Welcome To The 60 New EFT Master Practitioners!

Welcome To The 60 New EFT Master Practitioners!

In conjunction with TheAMT conference 2011, 60 delegates joined the first official live EFT Master Practitioner training, created by Silvia Hartmann in discussion with the GoE trainers to provide an in depth, state of the art training syllabus for the teaching of EFT for the next decade.

*Includes a report by Silvia Hartmann on the first EFT Master Practitioner Training.

Focusing particularly on working with EFT as an energy modality, this intensive three day course (or three months by distance learning) focuses on 45 core skills which create the toolbox of techniques for the Energy EFT Master Practitioner. Consisting of 12 Units in total, 1-4 Foundational Core Skills, 5-8 Intermediate Core Skills and 9-12 Advanced Core Skills, this new EFT training contains the very best of the advancements and discoveries through the practice of EFT for the last 14 years.

From the 1st of January, GoE trainers world wide will be able to offer this course to their EFT students and those who wish to remain up to date with the latest techniques and methodologies in the field of modern energy work.

You can find the new EFT Master Practitioners here:


Here is a report from Dr Hartmann on the design and genesis of the new EFT Master Practitioner training program and what it was like to teach it for the first time live.

Silvia Hartmann writes:EFT Master Practitioners GoE November 2011

We have been asked for a long time to provide our trainers with an official EFT training program and at the 2010 conference it was decided to start the process of building such a training.

Trainers opinions and requirements were taken and in June 2011, the GoE trainers met at the Europa to discuss and formalise the structure of the new training program. It was felt that as anyone who has found a free EFT protocol on the Internet and who practises EFT can reasonably call themselves an EFT practitioner, we would set our course apart by naming it "The Master Practitioner of EFT" course.

Those who will be taking it will have invested a considerable amount of time, money and attention on learning the most useful as well as the latest new protocols and procedures in modern energy work, and of course it is incumbent upon each trainer to make sure that the student has demonstrated all 45 core skills necessary to pass the course.

Of course we want our students to pass; and as we were developing the live training and the distance learning course side by side, this makes it possible for a trainer to give extra assignments to students who may not have passed on the day to help them achieve any core skills they were missing, even after the training.

The first challenge we had was to agree on an EFT protocol that would be used throughout the course.

There are many different kinds of EFT protocols in circulation and of course any qualified EFT practitioner can choose freely which protocol they will be using with their clients; but we had to have one for everyone to use throughout the course to avoid confusion and make the teaching of the course cohesive throughout the three days for all participants.

After much debate over each and every point, a modified version of the EFT Heart & Soul Protocol was decided upon.

This EFT protocol is particularly designed to improve energy flow through the energy body, which is the purpose of EFT treatments; but also to remove ZZZTs in the teaching of EFT to newcomers, to make it easy to remember and easily received.

To this end, certain sticking points were changed or removed, including using the Sore Spot and Under Arm point, the cushioning surround of "Even though ... I deeply and profoundly love and accept myself," which causes a lot of unnecessary conflict with many clients, and the inclusion of the Ring Finger in the round to make it smooth and natural when it comes to the finger points.

With the protocol agreed upon, we went on to discuss the core skills and how they would be taught.

I then spent the next five months writing the course, a module at a time, designing the exercises, creating the diagrams and generally building the learning progression throughout the course step by step.

From October onward, we invited distance learning students to start taking the course so I could have some feedback on the exercises and experience with the reactions of students from a wide variety of backgrounds.

This was and is a fascinating experience.

I have students on the distance learning course that range from people who have only just come across EFT and are still slightly sceptical about if or how it works, via professional practitioners with 10+ years of experience who see clients every day, all the way to founders and creators in the field of modern energy work.

What was particularly heartening to me were the reports from the professional practitioners who started to apply some of the new techniques right away with their clients and reporting feeling invigorated and freshly excited about EFT as modern energy work.

