Energy EFT Case Story - A Truly Spiritual EFT Experience!

Energy EFT Case Story - A Truly Spiritual EFT Experience!

In this EFT case story, Lorna Firth uses memory and aspect work to help a client work through the death of his father in order to succeed in moving his business to the next level.

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For the past six months or so, I have been incredibly busy with Skype clients, mostly from the business sector.

Prior to this I was avoiding Skype like the plague. All the “what ifs” kept popping into my energy mind, such as “what would happen if I had a power cut?”

I did some Project Sanctuary work on “avoiding Skype like the plague”, which brought up some fascinating and useful habitats.

Then I tapped for some positive energy, I chose confidence, courageous and mysterious (don’t know where that came from, possibly the mysteriousness of Skype!)

Following that I experienced a powerful healing event where I felt comfortable, happy and confident to accept Skype clients into my practice and in recent months I have had the privilege and honour to become an energist to many people.

One of my clients, Andrew, had problems moving his business to the next level. He was not happy enough with what he was doing.

However, no matter what he did in terms of marketing, advertising and using social media, he felt stuck and could not move on. He felt frustrated, angry with himself and trapped.

We started with some rounds of Silvia Hartmann's Positive EFT and calculating the inverse of the negative feelings. This helped Andrew feel better straight away.

It became clear, however, after a couple of sessions with aspect and memory work, that the energy block he felt came from the relationship with his father.

He told me that his father never really paid him much attention, never praised him, never seemed interested in what Andrew had achieved. His main memories of his father involved him aimlessly watching TV day in, day out.

Andrew’s father had died 10 years ago and he had never resolved his feelings for him. These included resentment, anger, guilt at interrupting his TV watching and frustration. He always felt his father was angry with him as he saw Andrew’s behaviour as “attention seeking.”

He wanted to say sorry and forgive his father, and in turn wanted forgiveness from his father, so we attempted to connect spiritually with him.

The first habitat was where a little boy was standing at the bottom of the stairs looking malevolent and crying, feeling unloved, alone, ignored, insignificant, guilty and sad, so we tapped on those feelings for the aspect.

After tapping, the habitat changed to a place where the aspect was in a field with his father playing with a red frisbee, both looking happy and young.

I asked Andrew what the aspect would like to hear from his father, the aspect heard “I am sorry. I wasn’t the father you wanted me to be. I did the best I could and please forgive me.”

I then asked, what would the aspect like to say to his father. “He wants to forgive you and I want to thank you for all you did to help me be who I am now.” At this point both Andrew and I felt a massive energy shift which was very emotional.

Andrew looked bemused, wide eyed and shining, saying he had never in his whole life experienced such an amazing feeling of freedom and lightness. He described it as a huge WHOOSH going through his body and out of his head.

The outcome of this work is that Andrew now has different memories of his childhood. For the first time in 10 years he decided to go down to the graveyard where his father is buried, and take his son with him and sit there... for no apparent reason.

The final session with Andrew was that he HAD taken his son to meet his grandfather and felt a great sense of closure. Since then his business has started to grow above his expectations.

As one final aspect session where the aspect was in habitat where it was “going into spring.” The aspect was wandering down a dirt path when suddenly he arrived in a forest with lush grass all around and the sun was shining through the trees.

Suddenly the landscape morphed into a sorcerer’s apprentice-style chamber where all the plates were being washed magically and a broom was flying round the room! Andrew’s face had the biggest grin I had ever seen on it, fantastic!

“OK that’s me sorted! I know which direction I am heading towards,” he said.

Andrew and I keep in touch for the occasional Positive EFT session and his business continues to grow to this day. Isn’t it AWESOME what we do together as an EFTeam?


Lorna Firth is the only licensed GoE Trainer in Cyprus and is a highly experienced Energy EFT & EMO Master Practitioner. Contact Lorna and see upcoming trainings on her GoE profile page.

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