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Erea pl Ereas - EMO term short for Existing Energetic Reality, to replace/avoid confusing descriptions of energy occurrences.

Erea pl Ereas

Erea pl ereas is short for Existing Energetic Reality - or in other words, something made of energy that is really there but we don't know what it is, only that it is ONLY AN ENERGY.

  • It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT for working with the energy system CLEANLY and effectively to NOT make metaphors or put strange words onto existing energetic realities.

When someone says that they have "a demon on their shoulder" - "The voice of Satan in my ear" - "Maggots in my womb my abusers put in there" - "A rusty sword stuck through my heart chakra" we are putting complications, fears and secondary responses into the energy treatment that are very damaging, and totally unnecessary.

Therefore we say in EMO, "THIS IS ONLY AN ENERGY!" to describe an erea.

Once you stop thinking in terms of demons and maggots and such, and start thinking in terms of it being some kind of energy form, an erea, that is really there and needs treatment, we can immediately apply all the rules that apply to all energy -

- and we do not have to be terrified in that mad medieval way any longer.

We can think clearly and get to work immediately.

This is an energy form. It needs to find its rightful place in time and space, and when it does, all will be well with the world.

We do not have to battle it, we do not have destroy it, we can simply assist it to move forward, onward on its own path of evolution.

So where does the "demon on the shoulder" need to go?

Ah, but that's only an energy form. Where does this energy need to go to make it safe, to make it right, for you AND for the energy form, the erea in question?

When the questions are asked like that, without fear, without judgement, without hatred, but simply with the intention to re-establish the Even Flow in all ways, you find that all manner of energy forms that "appeared to be so terrifying" simply obey the laws of energy in the natural Universe, and they flow away without any further ado.

Likewise, the term erea is used because we don't know what we are dealing with exactly.

We might talk of an energetic injury. This may be a rip, a tear, a shard, a knot in a meridian - who knows?

At this point, let us be clear that WE DON'T KNOW THAT YET.

By thinking in terms of an erea, rather than making false judgements up front, we can approach THAT ONE PARTICULAR EREA with a clean mind, without fear, and we can find out what exactly that erea needs us to do to make it better, put to rights what once went wrong, and re-establish the Even Flow

  • Energy work is HIGHLY STRUCTURAL and very, very simple and straightforward if approached like that.

If you can take out the terror metaphors and learn to think and talk of EREAS instead, you will find that all your energy endeavours will progress much, much more effectively, and you get much better results.

Additional Note: To have people understand that what they are feeling is not just in their head, but an EXISTING energy reality, that it is REAL, is also extremely beneficial.


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