Energy Mind

Energy Mind

The Energy Mind, previously known as the unconscious or subconscious mind, is the brain of the energy body.

Energy Mind where all  creativity arises


The Energy Mind

Every person has an energy body, and this energy body has energy hands (healing hands), many layers (the energy system), pathways and channels, a digestive system (energy nutrition) and it also has an energy head.

This energy "head" has receptors that can "see" the energy dimensions of actual reality; in the past, the energy mind was called the unconscious or subconscious mind, but now we call it more precisely the energy mind.

  • The energy mind is our connection to the energy dimensions of existing reality.

The energy mind can read the patterns of the energy dimensions, and it is designed to transmit its conclusions and results and the information it has gleaned to our conscious selves through "visions".

visions are full body experiences, exactly like a lucid dream, that contain sensations, feelings, emotions, pictures, sounds, voices, and everything else you would receive if you were fully awake and aware, and walking down the street.

For most people, the pathways between the energy mind and the conscious mind have become disconnected and they only receive a part of the information stream.

Some people might be able to see pictures, some hear voices, and others rely on their "gut" (feeling, sensation) to get access to the information stream; but the fully functional human being receives all this information together in the form of a "vision".

Even though at present very few people are competent at receiving and understanding visions, all the channels and connectors between the human consciousness, the body and the energy mind exist, they are simply not being used.

This has been likened to someone being tied to a chair from birth and having lost not just the ability to move their legs or walk, but even the knowledge that this is possible in the first place.

The legs still exist; the pathways to make them work still exist; it simply needs a little gentle practice and experience to get feeling back into the legs, and then movement.

Eventually, such a person will regain their abilities to stand, walk, then to run and even to dance.

Likewise, the energy mind exists, and is waiting to be re-connected to the conscious mind and the body so that one natural, clean, healthy, lucid form of information processing and thinking can be achieved.

There exists only one system at present to achieve this re-connection of the ACTUAL pathways between the energy mind, and the conscious mind. This was designed by Silvia Hartmann in 1993 and has been codenamed "Project Sanctuary".

In 2008, Dr Hartmann developed a simple system to make Project Sanctuary more accessible to a wider range of levels of skill and age range.

This is known as The Genius Symbols, a set of 23 symbols that serve as a Rosetta Stone to start the reconnection process between the energy mind and the conscious mind quite practically and easily.

Experience with the Project Sanctuary techniques for the past 15 years proves conclusively that it is indeed possible for people from all walks of life, all societies and all ages to start re-initialising these NATURAL channels of communication; that this is remarkably easy, feels good and proves to be a first rate tool for human development, healing, change and evolution.



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