"Now it has long been my contention that movies and TV are the most wonderful aid in personal development, because your likes and dislikes are so clearly reflected back to you by your own emotional responses to what goes on there on the silver screen." (Silvia Hartmann)

Using Movies to Enhance and Test Our Work
"Silvia Hartmann...brings us a quality idea...for finding aspects, digging up core issues and testing our work." (From Gary Craig's introduction to Hartmann's "Going to Movies" article at his EFT website.)

Movies and a Fear of Heights
Chrissie Hardisty's letter recounts a tale of tapping for fear of heights.

The Movie Technique: A Tool for Being Specific
On a different note, Gary Craig describes how "...if the client can make a mental movie of the event, then it is automatically specific..."

Some Resources

Open Directory Project's long list of links to movie/film/cinema databases:

All Movie Guide
Searchable by movie, person, or keyword. For example, typing "phobia" yields a few "best only" results for that theme.

Internet Movie Database
Plot summaries, reviews, etc.

Movie Concordance
Index of movie themes compiled by Jenee Woodard:
URL below is to movies/scenes representing reconciliation/forgiveness.

Movie Watcher's Guide to Enlightenment
"Using the symbols of the world to Awaken to our Spiritual Reality beyond all symbols."..."Movies are like modern-day parables."

Movies That Made Me Cry
Scroll down categories on "Bill's List of Movie Lists" (Bill Huelbig).

Star Trek in the Classroom
Topics include "Star Trek's Alien Species: Evolutionary Psychology":
Are you triggered by Ferengi? ("Greedy, cunning, opportunistic.")

These links taken from 4/01 "Movies" folder of Starter Kit for Meridian Therapies Newbies.
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