GoE Energy Conference 2015 - Report & Photos

GoE Energy Conference 2015 - Report & Photos

With another wonderful GoE Energy Conference behind us, here is the official report, written by editor ofย The Energist Stephen Kent, and a selection of photos from the GoE Energy Conference 2015, October 10-11, at The View Hotel, Eastbourne, UK. Amongst the top speakers this year were Creator of Energy EFT and Infinite Creativity, Silvia Hartmann, and EFT Master Jacqui Crooks.

Read on for the full report...

AMT Energy Conference 2015 - Your Energists!

Stephen Kent - Editor Of The Energist Magazine AMTFirst of all, I would like to say a big THANK YOU to all the wonderful energists and presenters who attended the AMT Energy Conference 2015 in Eastbourne, we can't do it without you and the amazing energy you bring to England's sunshine south coast each year.

When looking back on the amazing weekend (plus the successful pre/post conference workshops!) we had at The View Hotel, so many happy memories come to mind, and it's difficult to pick my favourites from the whole event.

Silvia Hartmann - GoE Energy Conference 2015Silvia Hartmann opened the conference with her keynote talk, 'The Trillion Dollar Stress Solution', in which she explained how the evolution from The GoE to The Guild Of Energists (GOE) means broadening our remit and mission to include our therapy roots, whilst also engaging the much wider population through our latest qualification, MODERN Stress Management (MSM).

Secondly, it was great to see such an expansive and wonderful variety of different presentations this weekend, from inspirational EFT ones such as Tamara Donn's 'Family Constellations With EFT' and Jacqui Crooks 'Learning To Trust Yourself', to advanced modern energy presentations such as Gulcan Arpacioglu Adams' 'Karmic Healing' and Jorge Vence's 'The Energist's Healing Hands', and practical and informative workshops such as Jimmy Petruzzi's 'Turn Your Passion In To Profit' and my very own 'Facebook 4 Energists' talk which I loved giving, although I felt I needed a whole day to go through every point I wanted to make about Facebook!

I also really enjoyed seeing experienced GoE Trainers Sandra Hillawi, Barbara Saph and Susan Kennard giving introductory talks and sharing their passion for our wonderful EMO Energy In Motion, Energy Healing For Animals (EHA) and Positive EFT courses.

Jacqui Crooks GoE Energy Conference 2015A big shout out also goes to Jacqui, Jorge, Gulcan, Marion Hind (The Tapping Coach), Tracy Morrow (I'm A Qualified Energist, Now What?), Susan Browne (Angel EFT),ย Wendy Birse (Enhance The Past, Enjoy The Present, Enlighten The Future) and Sally Baker (End The Habit Of Yo-Yo Dieting!),ย who all made their GoE Energy Conference presenting debut this weekend, as well as our other amazing presenters, Ilka Wandel (The Power Of The Ball - Energy Games For Kids), Margreet Vink (The Rainbow Connection) and Margarita Foleyย (Evolving Prayer In Project Sanctuary), you all did brilliantly and I look forward to seeing your presentation proposals for the next conference!

CEO of The GoE and conference organiser, Alex Kent, closed the conference with a wonderful speech that followed on from a lot of points that Silvia Hartmann made in her keynote. He discussed how The GoE, as a not-for-profit company, had been working with the SUE Scale for internally understanding our remit as a modern energy professional body, and how we can better help a broader range of the public.

Alex also recognised that The GoE's traditional therapy roots lay on the far negative side of the SUE Scale, and that products like Project Sanctuary, The Genius Symbols which sit +4 and above on SUE, and most importantly, MSM, will help bring energy awareness to the general population affected by the stress pandemic, which will be at the core of our mission as The Guild Of Energists going forward.

Silvia Hartmann Modern Stress Management Training October 2015Before and after the conference itself, we had an extensive programme of GoE modern energy courses, which kicked off with Sandra Hillawi teaching the Energy EFT Master Practitioner on Monday and finished with the GoE Energist Trainer's training on the Tuesday the week after. Notably Silvia Hartmann taught what turned out to be her final live training, MSM, on the Thursday-Friday, in which she trained 17 shiny new MSM Professionals. I'm excited to see that many of the MSM course graduates are already GoE trainers, and therefore will be advertising and offering their very own MSM training courses very soon, all over the world.

AMT Energy Conference 2015 - DragonRising Publishing StandWhat else did I enjoy about this year's conference? I really appreciated the big and flexible space that we had in our break room, The Horizon Suite. On one side of the room, energists were free to chat away and enjoy a hot cup of tea whilst taking in the views of Eastbourne's historic seafront, and on the other side they could talk to a member of GoE staff, browse the latest books from DragonRising Publishing, and get a professional photo taken for their GoE profile page.

Don't just take our word for it! Below is a selection of some of the amazing feedback we've received for the GoE Energy Conference 2015 weekend:

โ€œHard to convey in words or few sentences, I would not know where to start. The excitement, the feeling of being together with other true hearts, the fun, the family of energists together in such a beautiful place. It is like coming home. Bless you all, bless you all.โ€

"It's wonderfull to mix with such like-minded energists! One can learn so much from chatting and exchanging ideas and experiences, as well as the amazing presentations. It's wonderful to see the intriguing and individual applications of Energy!"

โ€œI left the energy conference feeling a steady +8-10 and am still feeling that way two days later! I had huge personal development shifts and energy epiphanies and really recommend the weekend to anyone who likes energy work and wants to feel better and brighter.โ€

"Every GoE conference ticks the boxes for me. This year was a happy/sad event for me as I have changed location and things have changed for me in little ways, but I loved every minute of the conference and the family atmosphere of sincerity and real caring that was everywhere."


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Again, I'd like to say an ever bigger THANK YOU to all you wonderful energists who came to Eastbourne this year, and I look forward to welcoming even more of you to the first Guild Of Energists Energy Conference next November!

Have a wonderful weekend,

Best wishes and energy sparkles,


~ Stephen Kentย 

Conference Co-Organiser & Editor of The Energistย 

PS - View photo albums from the event by clicking the links below:


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