Energy Body

Energy Body

The Energy Body is a real, living body made from energy and an integral part of the human totality.

The Energy Body

Every human being has an energy body. This cannot be seen or measured at this time but the effects of the energy body on our health, emotions, decisions, actions and life are ALL AROUND US.

The energy body communicates with us by sending messages through the physical body.

These messages are emotions.

Negative emotions are injuries in the energy system, and where these injuries exist, energy does not flow freely.

This causes a form of physical pain and pressure which is interpreted by people as "being sad" or "being angry" or "being depressed" or "feeling like I've been punched in the stomach" or "my heart is breaking" and so forth.

If you ask some as we do in Emoย Energy In Motion, "Where do you feel that sadness in your body? Show me with your hands," they will place their hands on where it hurts.

Where it hurts is EXACTLY where the injury or blockages is located.

No intuition, talent or guessing is required - the energy body tries to tell us all the time where it is hurting.

The energy body also tells us when it works well.

The energy body tells us through positive emotions, and states of being - the lightness of being in love, the confidence of feeling strong and capable (regardless of how strong your physical body might be), and smiling, moving, feeling happy and most of all, feeling alive.

The energy body is a part of the human totality and without it, neither true health or happiness can be achieved. Should the energy body become so seriously sick or compromised that it no longer functions, physical death will follow in due course. That is the reality of someone "dying of a broken heart".

We were given maps of the human energy body in the past that were channelled or guessed many thousands of years ago, about farmers and monks from oriental patriarchal societies who worked in the fresh air and ate home grown food.

These maps are now no longer useful as we are dealing with totally different people genetically, environmentally, and because the way we think, act, behave and what we do has changed so dramatically.

  • So in EMO Energy In Motion, we do NOT draw generalised pictures of what someone's energy body SHOULD look like, but instead, we work with what is really there.

We know what is really there because we can FEEL IT in our own bodies.

In EMO Healing, we simply let ourselves be guided to the places "where it hurts" and restore the Even Flow to that place (or erea).


Energy Body Illustration The Energy Matrixย 

The Key Concepts About The Energy Body In Brief

- Everyone has an energy body.

- This energy body consists of innumerable sub-systems, none of which can be currently measured with today's technology.ย 

- Every single person's energy body is COMPLETELY AND UTTERLY UNIQUE and does NOT follow "one single map." Every person's energy body must be treated on an INDIVIDUAL BASIS, guided by the emotions and feelings of that ONE PERSON.

- The energy body is NOT damaged by sticks and stones, but ONLY by energy forms.

- Disturbances in the energy body express themselves in negative emotions which are felt through the body.

- The healthier the energy body is, the happier and more powerfully alive a person feels.

- The energy body has many energy systems including the heart of energy, the healing hands of energy, and the "energy head" which we call the energy mind.

-The energy body has a digestive system and requires energy nutrition for proper functioning.

- Disturbances in the energy system cannot be healed with chemicals or physical objects, only with energy healing.

- A fully functional energy body in Even Flow is the same as having achieved enlightenment.


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