Emotions are feedback from the energy system transmitted to the physical body. Emotions are the 6th Sense.


Emotions are feelings that have no physical cause; you feel like "my heart is breaking" but there is nothing to be seen; or a person might say they feel like they are carrying the burdens of the world on their shoulders, but there are no physical burdens. From feeling as though someone is choking you when you afraid, to the stomach turning over in moments of fear and stress, all these feelings are absolutely real - just because they are not physical doesn't mean they are not there.

  • So in our new definition of emotions from EMO, emotions are the feedback devices that tell you EXACTLY how your energy body is doing.

A nice warm glow in the stomach or the heart, which is also an emotion, because there are not just bad emotions but also very pleasant ones, is thereby an indication that something good is happening in the energy body, and the exact location is right there where the emotion is felt - in this case, in the stomach.

When someone says they feel as though their heart is breaking, or broken, it isn't the physical heart that is causing the pain, but the energy system that can be found right there, where the physical heart is located.

Now of course, the energy system IS A PART of the human totality, and it is completely connected to the physical body, not only by the method of feeling emotions IN THE BODY as powerfully as physical pain can be; so someone who experiences enough pain in the energy body in the form of painful emotions can absolutely expect that this will cross over and cause physical illness at some later date.

If the energy system collapses and ceases to function altogether, a person can and will indeed, die of a broken heart - the physical collapse follows shortly after the energy system collapse.

What does this mean for the treatment of emotional pain?

  • Very simply, emotional pain CANNOT BE TREATED BY TALKING or by physical massage or by chemical means; it must be treated at the same level as it has arisen in the first place, namely in the energy body.

The energy body is repaired in the same way as it became damaged in the first place - namely,. by and with energy.

Everyone has healing hands because everyone has an active, really existing energy body.

With a little practice it is perfectly possible to heal even the oldest forms of emotional problems and injuries via energy healing.

This is done WITHOUT LABELLING EMOTIONS or making long lists of emotions - labels such as anger, rage, fury, shame, guilt, disappointment and so on and so forth are highly inaccurate and also of course, very personal.

  • Instead of using abstract labels for emotions, we instead describe the emotions in strictly physical terms, i.e. what you can ACTUALLY FEEL and WHERE YOU FEEL THIS.

Describing emotions in strictly physical terms, for example by saying that the physical symptoms for an emotional anger attack are the head getting hot, the hands getting cold and a cold pressure in the heart area being experienced by the person, takes out the need for labelling and for psychotherapy altogether.

As we are dealing with SIMPLE INJURIES IN THE ENERGY SYSTEM, all the talking around the problems of emotions simply drop away and we are left with a healing challenge that is comparatively easy to accomplish AND the results are FELT IMMEDIATELY.

The EMO system was developed to teach people this profound and simple way to heal emotional problems, and to answer the question what emotions are in the first place.

This new definition of emotions takes out all the "freakouts" that the labels of anger, guilt, shame, depression, madness even carry with them. It takes out the need to re-live the problems or to even try and find out what, why, when, who or how. Instead of endlessly re-traumatising a person by going over the same terrible events from the past over and over again,

  • We now only have a simple, structural problem - an injury in the energy system that "cries out for healing" through the medium of sensations felt in the physical body.

From this new definition of emotions upward, we have a brand new way of not just healing emotional problems ONCE AND FOR ALL, no matter how old or severe they might have been, or how PAINFUL (!); but also a way forward to know what to do to experience BETTER EMOTIONS - love, connectedness, triumph, joy, real peace.

EMO is very easy to learn because it works with the systems of the human body.

ย EVERYONE can learn how to do EMO.

With this new definition of what emotions really are, we have a wonderful opportunity to heal ourselves, heal each other, and find a whole new level of INTELLIGENT, RATIONAL AND WORKABLE approaches and techniques for dealing with the oldest problem of humanity - with our emotions.

Silvia Hartman

Author, Oceans Of Energy 2002

The Emotions Compass

Emotions are the 6th Sense.

POSITIVE EMOTIONS are our guide in the right direction.

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