkan Dön
  • Fatma Bute
  • Gülçin Geredeli
  • Bilge Yalçın

Sandra's Next Events:

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