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The Guild of Energists was founded in 1998 and is the world's largest Modern Energy organisation with 1 members active in 90 countries.

We specialise in energy based solutions for individuals and organisations that make the world a less stressed, happier, social and more creative place to live.

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Energy System

Energy System

Energy System

The Energy System

human energy system picture - artist's impression of the human energy system

The energy system includes the human energy body and together with the energy body, the human energy system makes up the invisible aspects of the human totality.

The image above is an artist's impression of a human energy system.

In EMO and all truly modern energy magic, we do NOT presume to know what the "real energy system" actually "looks like".

We do NOT presume to know where the various channels and pathways MIGHT be - even in an idealised human being who never got kicked by a mule, or fell out of their crib.

As soon as anything like that happens, the human energy system becomes IMMENSELY individualised - it CHANGES to reflect a person's life experiences.

There are people who will tell you about meridians, nadis, chakras, all sorts of auric layers and so on and so forth; the truth is that the human energy body and the wider human energy system are a TOTALLY UNKNOWN ENTITY.

There are some structural rules and regulations regarding how energy behaves in general, and using this as our guideline, we can deal with occurrences in the energy system of ONE SINGLE INDIVIDUAL HUMAN BEING, one at a time.

This does not only give us much better results than trying to artificially shape the unknown energy system into some sort of thing people thought it might have been 10,000 years ago; it also puts us in the right frame of mind to ask NEW questions, discover NEW things about the human energy system, and find NEW techniques that really work to make people's lives a better place.

In the meantime, if we look at our artist's visualisation of the human energy system, and start to wonder just what there is, and how WONDERFUL the human energy system actually really is, how marvellously alien and entirely enchanting in all ways, and look at our fellow human beings a little more in this light, with a wide open mind and heart, ready to learn, we cannot go wrong and will eventually learn to do the right things with energy, the energy body, the energy mind and the energy system.

Energy Body - artists impression of the energy body

The Mysterious Energy Body - An Artist's Impression

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