An Easy Way To Better Presentations

An Easy Way To Better Presentations

In this article, GoE Trainer Barbara Saph speaks about EFT and Toastmaster groups as valuable tools to improve your public speaking skills and your overall confidence. 

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Today I want to let some of you know about a little secret that might well be a huge blessing to some of you out there who are starting on the energist road, or even some of the seasoned old hands.

Now being an energist has lots of advantages but sometimes you need to have a good old-fashioned mainstream set of skills to further your cause.

A lot of people will have learnt EFT or another healing method and are full of evangelical fervour to ‘spread the word’, but suddenly they discover that even with the ability to change your negative emotions and states to positive ones, standing up in front of an audience to make a memorable impact requires a few other skills as well.

I am quite sure I’m not alone in having sat through presentations that were- to put it mildly- a bit less than awe-inspiring, and I have also listened to truly memorable and awesome speeches. So what makes the difference?

There are people out there with a message to give to us who are by nature very charismatic, so they hold an audience by sheer force of personality; or there are people telling us something that we are really interested in hearing about, so we will tolerate a less than flawless presentation.

Where do you go if you don’t fall into these profile groups? Well, you can take an expensive business- orientated course to improve your skills.....but I don’t like that idea.

One secret I have discovered is actually a Global Organisation that teaches people to speak in front of an audience, to learn how to listen and evaluate information and to develop event-organising skills: this is Toastmasters International.

There are Toastmaster’s groups in most large and some smaller towns that for a very modest fee will hold two to three meetings a month where individuals can learn to perfect their speaking, listening and presentation skills in front of a highly supportive and friendly audience. This has to be better than trying your first tentative speech in front of a group of people and hoping their reaction doesn’t ruin your confidence or your business reputation.

This is a chance to learn where it doesn’t matter if you make a mistake, so that when it does matter you have the confidence to pull it out of the bag even if things go wrong. How valuable is that to you?

Now I will say that the type of regular formula that most groups use could be a big turn off to some energists, but for those who particularly need to be able to find their voice, or who might one day want to be interviewed by the media, or who want to add videos to their websites, I encourage you to go along and give it a try.

You might even find it’s a good place to practice some of your own energist skills in reading people, or even try out some of your energy conversational change skills. I know I do; it’s a win-win choice.

Barbara Saph has spent a number of years researching and studying different types of healing, spiritual and personal development. In Saphire Barbara uses a Fusion of the powerful new Energy Psychologies with the more traditional field of clinical hypnotherapy and the personal change tools of NLP and coaching.

Barbara runs her training courses through Hampshire EFT Training, she trains from complete beginner all the way through to GoE Trainer. She specialises in teaching small groups or individuals and training can be arranged on a flexible basis to fit in with your lifestyle, she is also available to teach at your venue if you have a group who wants to learn.

The Energist Autumn Edition

~ This article was first published in the August 2014 (Vol.1 No.2) edition of The Energist. 

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