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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 87 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Welcome New GoE Members - May 2015

Welcome New GoE Members - May 2015

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month. 

Please congratulate and welcome...

May 2015

Paulo Alexandre Dos Santos (EFT MP)
Cristina Arneiro (EFT MP)
Jayne Avery (EFT MP)
Aslı Baltacıoğlu (Energist Trainer)
Donna Lesley Brown (EFT MP)
Füsun Çağlar (Energist Trainer)
Nur Seda Çakır (EFT MP)
Vivian Choi (Trainer)
Tiago Coelho (EFT MP)
Mónica Coutinho (EFT MP)
Adélia Da Conceição Cardoso Azevedo Morais (EFT MP)
Patricia DancingElk-Walls (EMO MP)
Tanya Davies (EFT MP)
Sara Delouya (MET P)
Cristina Dionísio (EFT MP)
Michelle Dunne (EFT MP)
Fernando Eduardo Vieiro (EFT MP)
Dale Evans (ET P & EMO MP)
Filipa Gallis Pires (EFT MP)
Maria Gloria Costa Saraiva (EFT MP)
Ana Rita Gonçalves (EFT MP)
Teresa Isabel Pires Gonçalves (EFT MP)
Funda Haberal (Energist Trainer)
Phillie Hallissey (EFT MP)
Sarah Hayes (EFT MP)
Maria Helena Pereira (EFT MP)
Maria JoÃo Ferreira Lopes (EFT MP)
Refika Kaçmaz (EFT MP)
Katerina Kalchenko (EFT MP)
Rana Korkunc (Energist Trainer)
Vera Lagos (EFT MP)
Maria Lopes (EFT MP)
Patricia Mannion (EFT MP)
Graça Mansos Da Silva (EFT MP)
Cristina Maria De Matos Barros (EFT MP)
Fernando Martins (EFT MP)
Sónia Cristina Martins (EFT MP)
Dorabella Martins Da Silva Santos (EFT MP)
Alexandra Migueis (EFT MP)
Marion Mitchelle (EFT MP)
Laura Moberg (EMO MP)
Isabel Morim (EFT MP)
Ana Nunes (EFT MP)
Nuala O’connor (EFT MP)
Alexandra Paulino (EFT MP)
Abilio Pinha De Almeida (EFT MP)
António José Antunes Rebocho (EFT MP)
Gizela Rodrigues Da Silva (EFT MP)
Sevim Sanem Selametoglu Ozcan (+EFT)
Nair Silva (EFT MP)
Rafaela Sobreiro (EFT MP)
Marta Sofia Novais De Almeida (EFT MP)
Jo Vautier (EFT MP)
Eda Yaman (Energist Trainer)


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