Energy Dimensions

Energy Dimensions

The worlds of energy that exist side by side with physical reality.

The Energy Dimensions


Reality - Energy Dimensions Illustration by Silvia Hartmann

Not just people have an energy body - ALL THINGS HAVE AN ENERGY DIMENSION.

There is a fully functional, incredibly complex and beautiful world of energy lying right alongside the hard (physical reality).

What goes on in the energy dimensions, directly affects what goes on in the hard as they are part of the same system, of the same Universe.

There are many things, especially behaviour of people and animals, that do not make any sense at all when only viewed by their hard occurrences.

Energy magic works with using the very real influence we as human beings have to shape and form energy in the energy dimensions to affect changes there AND in the hard.

Being able to read the energy dimensions and to see what is going on there is the function of the human energy mind.

This can be learned and is actually natural to human beings by virtue of their design.

Working with the energy dimensions AND the hard as one single system will bring about a completely different experience for the human race - even if none of the physical circumstances in which they find themselves change at all.

Using safe, structural and logical approaches, such as Project Sanctuary, EMO, and The Energy Symbols, as well as the practices of Energy Magic, allows current modern human beings to step into these energy dimensions, a true wonderworld, which is really here, right now, and always has been.


Energy Forms

There are innumerable energy forms which we are entirely unknowing of, and which we currently don't yet understand.

It is very important to not mislabel these or "make them into something they are not".

We call all energy forms and energy occurrences ereas - existing energetic realities so we are clear that:

a) there really something there; and

b) that we don't know anything about this energy form yet and we need to find out more.

This gives us a good starting point to deal with ereas, no matter what they may be.


Without taking the Energy Dimensions into consideration, the world does not make sense.

When the Energy Dimensions are being factored in, reality becomes logical.


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