Welcome New GoE Members - April 2014

Welcome New GoE Members - April 2014

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month.ย 

Please congratulate and welcome...

Martina Barrett (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Evelyn Beaulay (Trainer)

Maryke Blom (EMO Practitioner & EMO Advanced Practitioner)

Bernie Denning (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Suzanne Dunne (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Linda Ellerker (EMO Advanced Practitioner)

Paul Grant (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Marion Hind (Positive EFT Practitioner)

Agnes Lau (EFT Master Practitioner)

Bridin McKenna Hyp.Dip (LHS) NLP Dip. Psychotherapist. (Trainer & EFT Master Practitioner)

Annemarie McQuade (EFT Master Practitioner)

Emer Mullarkey (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Scholasticah Nganda (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Muriel O' Gorman (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Michelle O'Neill (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Henry Schwab (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Linda Sinclair (EFT Master Practitioner)

Vanessa Tallon (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Merve Tufekci (Trainer)

Boon Leong Barney Wee (EFT Master Practitioner)

Nikola Djambazov (Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner)

Sonia Richards (Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner)

Liora Rosenburg (Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner)

Christoph Ruebenacker (Energy-in-Motion Master Practitioner)

Lorraine Somersall-Weekes

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