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GoE Energy Conference 2017

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Welcome New GoE Members - November 2015

Welcome New GoE Members - November 2015

We're pleased to welcome and congratulate all our new and current members who completed new EFT & Energy qualifications last month.

Please congratulate and welcome...

November 2015

Marion Adams (EFT MP)
Fatime Akgöz (+EFT)
Handan Arpacioglu (+EFT)
Jacqueline Ashurst (EFT MP)
Pınar Asıg (EMO MP)
Murat Aydın (Trainer)
Ruth Baker (Trainer)
Mathilde Barbier (EMO MP)
Genelle Blachura (EFT MP)
Clare Boyle (EFT MP)
Füsun Çağlar (+EFT)
Liz Cairns (MSM)
Ayşe Çapacı (EFT MP)
Michelle Chant (EFT MP)
Maria Chappell (MSM)
Grace Dasilva-Hill (+EFT)
John Deak (EFT MP)
Shane Donohoe (ECT Practitioner)
Susan Edgley (EFT MP)
Saliha Eroglu (+EFT)
Jan Etoile (EFT MP)
Marisa Finestone (EFT MP)
Philip Gowler (Trainer)
Stacey Graham (EFT MP)
Lorraine Greathead (EFT MP)
Javed Iqbal (EFT MP)
Tanya Isdale (EMO MP)
Şebnem Koral (+EFT)
Charlotte Larmer (ECT Practitioner)
Andrew Leisk (EFT MP)
Maria LiPuma (MSM)
Poppy Manoussakis (EFT MP)
Bruce Margetic (EFT MP)
Kelly Mayne (EMO MP)
Bridget McConnell (EMO MP)
Lucy McCormack (ECT Practitioner)
Marion Mitchelle (ECT Practitioner)
Teresa Moorey (MET P)
Ruth Morgan (EMO MP)
Delia Nessim (EFT MP)
Tolga Onay (EFT MP)
Nuala O’connor (ECT Practitioner)
Sarah O’hagan (EFT MP)
Lucia Piscopo (EFT MP)
Anita Racz (EFT MP)
Corinne Ranson (EFT MP)
Susan Reid (MSM)
Judith Rivera Rosso (EFT MP)
Grant Schalchlin (EFT MP)
Amanda Scott (EFT MP)
İpek Şekerdil (+EFT)
Rachelle Sewell (EFT MP)
Lesley Shardlow (MSM)
Melissa Simmons (EFT MP)
Mallory Jeanne Smith (EFT MP)
Selçuk Soydan (EFT MP)
Kali Spooner (EFT MP)
Şengül Sürmen (EFT MP)
Jennifer Tait (EFT MP)
Emel Talay (EMO MP)
Aynur Tin (EMO MP)
Lesley Tindall (EFT MP)
Debbie Tomlinson (EFT MP)
Glenn Turner (EFT MP)
Jorge Vence (EMO MP)
Emine Venüs Karboğa (EMO MP)
Stephen Woolley (EFT MP)
Sükran Kücüker Yasar (EMO MP)
Suzanne Zacharia (EFT MP & Trainer)


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