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GoE Energy Conference 2017

GoE Energy Conference 2017

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Welcome New GoE Members - December 2015

Welcome New GoE Members - December 2015

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month.

Please congratulate and welcome...

December 2015

Özlem Albayrak (EFT MP)
Everton Bolton (EFT MP)
Claudia Borges (EFT MP & +EFT)
Lénia Borges (EFT MP)
Ann-Marie Bright (EFT MP)
Antoinette Campbell (EFT MP)
Josephine Carroll (EFT MP & +EFT)
Ebru Dilek (EFT MP)
Patricia Dos Santos Martins (EFT MP)
Elif Erez (EFT MP)
Tansu Erkan (+EFT)
Susana Estrada (EFT MP)
Cidália Félix Santos (EFT MP)
Ana Ferreira (EFT MP)
Lidia Ferreira (Energist Trainer, EFT MP & +EFT)
Virginia Florindo (EFT MP)
Miguel António Freire (EFT MP)
Ana Gomes De Sousa (EFT MP)
Kirsty Karu (EFT MP)
June Kilford (EFT MP)
Martina Liberson (EFT MP)
Mary Lyons (EFT MP & +EFT)
Joan McAuliffe (+EFT & EFT MP)
Lisa McCallum (+EFT)
Nora McGuire (+EFT & EFT MP)
Sue McInerney (EFT MP & +EFT)
Prabha Nagaraja (Trainer & Energist Trainer)
Rute Soares Novais (EFT MP)
Sheila O'Driscoll (EFT MP & +EFT)
Erkan Ozkan (+EFT)
Alexandra Paulino (+EFT & Energist Trainer)
António Rebocho (Energist Trainer)
Gizela Rodrigues (+EFT, Energist Trainer)
Catherine Schreiber (EFT MP & +EFT)
Helena Amélia Silva Pinto (EFT MP)
Carla Soares (EFT MP)
Rafaela Sobreiro (Energist Trainer)
Eliezer Spetter (Energist Trainer)
Şengül Sürmen (+EFT)
Habibe Mavisu Tekdemir (EFT MP & EMO MP)
Ana Toste (EFT MP)
Cliona Vaughan (EFT MP)
Joana Vieira (EFT MP)
Olive Walters (EFT MP)
Deborah Wiggins-Hay (+EFT)
Sule Zeynep (+EFT)

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