Triad Model

Triad Model

Triad Model - HEROS Higher Energetic Reality Operating Systems - refers to the system of Energy Heart, Energy Mind, and Immortal Soul.

The Triad Model

The Triad Model refers to the three human human energy systems called the HEROS (Higher Energy Reality Operating Systems) which form a functional triad.

Each one of these super-systems is "at the heart of" its own level in the energy system.

The Heart Of Energy

The Energy Mind

The Immortal Soul

These three energy systems are light-heartedly referred to as the "superHEROS" which come to the rescue of a single human being when they are online, providing all the healing, solace, support, strength, information and power for love and life a human being needs and craves at the very basic level.ย 

Triad Model

Triad Model Visualisation by Silvia Hartmann

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