Excitement is the result of better energy flow in the practitioners as well as their clients; EFT is not psychology. It is energy work, team work between client and practitioner, and when the client improves and starts to sparkle, of course so does the practitioner. This is a mutual upward lifting spiral, leading to really fabulous breakthroughs on old problems, Healing Events as we call them. Instead of leaving the EFT practitioner drained and tired, they come away happy, proud and energized; and of course this is exactly what we need to spread the word about EFT at the grass roots level.

I personally well remember how excited and inspired I was by EFT when I first came across it; and for the older practitioners, this excitement has somewhat dimmed over the years or became buried under general stress as time went on.

It was very much the desire of the GoE trainers in creating this course to really re-light that excitement, in fact to evolve it even further. This excitement, this inspiration is the power behind bringing our new energy modalities to the world on a daily basis; it keeps us writing articles, introducing new people to the field, helping clients and putting ourselves out there to tell as many people as possible the good news - "You don't need to fear your emotions, we have a real tool for change here, a tool that can change not just your world, but THE world when enough people have found it!"

The feedback from the distance learning students was very encouraging indeed; and so, armed with the extremely information rich manual which was designed to serve as a real resource to the new Master Practitioner of EFT, I stepped into the room where over 60 people with a combined EFT experience of a few thousand years between them were awaiting me.

I am happy to report that just as with the distance learning students, once we got into the first few exercises, the real joy of EFT entered the room and we were all happy to be there, happy to be learning and tapping together, and getting excited by the many different new approaches, all of which are designed to improve the joy and understanding of EFT, further and further, step by step as the course unfolds.

I was particularly moved by the "EFT in energy healer mode" exercise. Participants had come from different places and for different reasons, but here you could feel us all coming together through our desire to help other people, to give what we each have to give, heartfelt, direct, absolutely.

There are many differences between us individually; many things that could be grounds for argument. But here, in this place where we are stepping forward to help clients evolve beyond their problems, we are all together, we are peers, and that was a wonderful experience.

There was only one occasion where some participants had trouble with a core skill; this was however soon sorted out with a little additional help. The 45 core skills are all logical and entirely obtainable for any normal human being; energy work *is* very logical, very structural and that makes it not just easy to learn, but also very natural and intuitive too.

I was very pleased with the responses and progress of the participants; they clearly could "see the sense" in what we were doing and why we were doing it, and that's of prime importance to me.

A final memory from this course which will stay with me was this. A participant approached me in the last break and told me he had received a text message to tell him his child had been taken ill and needed to be taken to the doctor. He wondered if we could tap together as a group for the child's well being as he was very worried.

I asked the group for this when we had come back together and led them in a round of tapping for the child, using the child's name on each point with an additional quality, such as, "Strong Bella," "Beautiful Bella," "Beloved Bella."

Our hearts went out to the child as one and it was a very moving, very wonderful experience.

To me, this is the heart and soul of EFT - for us practitioners to have a way in which we can give wholeheartedly to our clients, no hold barred, our best intention and our best energy we have to give.

For each person, this is their own unique best intention and energy. I call that "the gift that only you would have to give." It's precious, it's priceless and EFT is a wonderful, simple method that allows us to give that gift.

That's what this course is about, way above and beyond a certificate that says, "EFT Master Practitioner" on it. To enable the person to be set free to give their gift through EFT as beautifully and elegantly as possible.

I received wonderful feedback from the participants and I'd like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of them for taking the leap of faith, discovering the training, taking part so wholeheartedly and bringing their unique contribution to the days. Thank you, you were amazing!

So now, roll on the next decade of our wonderful field of energy work, and the next level of surprises and discoveries which still await.

With best blessings to all EFTers, everywhere in the world,

Silvia Hartmann

November 21st, 2011

* If you would like to become an GoE Trainer and teach the new EFT Master Practitioner syllabus, please contact us.

* Distance Learning GoE EFT Master Practitioner course here.

* Live GoE EFT Master Practitioner courses here.

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