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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 77 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Welcome New GoE Members - July 2014

Welcome New GoE Members - July 2014

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. 

Please congratulate and welcome...

Eriselda Agolli (EFT Master Practitioner)

Gina Akadi-Lazazzera (EMO Practitioner)

Celine Alvarez (EFT Master Practitioner)

Sarah André (EMO Practitioner)

Sonja Beacham (EFT Master Practitioner)

Véronique Bellanger (EMO Practitioner)

Andrée Blanc (EMO Practitioner)

Maryke Blom (Trainer)

Gordana Botalla (EMO Practitioner)

John Burke (MET Advanced Practitioner)

Anne Ciota (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner)

Toks Coker (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner)

Nigel Colmer (EFT Master Practitioner & Trainer)

Barry Cooper (EFT Master Practitioner)

Nell Dépraz (EMO Practitioner)

Vlasta Diongue (EMO Practitioner)

Laure Duclos (EMO Practitioner)

Tanja Ecken (EMO Practitioner, EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner)

Matthew Firnesz (EFT Master Practitioner)

Leah Freeman (EFT Master Practitioner)

Serge Garnier (EMO Practitioner)

Laurence Gautier (EMO Practitioner)

Laura Giannini (EFT Master Practitioner)

Roselyne Gothuey (EMO Practitioner)

Abdulkerim Gunaydin (EMO Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner)

Emmanuelle Housseau (EMO Practitioner)

Robert Hunter (EFT Master Practitioner)

Lisa Jennings (EFT Master Practitioner)

Preety Kaur (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner)

Diane Keubler, LCSW (EFT Master Practitioner)

Henda Klaa (EMO Practitioner)

Karen L. Lilley (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner)

Geneviève Martigny (EMO Practitioner)

Nicky Mason (EFT Master Practitioner)

Sabine Mathieu (EMO Practitioner)

Bettina McFann (EFT Master Practitioner)

Jenny Michez (EMO Practitioner)

Elisabeth Murillo (EMO Practitioner)

Rose Nur (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner)

Andrée Pinard (EMO Practitioner)

Muriel Pinard (EMO Practitioner)

Lance Rahn (EFT Master Practitioner)

Corinne Reichenbach-Zehnder (EMO Practitioner)

Elke Rosenburg (EFT Master Practitioner)

Esther Rossel (EMO Practitioner)

Gamze Sari (EMO Practitioner & EFT Master Practitioner)

Rachel Smook (EFT Master Practitioner & Positive EFT Practitioner)

Emanuele Soranzo (EFT Master Practitioner)

Rachel Stapleton (EFT Master Practitioner)

Sally Topham (Positive EFT Practitioner)

Marie-Claude Toutain Crottaz (EMO Practitioner)

Waheed Zafar (EFT Master Practitioner)

Sarah Kroner

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